Google’s Bump and Flock apps to be discontinued on January 31st


Google acquired Android and iOS file sharing app Bump, plus its photo sharing app Flock, last September. At the time David Lieb, CEO and cofounder, stated that we “will continue to work as they always have for now.” Well, the apps are on its final days.

The company announced on their company blog that the apps will be discontinued and removed from App Store and Google Play on January 31, 2014. This gives all users 30 days to grab their data, or it’ll be deleted. Lieb wrote the reason they are shuttering the apps is because they’re “now deeply focused on our new projects within Google.” There’s no indication on what’s next or how Google is rolling these into their current offerings, but apparently there are some “new creations” in the works.

Source: Bump Blog
Via: iPhoneInCanada

  • hyperhyper

    The mobile arms race marches on…

  • Jerry

    This is too bad. I found Bump to be pretty useful for transferring contacts from an old phone to a new phone, especially between Android and iOS devices.

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