Samsung Galaxy Gear is your perfect wingman (Video)

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Here’s Samsung’s latest promo video for the Galaxy Gear. In two minutes, Samsung shows how this wearable tech will be your perfect wingman on the slopes and capture the heart of your dream girl. A little far fetched…

Source: YouTube
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  • Richard Xing

    Very cringe-worthy ad.

    • It’s Me


      Gotta give Samsung credit. They know their market. This ad will appeal to many.

    • Johnny S.

      you are right, this will appeal to many uneducated, low-income stalkers who still feed off their parents and kiss samsung’s rear on the internet 24/7

    • d a

      LoL yes, I’ve heard a lot of Apple users are making their way over to Android, This video might be “geared” towards them.

    • It’s Me

      No need. This ad is targeted and will resonate with the hardcore Samsung user.

      “You too can now stalk and covertly take pics and video of that cute girl and not at all creepy!”

      Given the audience, I am surprised they didn’t include an upskirt.

    • d a

      Really, that’s what you got? why not just say I know you are but what am I?

    • It’s Me

      Sorry, wtf are you talking about?

      You seem upset that Samsung thinks their customer base are creepy stalkers. Don’t be upset. They know their users, hence the ad.

      Shouldn’t you be under an escalator with your Gear? ;)

    • d a

      I mean you’re not clever.
      Upset? unlike apple cult members I don’t take “tech” personal. I couldn’t care less about Samsung or Android and care slightly less about Apple, mostly because they’re the most fascist of the 3 companies.

    • It’s Me

      And yet, in a discussion about Samsung and their creepy users, you immediately think of and comment about Apple. That sort of obsession isn’t healthy and is perhaps why you appear so upset.

    • d a

      I’m not the one in need of deprogramming from a cult

    • It’s Me

      …and yet, here you are evangelizing the evils of Apple and obsessing over them.

      Do you stand on street corners screaming warnings about Apple too?

    • d a

      Are we? I think I mentioned there isn’t much between the 3 other than Apple being the worst and their users the most ‘in love’ read much?

    • It’s Me

      Preach it Brother!!

      (and who is “we”? More than one voice in your head?)

    • d a

      Admit it, you see that Fascist Jobs as some sort of “God” Don’t you? It’s ok, We know. What’s really sad is most Apple fanboys are simply fans of Apple, period and Android users are actually “tech” fans.

    • It’s Me

      Jobs was a dick.

      Android users want to be techie. The vast majority of Android units sold are budget phones, except for Samsung. Some Android users, such as yourself, think you are techie…but most of you wouldn’t know a malloc from your bumhole. You aren’t tech fans, you’re just users than have been convinced that using Android will make you techie.

      Some take it a step further and become religious zealots. You fall under that, it seems. How many converts this week brother?

    • d a

      Some of us have been techie’s long before android and google for that matter, and some of us got tired of being told how to use our property. Some of us can afford to buy any 10 of anything apple sells in their stores and CHOOSE to buy products we can use the way we want. Ya, we’re crazy that way, WE like to CHOOSE how and what to do with OUR property. Then there’s the “rented appliance” users aka Apple fanboys.
      But if I’m being fair, Samsung and Android have gotten a little to Apple-ish lately with their bloat and force feeding of services.
      We can at least agree on one thing, Jobs was a dick, a genius in marketing etc, but a dick.
      btw, I did have to lookup bumhole so maybe you’re right.

    • It’s Me

      I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve looked up a bumhole.

    • d a

      LOL, well played

    • It’s Me


    • F Young

      “Gotta give Samsung credit. They know their market. This ad will appeal to many.”

      I agree in part. Actually, this ad is not aimed at the current market for this device, which is geeks, nor at the masses that have cellphones, but is aimed at adventurous competitve male jocks who dislike geeks and find the gear too geeky.

      I expect that the get-the-girl angle would appeal to that demographic, though I think there is a risk that it will alienate women (perhaps Samsung has written women off because they think that women would find the Gear too big for them.)

    • It’s Me

      You really think they believe that an ad about stalking with the Gear will resonate with “adventurous competitve male jocks”? I’ve gotta think that the typical alpha male will be embarrassed by that, if that is the case.

      The “get the girl” angle, with or without stalking, appeals to those that feel they need help from a phone/watch to get a girl. That’s their target audience.

  • Noah Roesler

    This is hilarious!

  • framing god

    Lol, I own note 3 and gear and I think it’s one of the dumbest videos I’ve seen.

  • Johnny S.

    Everyone on this planet (besides S-sheep) thinks this is a retarded commercial.

    • StevieY

      S-Sheep aren’t a thing. There are people who think that Apple is awful but no one defends Samsung no matter what they do like Apple fiends do.

      False equivalency

    • realitycheck

      how can you defend fails like this? not to mention the galaxy round commercial….

    • d a

      Did you read? He didn’t defend the video and the fact is, people use android and Samsungs, like me, but very few worship them in the way lemmings worship Apple. Personally, I think all 3 of the companies are very similar in their lack of respect for their customers, the only difference is Apple is superior in marketing. They have their fanboys totally brainwashed into believing if it isn’t apple it isn’t good.

    • It’s Me

      That’s exactly the response one would expect from an S-Sheep. :)

  • andy c

    So if you have the latest Samsung gadget it’s a green light to be a stalker…. Shut up and take my money?

  • casey

    no one is going to mention how many times he would have had to charge it?

    • downhilldude

      3 days on a charge, on average, so not an issue. Corny commercial? Yes!

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Samsung Galaxy Douche

  • Mayoo

    Who is dumb enough to

    1) Put a watch over a winter glove
    2) #1 + while doing ski

    Samsung fans? People who pay the price of a Nexus 5 for a watch that does less and with only a selected few devices? DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNER!

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Seen this kind of ad before by Rogers. This ad is just aimed to show the posibilites of the gear with a note 3 or compatible device (very few) but we all know in reality not many will actually use it as pictured in the comercial.

    • It’s Me

      So, the ideal usage case they want to present is stalking? I sure hope most won’t use it as presented.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      You will need to check you definition of stalking, on the video the girl is impressed and welcomes the guy and willingly gives him her phone number. She even finds the video sequence ok and they later meet casually on the pub. He is no way near what a stalker uses to get info from the stalkee on this video.

    • It’s Me

      Sorry, but following someone and covertly taking pictures and video of them is a pretty common method of stalking. Next time you are out, give it a try. Find a pretty girl, follow her and start taking pictures of her from behind. See how well that goes for you. See if she is flattered when show you her the pics and video you snuck of her.

      And of course the ad will show that she is flattered by the stalking. What did you expect an ad that promotes stalking to do? Show her flipping out and having him arrested?

      The fact that anyone watches that and thinks that because they show the girl is ok with the stalking that it’s normal shows just how well Samsung knows their users.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      You missed the point, I did not say it was ok. I just said that if she is ok with it, then it is not stalking.

      The same could be said about the latest “boy meets girl” ad from Tim Hortons, yet nobody is calling that stalking.

    • It’s Me

      And like I said, of course the ad won’t show her flipping out or calling the cops. That would destroy the stalker fantasy being portrayed.

      And like I said, try following a pretty girl and taking secret pictures of her and see if she likes it. That ad shows that she might, so give it a shot.

      Just because the ad is written to show she likes it doesn’t make it less creepy. They could have written that he took a secret upskirt and that she ended up liking the pics, but that wouldn’t make it ok.

  • Peter Johanson

    Thanks but no thanks….. I’ll stick with my TAG Heuer watch and iPhone. #keepingitclassy

  • mggOptimusG

    as if !

  • 2005mustang

    I’m a big fan of samsung but my god that’s the worst commercial I’ve ever seen

  • jndvrk

    So is Samsung of all people saying that having a large phone is a pain in the a*s and not easy to use?

  • Andrew P.

    Cringe worthy? Absolutely. BUT there is one thing about it all that has me curious — and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere in reviews.

    He was able to use the watch while wearing a glove. Not just one of those thin (and almost useless in the dead of winter) “tech gloves” made for touchscreens. Nope he used a thick ski glove. Now if THAT could be a useful feature! (unless you can adjust the screen sensitivity?)

  • herp123

    he drops the phone on the ground in the club and the glass didnt shatter. christmas miracle!

  • downhilldude

    Ok. Love my Gear… Use that Vivino app all the time, myself, and do take calls when I’m walking the dogs, but that ad is just a bit corny, eh?

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