Update: Winner announced in our LG G2 contest!


Update: This contest is now closed and the winner is long time reader TomsDisqusted! No worries if this isn’t you as we have one final contest for 2013 – a Nexus 5. Head on over to our contest page to find out more details.

One of the hottest smartphones of the 2013 was the G2. This was LG’s flagship and its first ‘premier’ smartphones that led the company into a new direction with a glass backing. If you’re into this Android then we have great news for you… we’re giving one of these away!

The Android-powered G2 has a 5.2-inch display, 2.26Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 13MP camera, 2.1MP front-facing camera, LTE-enabled and a 3000mAh battery. For a refresher, make sure you check our our G2 review here.

All you have to do to possibly win the G2 is leave a comment below letting us know why you want it. This contest closes on Monday, December 23rd and we’ll announce a winner shortly after.

Good luck to all who enter!

  • Frugal Winnipeg

    Need a new phone this G2 looks like a great candidate!

  • Josh Bazin

    I’d love one because its time to retire my HTC Sensation!

  • Rafter

    I want it because I could replace my Nexus 4 with the G2

  • Josh Kortleve

    I want it because I need a new phone

  • momaru

    Still want to replace my wife’s phone. So either this or the Note 3 would be awesome.

  • Rebecca Belcourt Wright

    I would love to win this because my son needs a phone and I’m not able to get him one at the moment.

  • Jon Nealon

    My nexus 4 screen broke, using a Sony Ericsson slider until I can get a new phone

    • eNus

      You getting rid of your nexus 4?

  • Matt B

    I want the phone because quite honestly it is an amazing phone and I like amazing things.

  • Kirushanth

    Hope I win, could use this phone for business. Really need an android with a large high quality screen.

  • Mitchell Curtis

    Likely wouldn’t end up being mine. Dad needs a replacement phne

  • toronadian

    It will be my daily phone possibly in place of my Nexus 4.

  • Dee

    I need this phone to replace my Iphone 4 Dinosaure, totally outdated now.

  • Ben

    3000 mAh battery, have had 2 LGs before and love them, and of course because I’ve been very good this year. :)

  • Antonio Dias

    I want the G2 because of its big screen and updated Android OS and because it is almost Christmas. It would be great if Santa could send that to Brazil.

  • Pandavid

    I want it cause my phone is slowing down and I would love an upgrade

  • kreggem

    Just got an LG fridge, this will match perfectly!

  • David Henry Lawrence

    I would love to give my wife a tech gift since she is such a techie.

  • Britney Anderson

    My husband just lost his job so it would be a dream come true to win the LG G2 to upgrade his old phone for Christmas! I think it would really cheer him up! Thanks MobileSyrup for the chance to win. Merry Christmas!

    • Shylesh Ananth

      You have already stole the show. Hope I get a special price though :-)

  • Jake Ndombele

    because LG makes Life Good

  • syang87

    Just bought the Nexus 5, and love it!
    Would love to have the G2 now. haha

  • Zaeem Siddiqui

    I want it because of that gorgeous display and the interesting design.

  • Noah Roesler

    This would be a great phone to have fun with.

  • Ahmet

    I own a HTC G2 at the moment, which was released in 2010 and it was one of the best smartphones of that year, and now, I want 2013 ‘s best smartphone, which is called G2 too! G2 is my luck :)

  • Alex Wagner

    I want it so I can give it to my wife to replace her Iphone.

  • Nate Friedman

    G2 is a beast! I wanna be a beast too!

  • talarico

    Oh did I mention PLEASE??? lol

    Seriously though I’d love to win this bad boy. My sister really needs a new cellphone. She is still using the HTC Touch. Don’t remember that phone? Google it! It’s in really bad shape. Thanks.

    Happy Holidays folks!

  • eszklar

    I have a Galaxy Nexus…I could use a step up phone.

  • Robert Hillier

    I want it for the bigger battery!

    • ravi

      I wanna replace my SAMeSU(….O?)NG S3….

  • Derek Scott

    Still trying to score a new phone for the girlfriend. Cat knocked her S3 into the sink months ago :/

  • Lio

    because I am sick and tired of all these overhyped plasticky shameful phones.

  • John Cao

    ive been using a iphone 4 with a cracked screen for almost 2 years. I need this phone. I need it. I need it.

  • Janie Nowoselski

    The Android-powered G2 has a 5.2-inch display, 2.26Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 13MP camera, 2.1MP front-facing camera, LTE-enabled and a 3000mAh battery.

    Um What’s not to like or WANT!!

  • Isaac Mundall

    I want it because it’s the best smartphone ever! (and i don’t have a phone right now)

  • Jamal Martells

    I want the g2 cause I still rock a galaxy nexus :(

  • Barrie McLachlan

    I would like to win so I can give my Droid razr to a friend

  • Gary V

    I need a change from my BlackBerry!

  • Kavish Kaup

    the battery! and it would be an awesome new phone :)

  • don4n

    I have a landline…

  • Jason Jordan

    Because my phone is starting to slowly die, and I can’t afford a new one.

  • Greg

    I want it because it’s a beautiful phone

  • VenkY

    who doesnt want that beast.

  • lisa billis

    oh this would be good phone to have. I need a new one mine is dying quickly on me and i would really like the larger screen too

  • Benoit Bourdua

    Better N5, I need that!

  • avidey

    I want it because my current phone looks like thor smashed it with his hammer

  • Shane Segal

    My phone was recently lost and I cant afford another one! I’ve been searching for a cheap replacement for a little while, but this would be the perfect christmas gift!

  • B N

    Can’t get a better screen than what this G2 beast has!

  • Catherine Robichaud

    I would love this cause I need a new phone and this one sound great.

  • chris kuntz

    I would like to have it because I’ve never won anything and this would be a nice first. And a new phone is never a bad thing.

  • choyM

    I want it because I will give it as a gift to my wife for Christmas

  • sharmstro

    Currently sharing a phone with my husband. So yes, please, I’d love this one!

  • Dylan Doucet

    I want a battery that will last all day, and would love to have a phone that has a bigger screen than my HTC One.

  • teeslee

    I need a new phone to replace my iPhone3

  • juandz

    I want it to give the phone to my sister as a graduation gift

  • Gary Lo

    I want it – this is one great phone!

  • Hamza Tanveer

    I want to win this because the design is awesome

  • Paul Dhami

    I want a nice big phone and the G2 is that phone

  • RicHSAD

    It’s Christmas … What other reason would I need to want a G2? :)

  • Jamie Joss

    I want it because I currently have a Nexus S and it is so slow and outdated!

  • Tony Culliton

    I’d love this phone to replace an again SG2 that’s starting to fail!

  • yadeed

    G2 nice phone

  • Geminiboy

    I so need a new phone, mine is over 3 years old and is now considered obsolete wth? :(

  • Lisa Marshall

    LG is the best…..yes please!

  • Sarah Grace

    Want to win. Need new phone for family & friends. Thank you for a chance.

  • Alexis Vézina

    The new emplacement for the buttons is really nice!

  • Tammy Flower

    would be a great replacement for my failing blackberry!

  • chris mckie

    Looks like a juicy sweet phone…I’d do it a real service if I had one!

  • Oscar Wong

    I’d like to win because I want to be able to develop and do different things on my phone, but my HTC One V can’t handle anything with it’s 512mb of RAM. I really want a phone that doesn’t box me in.

  • Saeed Khan

    Battery, performance, camera is awesome, 2.3ghz is powerful in order to replace my S3.

  • Brandon Humphrey

    I want it because its android not iphone!

  • Allan

    The G2 is a beautiful phone with awesome performance. Probably not for me, but it would make an awesome gift for my brother.

  • CaptainCanuck13

    I want this phone because it is a powerhouse and I really need to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Jonathan Mony

    A phone with a nice battery life!

  • Shoreh S

    It’s a great phone and my blackberry is over 4 years old

  • gtbarry

    Sure would be a nice upgrade to my Galaxy Nexus

  • framing god

    Nice battery, would be nice to try new software and ips instead of amoled. Win for me please.

  • Norman Fong

    4 more iterations of the optimus G series than you can sing the “like a G6″ song.

  • James Arsenault

    I will be so happy to have one because one lady at work have that and showed to me this phone, wow amazing phone .. 2 thumbs way up !!

  • Brittany

    I want the camera, and the battery!

  • parker47

    I’d like it to replace my old blackberry

  • Ian Mendoza

    I have no sympathetic reason to why I want this. I want it for the sake of winning and owning something I don’t have to pay $600. #firstworldproblems #kony2012

  • Euan Tan

    LG G2: 5.2 inches with a snapdragon 800 and adreno 330 and 3000 mAh. What other reasons are there?

  • Sam cho

    I want it for audio quality

  • Winston H

    I wamt a phone to replace my iPhone 4!

  • Gumballhead1775

    Excellent battery and superior display!

  • M Toop

    I have a 3 year old Smartphone that is ready to give up the ghost. The LG specs are the best on the market and I want one….oh so badly.

  • Steven

    Best Christmas present ever for my family!

  • Ash

    This would come just in time to upgrade my daughter’s phone!!! Would surely make a great stocking gift!!!

  • Jesse Cablek

    I want it to use it :)

  • Mayu

    For the OIS and battery life!

  • Adam Genery

    Awesome phone!

  • Dan Shao

    I want it because my dad needs a new smart phone for X’mas.

  • Debbie Zyla

    for a Xmas gift for my son – he really needs one

  • Michael Padua

    …would like the new phone for my son so he stops using his mom’s phone and killing the battery before the day even begins.

  • Brian Cochran

    to switch carriers.

  • Rand0mGuy

    I want if for the awesome battery, great screen and that thin bezel

  • Kim

    I need a new phone to replace my current phone because the .qwerty keyboard is no longer working properly

  • Nick T

    Because it’s an awesome phone!

  • Stephen M. Williams

    Battery life is why I want this…

  • Curtis Tyndall

    Need to retire my phone. Want the G2 for the fact it’s an android and not a Samsung. Looks like a great phone.

  • Nick Maynard

    My phone just stopped responding, and i would love it if Santa made this my Christmas wish come true :-)

  • Mike Tooley

    It will help me share photos with friends and family. Need an upgrade from my 4 year old Corby pro

  • eric

    I would make the switch to LG!

  • C.R Ywayan

    I want the LG G2 because its a great phone and I would be privileged if I was to be picked to win it. Merry Christmas!!!

  • Rory

    This phone is a beast, I want it because I have been really wanting to grab an Android phone for awhile now, but I cannot afford it!

  • g. leong

    I’ve got the LG optimus g and love it .. this would be a step up.

  • Sam

    I want it because it’s doesn’t have a picture of an apple on the back, but rather a pretty cool and unique place to put the volume and power buttons.

  • Cannabis Highway

    I would love a 5.2 screen and the battery is awesome too.

  • Marco Bairos

    I’ve never actually heard of this phone until now. It looks amazing. Would make me very happy to win it

  • Ricky Bell

    I love Android!!! I Hate Apple. If I don’t win, then whole well. At least I’ve tried. Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year!!!! Enjoy

  • mad

    I could make use of this.. pick me please.

  • Jared Madru

    I has a Iphone 4s ….. i think that enough said xD

  • Martin Galer

    A battery capable of surfing the web on 4G network for almost 14 hours!?
    Sign me up

  • Claus Jessing

    I would like to give it to my son to replace his worn out HTC Desire. Merry Christmas everyone :-)

  • Vu sum

    Could be the best present ever!

  • Catie Warren

    I’ve been a good girl all year!

  • BlankFace

    My girlfriend smashed her phone, so this would be a nice surprise.

  • Suit Yee

    I want it for its camera! I really want the phone for its shutter button located behind the phone, which would be really convenient for me because I like to travel around alone.

  • Donald Law

    I want it because i want to gift this to my fiancée who is still using an iphone4

  • Kevon

    The alluring display and the huge 3000mAh battery!

  • Boswell’s Johnson

    I would love to have this for my wife, who’s lumbered with a clunker.

  • Luis Guev

    I would use it for 3 features mainly and it would definitely replace my current nexus in terms of.
    1) Picture quality
    2) Amazing battery life
    3) There universal remote app to slave screens ad devices
    Pick me!

  • Bradley Marlborough

    Would love to replace my girlfriends Blackberry 8530 with a real smart phone.

  • Becky Best

    Because I have a flip phone!!!!! :)

  • Jeremy

    Could be just the replacement i was looking for, for my galaxy s2!

  • Kevin Li

    I want it because I need a new phone for my mom

  • mitch

    I want the lg g2 because both my lumia 920′s broke leaving me currently phoneless and I would like to switch back to android.

  • Suleman Mulla

    I am a camera lover and G2 has the best camera in androids. I wish I can have that.

  • Zeagle

    It’s a great phone, and my nexus has a cracked screen so it couldn’t come at a greater time of the year.

  • brightblur

    Please I’d like one to join my Nexus 5 so my wife can use a quality phone.

  • Param Dhalay

    Been using the same old phone for 2 years, and like the tap function on the G2 phone to turn it on, n the screen size. Need a new phone, please

  • mhee

    I’m using a blackberry curve 8520 with a 7-11 prepaid account and seriously need an upgrade. Thanks for the contest

  • Arbitary Twist

    I want it because its a G t(h)ing.

  • Sean Brownridge

    I’d love to have the LG G2 as I’ve already filled up the 16GB storage on my Moto X, the extra 16GB would be awesome!

  • Stephen Chen

    I would like it to replace my LG flip phone, and that big screen is fantastic! =P

  • Soemantrie Arso

    Tested out the Nexus 5, liked it, this one is even better!

  • Michael Mak

    I’ve always wanted to get a taste of an LG product, with the fast Qualcomm processor AND a 13 megapixel camera. I’ve only used Samsung, and the captivate at that. I’d also like to see how the screen compares with Samsung’s AMOLED. The battery isn’t that shabby either.

  • Scott Wood

    I would use it for it’s camera. I heard it was actually pretty good. Also, that battery life.

  • marckk

    that moment when you win a G2

  • Marko Man

    sweet, i’d have two then

  • Shuaib Yunush

    I would love to get this phone so that I can give it to my Mom. The large display will be easy for her to use on those days her arthritis flares up.

  • Tornado15550

    I would like it for the amazing specs and the great battery life. My current phone is awful as it can barely go 3 hours with a fully charged battery. I currently own a galaxy s2x and the G2 will be a great upgrade for me. I play some pretty resource intensive games like San Andreas and it would be great to play it on a better device without lag and crazy battery depletion. This would be a great Christmas gift! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Preston DeGraw

    I want this phone to give to my mom so that she can have a smart phone to stay in touch with me while I’m away at school

  • duckian

    I want it because of its screen size and battery life.

  • Jamie Kennedy

    I want one!!

  • Curtis K Louis

    nice…mobilesyrup bout it

  • mosi

    i want a new smart phone, to look smarter this new year

  • Amanda Leigh

    I would love a new phone!

  • Lali

    Had the LG 2X, would like to see this

  • Stephen B

    This phone is just amazing. I love the uniqueness of the button placement and can’t wait to shoot pics with the 13mp OIS camera. I was hoping to buy one for Christmas but to win one would be better.

  • DG

    Because life is good!

  • Kienerman

    I want this bad azzzzz phone!

  • Tom Graber

    I want it because it would make a great Christmas gift for someone in my family! Gotta love that screen!

  • Owen Horn

    I want it for that impressive and beautiful display!

  • Russell

    I would love to have it as It would be a fantastic upgrade to my 4 year old iphone.

  • Agustin Tavares

    I want one so I can finally get rid of the iphone I was stuck with after breaking my nexus 4

  • Andrew

    I want one to try Android for the first time

  • MarDinGir

    I want it because my Samsung Gio is dying.: (

  • Elbert Lai

    I want it as a replacement for a galaxy s 2

  • Amber

    I want this phone because I am so tired of my phone dying on me while I’m out. I hear great things about the battery life on this one. The camera is also supposed to be really good so I should be able to take some great shots of my baby. :)

  • Diana

    I want it because I’m tired of everyone laughing at my blackberry curve.

  • Reallytho

    Ummm because its a g2 and my first android phone was the g1 so its like…. Logical to go from 1 to 2 ……in that order

  • Horace

    No more worrying about battery life!

  • Sajib Saha

    want it for the awesome camera

  • Jérémy Letendre-Côté

    Its a new Phone and way better than my Iphone 4!

  • Many99

    Yes please, beautiful phone as great to use as well

  • Carol Chan

    Because it’s time I parted ways with my blackberry and this would be a perfect chance to make the switch!

  • Thomas Tuong

    Battery life for endless use!

  • Ryan House

    I would like this phone because I am a very high tech guy and am into all aspects of technology and I believe it would be suiting because of the specs and also because I have big enough hands for it! Haha would love this phone!

  • Naveen Verdi

    time to upgrade my phone, and i love the specs of this phone. cant go wrong with a huge screen!

  • ursuline lewis

    I personally think that this is the best phone out there today. It’s super fast looks great and I do just love it!! I would love to have it please please please!!

  • Mike MacDonald

    The G2 is an amazing device. I have the Opt G. I got the chance to play with the G2 and feel in love with it. Gotta win me one of those amazing phones.

  • Darren Wong

    That large battery to last me throughout the day. And the back button layout seems like a nice innovation

  • Khalid

    With a screen like that, i’ll definitely have to watch some high definition videos! id also like take notes in class and id love to play games with it!

  • Peter Zhao

    Would be nice to replace my old phone :D

  • SuperDSpamalot

    I would like to win it because if I don’t, I’ll be forced to buy one. And nobody wants that… Except Telus, but screw Telus.

  • @Richard_Hansen

    I am using a Galaxy S2!!!

    ’nuff said.

  • jimbo_android4life

    I got this phone, its a beast! Happy with mine!

  • Jack Lee

    Same reason for the G2 as for the Note 3. As a student strapped for cash, I’d give this to my dad. He’s gotten everyone in the family good phones except himself. He could use it for his job as the battery life would be superb along with the giant screen. It would be the ultimate gift.

  • Leqso

    I want this beast to be my first smartphone , currently I have outdated nokia 5310 which’s screen and keyboard is broken and battery is spoiled :D good luck to everyone

  • Maureen An Barry Evans

    I gave the optimus G and love this phone!!!…love the volume buttims on the back!!!

  • Yong C

    I want to win this for my wife’s X’mas gift.

  • Mark Bailey

    Keep hearing that this is the phone of the year

  • Andy Nguyễn

    Got a phone for my wife this Christmas and would be cool to get one for me! :)

  • Kelvin Chee

    i would like the phone because mine is very outdated and crashes to much

  • John Cartmel

    My Galaxy Nexus is starting feel its age….

  • Cindy L

    I don,t or ever have owned a smart phone…my lg dare…almost dead…it has a large screen, great battery life and a camera…what else does a busy mom need

  • Andy Sidloski

    Would enjoy having a smartphone that lasts longer than a day. Pretty awesomesauce if you ask me! :p

  • Shaun

    I want an LG G2 because it has great hardware and a great OS to go with it.

  • Tye Jansz

    Yes please!LG phones rock!!

  • Brian

    yes please, would be nice

  • Z A

    Power and big screen, yummy !!!!

  • umnikke8

    I want it to sell.

  • Bryce Conine

    Because I need to get away from Apple. Plus it would be awesome to hold it over my little brother

  • Christopher Laboucan

    i want it because i need it. been stuck using an old blackberry. this would be a HUGE!! upgrade :)

  • JHead82

    I want it to get one of the best phones on the market, so I can take some wonderful photos of my newborn. Then share the pics with my family over the holidays.

  • Dragon N

    I want it for the battery and to replace my galaxy s2!

  • Harry Ananiadis

    All I want for Christmas is G2… then you can rest mobile syrup…

  • Daniel

    It will be a Merry Merry Christmas upgrade from s2x! Thank you!

  • nick carmack

    Would love to replace the wife’s apple 4 with this LG G2.

  • Amanda

    I want this because my phone is too old.

  • Aiman Rizwan

    I would love to win the LG G2 because it’s the best phone of 2013!

  • jk1m

    I want this beauty cuz of it’s slim bezels and big battery! :)

  • John Biwer

    I want a life’s good great 2 phone!!!

  • Gunnar Jones

    I generally just need a new phone, but the g2 is plain awesomeness.

  • Venise Williams

    i just want it because I want a tablet. I don’t have one. I love love my phone but a tablet would be nice especially to play my games…CANDY CRUSH/!! LOL

  • Ryan

    I have been an avid daily reader of this site for the last few years and have entered every contest posted. I am hoping to replace my original HTC Desire that I’ve had for 3 and a half years. The decision to get my Desire was based off the excellent review I read on this site. I would be so excited to get a new phone for Christmas as I can’t afford anything since getting laid off.

  • cancron

    I haven’t owned an LG in years because Ever one I saw would die on it’s own. hook me up with this and they might earn a customer back if it doesn’t die

  • Brian

    I would love to win one because last week my gs4 was stolen, and now my HTC one has a giant hole in the screen. I’m too broke to get another one in just one month.

  • Josh Mitchell

    Need a new phone this G2 would be a great replacement!

  • Alan Friedman

    The LG G2 is the best smartphone around. It has the power, the hair-thin bezels and a long lasting 3000mAh battery…and there is nothing wrong with wanting the best

  • Stephan pelletier

    Im an addict, always need a new toy

  • Heyden Alexander Vargas Flores

    I would like to win this phone for my mom.. She needs a new phone because her current phone is super slow. She never buys anything for herself and I can’t work right now, due to injury, to buy her an expensive phone. Thanks!

  • arj_85

    The real question is: Why wouldn’t I want it?? Quoted from the article itself “The Android-powered G2 has a 5.2-inch display, 2.26Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 13MP camera, 2.1MP front-facing camera, LTE-enabled and a 3000mAh battery. ”
    Mostly I want it for that 13 MP camera to take some amazing holiday pictures!

  • Jasbir S. Hansi

    Need a new phone. Old phone died.

  • kunaalj

    I need my videos stabilized so they don’t all look like worldstar videos.

  • Matthew C.

    I want this phone for it’s ridiculous specs and my faith in a renewed LG!

  • John Lepine

    I want it because I’m in need of a new phone :) My current one is on its last legs and a LG G2 would make my day!

  • tazzoui

    I want one because I’ve never owned a smartphone before :(

  • Brian Lee

    I want to win because the phone is a delicious phone….!!!

  • softturbo

    I want the big display.

  • TomsDisqusted


  • Miu Miu

    need a new phone in my 2014

  • offwiththeface

    Would love to give my wife a new phone for Christmas her lg optimus g is dieing a slow death and I don’t think its going to see 2014

  • Joy

    I want it because of reasons..

  • Guest

    If I won this phone my kids would think I’m the awesome !!!!

  • redok3

    I want onw too

  • Mathieu Arseneault

    The LG G2 is the best all around performer. Top of the line device, who wouldn’t want to own one? The perfect companion!

  • Aftab Husain

    The G2 is the best device you can get right now!
    I’d love to win it!

  • Isaac Gacura

    How I’d use it? I make the most out of it’s beefy specs with my collection of games and apps from Google Play

  • Hartia

    I;m still on the iPhone 4, and it’s time….time for something actually usable.

  • Philippe Hamel

    My G1 is Dying, a G2 would replace it like a baws :O

  • Dwayne Claringbold

    If I won this phone my kids would think I was cool again,lol

  • JoSam

    i would love to win this phone because its design is very unique and I love it !

  • Mike Potter

    I’d love one for a few reasons, Battery, spec sheet. I really just want something that can get me through a couple days. Sick of charging my phone everyday.

  • Keith Bennett

    Would love to win this because it’s awesome phone!

  • Matthew Welch

    Winning this phone would save me from smashing my iPhone I to the wall because of how much I hate it lol

  • Lambros Petrou

    A Perfect christmas gift!!!

  • marvin

    This phone has such a powerful processor and the camera is amazing on this phone it also has wicked button lay out on the back, this phone would be perfect for me for I love taking pictures and playing games.

  • Josh Dustyhorn

    I’d like to replace my Nexus 4 which seems to be on it’s last leg!

  • Robin Seeger

    I want it because it’s the best phone on the market

  • Ogi Pogi

    Nice! Send it to me this Christmas.

  • Dave

    I want the G2 for it’s performance and battery life.

  • Hristofor Hristov

    To begin with this is one of the best android smartphones along with the note 3.Personally I prefer the LG as the 5.7 inch Samsung is actually a phablet and I am not really into those items.I would much more prefer a 5 or 5.2 inch phone and presumably the LG appears to be a 5.2 inch, which seem very reasonable.I have had the opportunity to see it in person so that I could know that no matter it’s size it’s actually very portable.I have heard many people say that over 5 inches is too much, but actually this phone is similar to the size of the Galaxy Nexus which is a 4.65 inch phone.That’s mainly because the bezels are very small.Talking about the Galaxy Nexus I should mention that a friend of mine has one and he is not very pleased by the battery life(if he plays a little,the battery does not go full day)..My phone is even worse – that’s why I would be very happy to obtain this device, because I would be able to play and still have battery for at least a day maybe two.Not to mention the fact that the buttons are on the back which makes the phone very unique and easily recognizable.That way all the people I meet will know that I have a premium smartphone.These are the things I like the most about this amazing phone – the display, the battery and the buttons on the back!

  • Devvveo

    My last LG phone was the LG Shine and I loved it! Wouldn’t mind giving LG another shot.

  • jacob

    I want it because… :

    -Super body-to-screen ratio
    -THAT screen ! I mean just look at that ! Looks good
    -OIS shooter, that’s pretty good
    -Battery life : dedicated ram for the screen, 3000mah, power-sipping chip
    -SoC : Raw power to surf on the web (and play asphalt 8 of course)
    -My father has one and I’m jealous
    -I love the concept of back buttons

    That’s about it, I’m already excited !

  • xionbunny

    Maybe iill be lucky this christmas, i could really use a new phone and cant really afford to buy a new one.

  • Mahesh Kumar

    it has great performance with a larger battery and has refreshing design. Powerhouse with enough juice to run it entire day. hope to win it.

  • Ken Ng

    Time to replace that 10 year old phone my parents use!

  • Matt S

    It’s time to replace my old HTC phone from 2011!

  • Diderot

    I want the LG G2 so that I can give it to my parents.

  • Tom Cann

    I want it so I can stop worrying about battery life! I’m a chronic charger-forgetter.

  • Rich

    G2 is a highly underrated phone in a word of Galaxy, iPhones, and Nexus devices.
    The G and G2 lines have been incredible additions to LG’s line up, but haven’t quite taken off as well as one would expect. However, if they keep this up, people can’t help, but take notice.

  • Billy

    Please choose me, I want the phone cuz my old ones pretty much useless!

  • Gordon Yang

    Great gift for my little bsister!

  • Craig Venter

    It has everything I’m looking for in a new phone!

  • Ed Krain

    mmm wow would be so nice to get rid of my Galaxy S Captivate it is getting a bit slow

  • micheal washington

    In need of a new phone, plus would love to test out that 3000ah battery!!

  • Nav Ghuman

    I Want The Phone Because I Read MobileSyrup Daily; I Also Loved The Launch Event/Keynote especially the way – I forgot who was speaking, says, “Introducing, The LG G2.” Last But Not Least, I’m Awesome.

  • Myrna Carter

    Time for a new phone. This looks like a good one.

  • Mary M

    I need a new phone. I have duct tape holding mine together.

  • Nathan Crone

    i want to win because i want to use all the cool multitasking features and fast speeds for doing school work and starting my youtube channel.

  • jacob

    I want it because ….:

    -That super screen-to-body ratio
    -THAT screen ! Just look at that ! It’s gorgeous
    -OIS shooter, which is great, 13mp, which is not that bad ;)
    -Battery life : dedicated vram for the screen, 3000mah and a power efficient processor, check
    -SoC : All the power I could wish for
    -My father has one and I’m jealous
    -I love the idea of a back-button phone and a seamless side

    I’m already excited about it !!

  • Civuck

    I want it for the beautiful screen.

  • Milosh Jovic

    I want it because replacement of my Nexus S is llllong overdue…browser crashes all the time from lack of memory, and I have 2-3 hours of battery life (always using chargers at work and at home).

  • Jason Elliott

    New phone to root!

  • John Joy

    because I want to replace my iphone

  • Potato

    Well. I’ve been using an iPhone 4 for a while and I think it would be awesome to have a larger screen, bigger battery, and install custom roms and stuff. I could also give my iPhone to my younger brother too and rogers is really expensive now with their monthly plans for some reason. 70$ a month is the base now. That is crazy. If I could get this phone, I could keep my 26$ per month plan and get a much faster phone! That’s all. Thanks for the contest!

  • ytain

    I want it so that I can replace the old smartphone I use!

  • Aman Srivastava

    Digging that button layout wanna try it.

  • sai

    I want the LG G2 because my note2 died, and I love the features that the G2 has, especially the sound and camera.

  • Sue

    I’d love to have a big screen again! It would be wonderful to win this!

  • Rod

    I want it for the beautiful screen!

  • Lyon Cab

    Purttttty phone

  • Connor T. Duke

    I want it because of the buttons on the back, the unreal camera, and because my iPhone 4 I’ve had for 3 years now is essentially dead and I want to join the Android world!

  • thedesmodes

    I want to win this phone so that I can give it to my mom for christmas.

  • derek daigle

    I want it because….BACON!

  • RG

    My main reason would simply be the 32GB

  • itpanda123

    I want it because I’m a cute white chow-chow :P Kidding, because I’m still using Nexus S which is too slow for everyday apps these days.

  • Gurtej Aujla

    I’m using a Bold 9900. I don’t think I really need any other reason.

    • Brian Lofgren

      I have a bold 9700.

  • Xzyrus

    Could use a replacement for my HTC Raider with a cracked screen.

  • Brian Lofgren

    I would like to win this because who doesn’t like winning things! Also, because my contact with Rogers is up soon and phones are so expensive now that we have two year contracts

  • Lawrence Cortez

    So I can stop chasing after a plug to charge it and start using a cell phone as a phone.

  • Adam

    I’d love this phone for the killer battery and screen. My girlfriend picked one up and comes home from a day at work with over 70% charge left. That’s almost unheard of! Screen can’t be matched. My One X is in need of a refresh.

  • berklon

    Oh yes, I would gladly take this off your hands. Thanks. ;

  • Ng TR

    LG G2 is just simply the best Android phone providing best android experiences out there (spec, battery life, camera) and everyone, of course want the best.

  • ScottIrving

    I want it for dose bezels!

  • Brandon Lo

    I want it because LG

  • josh noseworthy

    Would be amazing have such a elegant and so very powerful device in my palm

  • bluebird

    I need a new phone because I ran over my phone with my car.

  • Calvin Cheng

    I want it because its big and faaastt

  • Matt Quanstrom

    I want it because it seems LF is finally making some top-tier devices. Which is great to see!

  • Marnel Rodriguez

    Because it’s Christmas and I don’t know if i will recrive any gift. :(

  • Mat Marr

    I want it because of that powerful battery!

  • Peter Fengping Shen

    Want something to replace my Gnex

  • Bikram Bahd

    a phone with the top of the line specs, literally beats every other smart phone in all categories, to say i want this phone is an understatement

  • Ryan Cavalier

    I want it to replace my wife’s crappy old Lumia 710

  • Senk

    I want it because the battery on my Nexus 5 is too small and the G2 is the next best thing.

  • Lukas Wenzel

    I want it because my daily driver is the first galaxy note.. :/

  • Sean Murphy

    Santa Syrup please put a G2 in my stocking for Xmas! It pains my poor eyes to continue to look at the cracked screen of my S3 until my upgrade next October :(

  • Flav Chiu

    I want it because it has the Snapdragon 800 processor!!

  • debbie p

    I would love to have a new phone my current is in need of replacement. And this LG G2 looks like a great phone.

  • Lirodon

    I want it so I can make it tolerable!

  • Guest

    I want the LG G2 because it’s a sweet phone.

  • Guest

    Would love to have phone that has a larger screen.

  • MPG

    I want it because it’s big. And everyone know that the bigger the better.

  • Jonathan Schmitt

    Now, this phone is pretty sweet. I like it. But can anyone else agree with me that LG did a terrible job on the packaging? I find it looks like an older box from years back.

  • Jackson Nguyen

    I need something between a Phone and Tablet and the 5.2 screen with the dimensions being not much bigger than an S4 seems like a good fit.

  • nowrfst

    Ain’t nothin’ but a G thing baby.

  • Robert Govan

    Huge battery, 2.26 quad-core, 2GB of ram, a 1080p screen, and running on Android. Who wouldn’t want this phone?

  • Jonathan Schmitt

    Oh, and I would absolutely love to have this phone. I think I would like it the most to take control of the large screen, excellent camera is OIS, touch to turn off feature, IR blaster to control all my other devices and to give in to less traditional design with buttons on the back plate of the phone instead of on the side.

    Hope I win!

  • Mike Ng

    To do awesomeness with it everyday! :D thank you!

  • Theresa M

    I would love to have phone with a larger screen.

  • mommojo

    I would like this phone so my hubby can get rid of his old phone. This would be a sweet Christmas gift.

  • Imbruiselee

    My brother’s been using a broken blackberry pearl for the last 2 years. I would love to surprise him with a new phone!

  • Radical Notion

    Because I have an aging and laggy iPhone 4!

  • Wireless Gadget

    I like it for the zoom audio recording and screen size.

  • Jesskw

    I want g2 because of its big screen

  • Ash732

    i want to hack it and see if it turns out to be better in performance than the Nexus 5

  • Austen

    I want this phone because the screen is awesome. Plus the button layout is sweet.

  • Joshua G

    Would love to surprise my wife with a new phone!

  • Peking Duck

    I want this Smartphone because I probably won’t win the Note 3

  • Nick Galanis

    Want it for the ridiculous specs!

  • Maggie

    My current phone is over 4 years and is in need of replacement and this LG G2 looks great

  • Dustin D

    Because that is the sickest phone LG has ever made with huge drool factor for the specs and I’m a hardware lover and because mobile syrup is freaking awesome

  • Mark Logan

    So I can have yet another phone that’s better than my son’s iPhone…

  • Steven Moore

    I want it to keep my kids busy during long car rides and quiet saturday mornings…

  • TJ110158

    I love the spec’s of the phone, the large screen, and the battery capacity.

  • Steven Coyle

    Who wouldn’t want a new LG G2. I know I do

  • It’s Me

    I want it because if I am going to try android again it might as well be with arguably the best android on the market.

  • Tanner Williams

    Because I’m still running with an iPhone 3G and have been waiting for the very latest and greatest for a long time!

  • Doug

    Yeah the battery but most of all the camera. I want some new grandchildren pics.

  • Olerius

    I’ve got a thing for underdog phones, and (as much as I love it,) my Samsung ATIV S is just straight up being left behind.

  • Paul Picaso Sterling

    I want this device because ive been trying to win something. Last October I was travelling to New York to spend some time with my wifes family celebrating the birth of my son. We travelled by bus. While going through New Jersey the bus flipped off the road onto the left platform dividing the highway. There were no deaths. We were all injured badly so i cant work and no funds are available for us yet. I so badly need a new device! Thank you. I still have the pictures and some articles from the accident.

  • Brendan O’Hara

    I need to get off the Blackberry, it’s time…

  • Reid

    Nothing like a flagship to make the transition from iPhone to Android.

  • N. Mohammed

    Broke my wife’s iphone….I have yet to replace it. I’m not an apple lover but this Hot phone would definitely convert her to Andriod.

  • Josh Cadotte

    I want it because it’s a sweet phone.

  • alantsay

    Thank you MobileSyrup! Best of Canadian relevant news!

  • Fallyn

    Yes please!

  • Serghei

    I want it because I love it.

  • Balls O’Steele

    I want it for the battery

  • JuanCa

    I need a new phone, please!

  • James

    Plain and simple, I’m stuck with an iPhone 4. The horror of horrors! Only Mobile Syrup can save my tech soul.

  • Van Walker

    I want a new phone for my wife

  • paul brown

    I like the new design of the keys in the back and love the larger screen

  • aznfobb19

    I want it to replace my old phone

  • Donny Chau

    It’s my birthday today…. It would be an awesome present.

    Pick me pls!

  • Jason CH Dai

    Easy… I want the phone because you have a free phone to dish out.

  • Michael Glover

    I want it because you’re giving it away!

  • harpoonGill

    when I was playing Battleship the other day my last move to win the game was a hit on G2. Destiny?

    (I also think it’s a glorious phone)

  • Henry Lum

    I can give it to my mom.

  • Guest

    I want this phone just because to the commercials. Captivated by their marketing strategy!

  • Michael Toorie

    I want this phone because of their commercials. What a good marketing strategy! They got me hooked…

  • Gordie Hrehirchuk

    I loved the Optimus G and this one looks incredible as well!! LG has really come to play with this one!

  • Allan Lee

    I want it so I can promote Mobile Syrup to all my friends and coworker.

  • kmare

    I really wish I could get it! It’d so help me developing a few android apps I made/designed for tablets and don’t really work for mobile phones (since I don’t really own one)!

  • Paul Watson

    My Galaxy SII Finally bit the dust and I really wanted the G2 but it’s out of my price range. I would love it!!

  • jpom18

    I would give it to my brother to replace his htc desire

  • Quazi Faisal

    I need a reliable phone for my internship that has the capability of doing fast multi-tasking for office work and high resulotion display for leisure use. It will be a perfect replacement for my current phone, which fell in water-damaged.

  • Henry Lum

    I can give it to my mom

  • Chad Smith

    I would like it so I can give it to my Step Dad for a present as his old phone is crapping out and it would make a great present for someone kind. Merry Christmas

  • Jiro G.

    I want it because it leads in so many areas, especially the long lasting battery and fastest processor. G-RAM for even more battery life! It’s the perfect size, not too big nor small, 1080P, tiny bezels, looks beautiful and I love the back-side buttons! Also it’s not a Samsung :P

  • Dan Valentin

    Still using an old Nokia 2630, so this LG G2 would be the pertect XMas present.

  • Dennis Ly

    Unique design that is original

  • L Marshall

    My husband still uses an old flip phone… would like to get him out of the dark ages!

  • E. R

    Why I want this phone? Well although it it is almost similar with that of the Nexus 5, I would still give this phone to a relative in India.

  • cb

    I would like this phone so I can replace my wife’s dying Galaxy S.

  • amber

    I would love to get this because I have never personally owned a phone before. plus the screen would do me very well and also the battery power would be very useful. I would use this for my work and schooling and to keep in touch with people!

  • Peter Gravelle

    I want it because after buying my girlfriend the Nexus 5 for Christmas, my phone looks ancient.

  • Blaktron

    I want it to replace my long-tooth Galaxy Nexus.

  • Steve Sargent

    I would love the

  • Robin Jen

    Never had an LG phone before because they weren’t very good, hopefully this one will prove me wrong.

  • Mike Contreras

    I want the G2 so I can sell it and get a N5 or GPE HTC One.

    • paul brown

      Way to to win , I’m sure you’ll be picked

  • Trevor Mckenna

    I would really appreciate winning this because I’m getting ready to move and this phone would be great to send pictures back to my family! Thanks!

  • Steve Sargent

    I would love the G2 and I have read so many great reviews of this LG marvel.


    Need to upgrade my phone!

  • falconer68

    With a 5.2″ screen… This old man needs anything bigger than a generic phone

  • GPman

    Because its a beautiful phone and a great first cell phone!

  • paul brown

    Lg rear controls are the way of the future and the screen display very nice. I want this phone

  • danjo1

    Loved my Optimus G when I had it and would love to get this new one.

  • kakarot11

    For the camera

  • Ankur

    Even though my RAZR MAXX stands bit taller at 3300 mAh, but the features!?! JUSTAMAZING! MINDBLOWN!

  • Win. A

    3000mAh batt? awesome!

  • gmaninvan

    My girlfriend smashed her one s a few months ago in the middle of her contract. She has been using it since we can’t afford to get her a new one. This would be an amazing gift for her

  • Vic Leon

    I need it to replace my one..

  • valid1993

    I want it because it has cool features like: hi-fi sound, camera with OS, backside buttons and 800 snapdragon powerful processor.

  • Guamon

    It will be put to good use. ;)

  • Roger Antony

    the rear buttons!! like to see how innovative their solution is for the real world :)

  • Gauhar Mahmood Ali Khan

    I want it so that I can gift it to my younger brother

  • Victor Genova

    I’m on my second off-warranty iPhone 4S in the last two days. I could really use a bit of mobile luck…

  • realitycheck

    I could use this phone as the big screen would be perfect as my daily driver.

  • Braim P Fuego

    I want it because I am still using the first droid RAZR since it came out. The screen is cracked, the on and volume buttons are jammed, the 2gb SD card is stuck and i hate seeing all my friends with their cool upgraded phones running the latest versions of android while I’m still running Gingerbread. If I got this phone it would be a real game changer for me.

  • Green Hornet

    wow! wow! I want it!! so I can retire my S2X !!!

  • Josefino Mojica

    i want it because of superb specification and great battery power… a great gift for this holiday season.. merry christmas to all!

  • Dencil Smith

    Need to replace my Galaxy Nexus which is no longer being updated :-

  • Omar

    Honestly, same reason as before. I’m coming home for Christmas after 6 months and my family has always struggled financially. I would love to surprise the women in my life, my wife and 2 daughters with a new family phone. I know they’ll love it since my daughters won’t have a reason to steal my wife’s blackberry to fill it with pictures of themselves.

  • haesslich

    I want the camera which beats a Nexus 4/5! And Snapdragon 800 goodness.

  • Taylor Lee

    Well, it is holiday season. It will be a great gift. For me!

  • deejay km

    Love Getting: Good 2uneup

  • Stanley Lau

    I’ll give it to my sister since her’s is super old but if she doesn’t want it, I’ll replace my nexus s :P

  • KT

    I want this beautiful phone because of its speed and excellent features (nice review btw), and I guess I need it because my crappy Nokia phone is slowly dying lol

  • disqus_6CmXxpnzy9

    I need a new phone desperately, I have an lg optimus LTE and it just has a never ending list of issues!

  • Ndzbggrhndz32

    I would like it so that I could run my finger down its back…

    To turn it on…

    …because that’s where the switch is.

  • Richard

    my huawei u8651t needs to die but I won’t let it because it is the only phone I have :(

  • Eli

    Don’t want it, need it! And it’s one beast phone!

  • Tim Viers

    Looks great

  • Marc Lefrancois

    i really, really do … ; -)

  • Cameron Brown

    Mmmmmm…. I want it so bad.

  • Lonita Fraser

    I want it because the box is purdy. Does that make me shallow? :)

  • Jerome

    I want it because its amazing…and it will be a great christmas gift for me from the mobile news page that I always read!Mobilesyrup!!!

  • Chris Knopff

    As much as I want it for myself, I will be unselfish and request it for another in the home. I have a perfectly fine working device, but she seems to have a dying battery. Mind you a may want to consider gifting MY phone in place of this one. TEMPTING. This might be better anyway for her failing eyes. =)

  • John T Snelson V

    I would say in your face to both Samsung and Sprint. They flooded the market with S4′s only to turn around and announce S5 and triband. The triband of the G2 more than makes up for not having a removable battery or sd card. After all if I really wanted an iPhone I would have bought one. Until the G2 there wan’t a worthy phone without the two things but now the G2 rules the roost.

  • Tyler Reid

    I’d love to have this phone if ONLY do not need a button to turn it on anymore. The double tap is a wicked idea!

  • Peter Smith

    I want it because I need to upgrade to lte, abs this phone makes me drool

  • Jack Tang

    i’ve never won anything before and i’d like to have a chance ! plus im still using blackberry curve 3g…

  • Brad Dishaw

    Duh… It’s free!

  • Zachary Porter

    This LG G2 would help my family tremendously. My wife and I recently had our first child Ava, 8 months ago. We are young parents and it’s not easy. Currently, my wife Amy takes care of Ava full-time while I’m working in an Automotive Factory in Detroit. We don’t get to see each other much. We talk on the phone when we can but the problem is with Amys phone. It’s 6 years old! I can barely hear her! She has to yell at the top of her lungs so I can. It’s stressing her out. We’ve been talking about buying her a phone but with the prices of phones I haven’t been able to get her one. Like I said before, this phone would help out our family more than I can express. It would be amazing to be able to surprise her with it. If you read this MobileSyrup I hope you guys can relate.

    Have a Merry Christmas,


  • andrew

    This phone would be an amazing upgrade to my current phone I am using now, and the large screen, and long battery would be extremely helpful both for casual use and for school! Not to mention the large screen would be extremely useful to me as I love to draw and plan out my art projects on the go.

  • david

    I want it cause it has the big screen so I can take note when I go to school.

  • Anjo George

    hopefully can replaced my cracked screen phone with this one :), i like the screen size not too big and not too small, its a Goldilocks screen :)

  • jayhansi

    I would love to own this powerhouse. Time to retire my aging iPhone.

  • Vaj Castro

    I want it because I have the chance to get it for free and it has the specs I need

  • Aaron

    The LG G2 will make a great gift for my wife who always complains that her phone runs out of juice quickly!

  • Brian Truong

    same reason as wanting the note 3. want to try out an android phone and also that isn’t a galaxy.

  • Kenny

    I want it to procrastinate more than i already do

  • illayarajah

    time to replace the i4

  • monkeytacos

    Giant battery + small bezel … and replace my aging phone

  • Marwan Alani

    I’m using an LG P500 atm cause my GS4 died, the G2 would be a huge upgrade and with that screen it’s gonna be sweet to read for school on the go … such a nice package :D

  • Jason


  • Lucas Secord

    I would like to have this phone and let it live up to the expectation it has, I would like to switch providers because my provider doesn’t have service where I work. And this would be the perfect Christmas gift!

  • Nicolas Mercier

    I want it because I need a new phone !

  • N P

    Hate LG before. Will see if it could change my opinion

  • jesse henry

    I want it because, I spend hours on my phone a day, and could honestly use a upgrade

  • Mat Haggith

    I want the G2 because the battery life is amazing and the bezel is just so damn thin and sexy. The chipset in it is ridiculously fast and snappy too, just an all around amazing phone. Woot woot!

  • Geila

    This would be a Christmas Miracle… I got suckered into a Sony Xperia J and that phone isn’t worth turning on, would love something I could actually justify paying for monthly. :(

  • Peter Zhu

    I would like to try G2.

  • Danny Wong

    Time to upgrade to a more current smartphone!

  • Ryan Askew

    This would be an excellent upgrade from my Samsung Focus.

  • Nikolas K

    My phones busted and ive spent months trying to get it fixed with my warranty, this would help out alot

  • outdoorsaddix

    I want it because my nearly 3 year old Galaxy S II X needs to be restarted 3 times a day and the battery lasts about 6-8 hours. I could really use the long battery life of this phone

  • Jasbir S. Hansi

    Need to replace my iphone. What else can be a better replacement than LG G2. It is truely a powerhouse phone. I wish to win this phone.

  • qwerty

    stabilizing camera

  • Luke Richardson

    I want this for the awesome camera great battery and slick looking design

  • Scott Williams

    I want it so I can show all my iOS loving friends what a real phone looks like :)

  • Felinaeus Lapinnoir

    Why? You would like me to sum it up into one line? Well, it’s a far step up from my current phone, I have never been dissapointed with any LG phone I have owned, and, well, it’s my birthday over the weekend, so that would just be kind of cool.

  • Dan Straathof

    Cool, love to win this.

  • Karol C

    I want it because I love the design!

  • Cory Ford

    I would love the phone for all of it’s glory the massive battery, great build quality, and to experience the rear button layout to see how it feeland see if it’s the right phone for my girlfriend! If I don’t win congratulations to whom ever does I hear it’s a wonderful phone.

  • Dave Norton

    would love to have this device, if I win this device vs Note 3, would likely give as gift

  • Brad Moriarity

    I want it so I can take a picture of someone jumping hurdles on a track while I run stride for stride beside them, flailing my arms wildly, only to have the picture come out absolutely perfect… it does that right?

  • Jamie Jenkins

    I want this to give to my Fiance, he REALLY needs a new phone

  • Adam Young

    My parents are using an old HTC Raider and this would be a huge upgrade for them.

  • Lorne

    oh My!! Can’t think of a reason why not !! Merry Christmas!

  • Paxterics

    It would make a great Christmas present for my mom

  • xOptix78

    My wife has been swiping my Nexus 5 on a regular basis, so this would be a fantastic phone for her seeing how the two share a lot of similarities.

  • Oberon45k

    I would like to wish everybody at Mobilesyrup a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!

  • jayjudson

    Because it’s so fast ,and the buttons look cool

  • Ken Badgley

    Lg G2 is an awesome phone. It is like a premium N5 and I would love to win it for my wife. She deserves a premium Android device. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Nao Yamamoto

    never owned a smartphone….

  • John Feringa

    I want this baby for my son as a replacement for his well loved Galaxy SII

  • Skun QS

    I want it for the fact that with a custom rom it’s better than the n5!

  • Jon Celino

    I’d like to win this one because I have an old phone droid charge and to take pictures of my upcoming newborn.

  • viv123321

    I don’t even own a smartphone. This one would be fabulous.

  • Gideon Prins

    I’d love this phone for Christmas

  • Hail Eff

    I want it so I can give my old one to one of my parents.

  • Marios

    Because I really like this phone!

  • Gary Barclay

    This would be a quantum leap from my feature phone LG Bliss!

  • Mark Lewicki

    Because I’m a gadget who@e! :)

  • Elroy Yee

    I want it for the great screen and battery life. Also, the knock on feature is awesome.

  • YourPalRob

    I want the phone because quite honestly it is an amazing phone and I like amazing things.

  • DunkingStyle

    The G2 is a G.

  • Gary Whitbourn

    I this looks like a great phone… The camera under low light looks amazing, and that battery…drool…..

  • Seith Keough

    So I can take awesome video of me running while pooping and take full advantage of the image stabilization technology.

  • Paul Gallaway

    I have an HTC Desire, the original one, not the ‘C’ or the ‘S’ or the freaking 601 – any of those would be great – but I sincerely love it, it’s my constant companion and it’s been a great phone, actually. The handset is approaching 4 years old and I am the second owner. It’s rooted, running, Android 4.3.1 via a ParnoidAndroid ROM and honestly, it’s kind of sweet that it can run modern Android OS at all. The bad part is that my SD card corrupts all my data every three to four months. I get around this with automated Titanium Backup runs and FolderSync to send the backups to my computer so I don’t loose data. It’s just a pain to go back to a Nokia candybar for a day or two until I get it back up and running. I bought a replacement Sandisk card (Class10, UHS-1) that appears to have problems with older hardware and is actually even worse and causes frequent/random reboots of the phone. I can’t be bothered spending any more money on a new card because frankly, it’s a four year old phone, and I’d rather put food on the table. Prospects of upgrading in 2014? Pretty low. If it dies, my upgrade path is likely a Nokia candybar until I can scrounge some money to get something I can root/break. There might be people more deserving, people who appreciate it more, but I can tell you that I will use the phone to an inch of it’s life. I will overload it with apps. Take photos and videos of my kid. Read on Newsblur. Read MobileSyrup on G+. Read books. Play games. Tune my guitar. Listen to music. Control my PVR. Download podcasts. Stream CBC music. I will root it the second the warranty is up if I can stand not trying to break it sooner. This is the life of my HTC Desire, and it could be the life of the G2. True, I can get by with out it, but I guarantee I would use the hell out of it and the give the phone purpose.

    Edit: I’d probably make a call or two with it as well ;p

  • The Guy

    This is the phone that I have had my eye on. My present phone is not getting anymore updates is now considered a relic. Please let me win.

  • mat

    i would want this phone to replace my current old phone which the battery only lasts 4 hours max

  • rickm81

    I want it because my current phone is old and terrible.

  • anti robellus

    I’d love to move on from my 2 years old Galaxy Nexus, LG G2 is definitely the top candidate! Besides, I need a new phone with the juicy 3000 mAh battery!

  • CksCindy

    I dropped my phone and need a new one!

  • Edward

    I want it for the amazing 13mp ois camera and the beautiful 5.2 full hd display. It would also be a huge upgrade from my motorola atrix 4g.

  • Stephen Austin

    I would love to surprise my mom Christmas morning with a Great phone because I can’t afford one to give her!!!!!!

  • Thanish Munas

    Because its my birthday on the 23rd!!!!

  • Simon

    I’m in !
    i need a phone with a genuine battery

  • andrew

    I would like to join the modern world. I have a very old school LG flip phone. I doesn’t even have a camera… but it was a step up from the rotary dial party line.

  • Theotherotherhealinggod

    It’s a thing that seems quite alright, and the effort required to potentially win it is relatively minimal. Cheers and thanks.

  • kyle brodie

    I want it not for myself but for my wife, so I can put a smile on her face for Christmas. It’s been a difficult year for her with two parents who’ve been sick with cancer and struggling with her own health issues for the last month. If I win, I’ll donate a working galaxy nexus or nexus 4 to charity or someone else I know less fortunate and need of a phone.
    Oh, and she’d want it for the awesome camera and battery, her phone is always running out of juice…

  • artyboy

    I will enjoy being able to use my phone for longer than a day

  • HB_ICO

    My birthday is coming up!! :)

  • kingsclear

    I live on my phone and my Galaxy Nexus is showing its age and not working the way it was when new. I really need the battery life. This is an awesome phone.

  • KJP

    Would make a great Christmas gift for my dad!

  • Ante Prayoga Andy

    I want to have the LG G2 because in my country is very expensive cell phone and viewed from the specifications are very nice LG G2 is equipped with a very large battery capacity is 3000 mAh, 2 GB of RAM and 13MP camera, that’s 3 specification is needed for someone to have mobile phone

  • Steve Rodrigue

    I would love to abuse this device in any possible way. I’m an Heavy user, the 3000 mah battery would be awesome for my intense usage.

  • Taizhi Yang

    I love the IPS display, Qualcomm 800 SoC and the 3000mAh battery!

  • mlisa

    I would love this phone not only for it’s sleek design and amazing pixel quality. The battery life would be amazing for all my traveling and personal uses.

  • Moiz Adamji

    I want this to replace my existing and aging S1

  • Victor_Creed

    That screen, my pics would look oh so good on that screen!!

  • Eugene

    I want this phone to replace my old LG G2X

  • Don Dupuis

    My reason is simple for wanting the G2, I’m still using a Blackberry Curve 9300 !
    Cheers everyone

  • Zachary Lerner-Muloin

    That phone is beautiful and I must have it….please, my iPhone 3g is becoming more hassle than benefit.

  • Thorsten Garbe

    hey, and another contest i will not win!
    Please i really need a phone,
    just sold my s4 for xmas presents for my kids!

  • Desjards

    My galaxy note is plagued with issues! I need something new!..please.

  • Yi Zhao

    My Nexus is old enough to be replaced by this G2

  • rho1

    I would like to have the G2 for its fast processor.

  • Nicolo Orlando

    As some others have said, that huge battery is a big plus :)

  • szinck

    Would be an awesome device for me,

  • andy c

    Want a better camera then my current phone

  • Pascal Bouffard

    Me plz :) It would be my first LG phone ever :)

  • L Joel

    Big battery FTW! I would love to own this

  • zubir jangsi

    i just want the phone so much.. want to test it.

  • Luis

    I need to replace my Blackberry.

  • gozno42

    I’ve owned all other platforms except for android.

  • Saim Iftikhar

    I will use my G2 to call my friends and rub it in their face that my phone is better then theirs…

  • Fred

    I want it because it’s awesome

  • Alexandre Beauregard

    Phone with a nice design and a killer battery !

  • Matthew Ostime

    Been a year and a half. Time to replace an older phone

  • Brad

    I need a new phone

  • cheolee

    What googlicious phone!!Mmm… almost taste it

  • Ken Xia

    Won’t get a new phone unless it’s broken, so I’m stuck with an ancient phone right now.

  • Allen M

    I need to replace my Samsung S3, the latest OS update messed it up, flash goes off while surfing the Web or just by itself… Was fine before the upgrade.

  • Alex Land

    The best Android phone on the market IMO, would make my life to own one.

  • Doug Simms

    Want one for my wife. I love mine.

  • David Harlow

    I would like to have it because I do not currently own a cell phone. I use my iPad for calls….only works when I’m in wifi range so, it’s pretty useless as a cell phone.

  • AppleCrumble

    I want one because of MobileSyrup is awesome! I get all my gadget news and reviews from the site. And because I have been a good person for the past year….lol. Plz…choose me…I never win anything :(

  • God

    For the battery! To replace my Optimus G that I love but feel the need to update.
    Having played with a demo, I can comfortably say that I love the rear buttons.

  • William

    I want it for the Snapdragon 800 :)

  • Brebu

    I want it for Christmas:)

  • Whin77

    I really would like a new phone! And a LG G2 would certainly put a smile to my face!

  • g35infiniti

    I need it. My note 2 is done. Plus it’s a sweet phone.

  • Achan

    I really like how much screen real estate they fit into that size of a phone!

  • Jarett B

    I want it to replace my wife as my daily source of information,

  • marclabrosse

    Would lose to upgrade the wife’s S2 as a Christmas gift, having a 2 month old is kind of making my Christmas budget lame…

  • DaPower

    Because my N4′s camera is terrible!

  • Axel Dittmann

    My wonderful wife deserves the best. The LG G2 would suit her well.

  • Sylax

    I want it because I’m tired of iPhone and want an android phone…Go LG Go Android

  • james hofer

    I am tired of samsung atm.. I think LG would be a very good switch for me. Hoping they wont rush out any updates that are not complete :-D so please pick me

  • Pushpinder Purba

    I would like to win one…come on my Santa….i’m been nice all year

  • Jessica Xiao

    I want to know if I like the back button. And I want to know if it beats my Samsung S4! Would love to try it…or sell it for a Note 3 :)

  • Craig Cooper

    This phone has one of the nicest screens I’ve seen and I would love to get my hands on it. :)

  • Axel Dittmann

    It would like to have another note to replace my broken one.

  • Mayon Marcelino

    i want it because it’s an amazing phone. Way better than the one I have now

  • Sean McKnight

    I can always use a new phone

  • Kevin Cracknell

    Need a new phone any this is heads above what I currently have

  • Tony A

    I would really like to win this for my significant other. she has an old BlackBerry. I have a nexus 5 and it would be cool for her to have the G2 to compliment mine just as we do each other :)

  • Thr1ve

    Would love to have the LG G2 for the longer battery life, powerful processor, excellent display and good camera with OIS… It would be the perfect upgrade!

  • Samuel Morel

    So I can have a phone that doesn’t reboot every 10 minutes.

  • Jeremy Heinze

    I would love a new phone (and my wife would love mine!)…

  • A B

    I need an upgrade from my old Blackberry……….. Please HELP!!!!!

  • Md Renesa Nizamee

    My phone freezes up frequently and as a student I can’t afford one right one. So I would love to win this one!

  • Jas Singh

    I want this phone because my phone was stolen. This would be a great Christmas present!

  • Simone Tartaglia

    I want LG G2 for launching it into the air and break it.

  • Ka Hin Li

    I recently converted to Android from iPhone through a Nexus 5. IT’S A WHOLE NEW WORLD! Do want :)

  • AZTECA24

    I would love to win this for my daughter heading to college.

  • David

    I want it for the comparability with my other android powered devices. Plus it’s an amazing piece of machinery.

  • Scycotic

    Would be great for my parents to write Chinese with!

  • xrevolution

    I think it’s time for an upgrade from my phone, and the LG2 seems like a great way to start! I especially like the unique design with the volume buttons on the back

  • Leo Wang

    oh ya pick meeeeeee, my iphone4 needs to go

  • Kevin Connolly

    love the LG Nexus 5…except for battery performance, this will fix that

  • Nicholas Alvarado

    I would love to win this phone. Best phone of 2013 for sure. I have a gnex and its been time to upgrade. Only problem is if I do it with a contract I loose my unlimited data. So either I win one or buy one out right and that cant happen. So good luck. Fingers crossed.

  • Martin Trager

    Lovely! Mine mine mine

  • bjtheone

    Time to retire the s3

  • Justin Tucker

    Time for a new phone, and a free one would be great. Even better that it’s the G2!

  • F Young

    I’d love to win a G2 because of its premium specs and great battery life.

  • massoooo

    I want this LG G2, because I’m stuck with a Nexus One, and I don’t really have enough money for buy a new phone, I need it for other more important things. I want it too because I love this camera, and the screen is gorgeous! It is an incredible phone, that I’ll never have…

    Thank you very much for this opportunity Mobile Syrup!

  • Miraldy Andral Colon

    nice ;) one of the Best phone in 2013 !

  • Darren Dubanow

    I just upgraded to the LG g2 I had it in my car while I was Christmas shopping and somebody smashed my window and stole it I would love one of these phones back now I’m stuck with no phone for 2 years because I signed a contract :-(
    I didn’t even get to take it out of the box

  • Jason Sohm

    I need this as my first smartphone.

  • Adonis Wong

    LG has one of the best ui and the g2 is one of best phones at this moment. I have a lg optimus g pro right now and i love it. My dad is in need for a phone, so ill give this as a present if I win this. :)

  • Islam Izzy

    I would love to have a phone with a battery that lasts more then 3 hours, also heard the camera is pretty awesome :D


    I want it because Vishal wants it.

  • Henry Lao

    I’d give this to my old man, who’s still using a SE W580 from 2008.

  • stephen wiredu

    would love the lg g2 after i left my lg optimus 3d for a Samsung phone. the back volume control got me all excited to try it.

  • John W. Farris

    I need this ’cause I’m still using Android 2.2.2 on my phone.

  • Justin

    Never owned an Android. Tis the time to give it a whirl, me thinks!

  • Geomart Brenth Abong

    I need to replace my Nokia 101 phone because it needs an external charger for it to be charged. Hoping to win this.

  • Chris Simpson

    So I can show up my son and his Nexus IV

  • colonha

    I want ti change my old SGS2. Presently i can’t run a lot of games and applications with a decent performance.

  • Ronald Chow

    I need a new phone so that I can send in my old one for repairs. The G2 has 1080p at 60 fps which is the only smallish phone that can do that.

  • Monique

    I want the Lg g2 because I am in love with everything about this phone and its functions I can use this phone to log into my ecollege page from the comfort of my own home to do my school work instead of dragging my kids with me to the library everyday to complete my work. I really would love to have this phone. The most amazing phone I’ve seen thus far.

  • Jody Hudlin

    I’m a G, so of course I need a G2………..get it?..………its a play on words.

  • Simon

    For the amazing battery life!

  • Raymond T Cubeta

    I really want LG G2 because it is a monster phone! I want to use a phone like that.

  • Richard Williams

    I love this phone! I bought a Nexus 5 because of the price, but the LG G2 is the phone I want. It’s battery life is pretty sweet. If I win this phone, I would give my teen-aged daughter my Nexus and keep the LG for myself. She’s currently using my 3 year old phone which is falling apart.

  • Dave Mellor

    Well I own a LG L5 and it is a wicked phone so it would almost seem a natural progression that I be the proud owner of your shiny new G2. Yes Please :)

    That Is All!!!!!

  • Deebs

    I want it so I can press the buttons on the back.

  • Joe Mikhael

    Jumping iOS ship, and this looks likes great Android phone!

  • Jon

    Amazing battery life is why I want the G2.

  • Artem

    I’d love this phone because my current phone broke down and as a student I do not have enough money for a new one. This would make an amazing xmas present! :)

  • winn

    My phone is currently screen-cracked
    Undeniably, this android is quite a completion !
    Let me

  • Phil Tughan

    After several years, I have had enough of BBerry and want to give Android a try. This awesome LG G2 would be an excellent way to start the new adventure.

  • Tom RL

    because peace on earth wont ne possible before everyones got an “el” G2

  • stephen jones

    I just got my wife one and I would love to have the same phone as her,
    And because it is a great looking phone, that would look great in my hands,

  • skullan

    Still rocking a Nexus S or and a Blackberry Curve 9300… an upgrade would be appreciated. Thanks for the contests!

  • Shawn

    Looks like a great phone and would be great to upgrade to it!

  • ivrimon

    I would love one because my Nexus 4 battery life is becoming almost unusable. A bigger battery (and LTE) would be a great upgrade!

  • Jason

    I’d love a G2 to complete my transition from iOS to android!

  • David Ng

    Id love to have one to make up for the g2x days. So much promise in that phone….

  • Aleks

    Perfect balance of size, performance and battery life

  • Ainkaran Vijayaratnam

    The large screen with the humongous 3000mAh battery could easily last through a day of intense school work and would be ideal to edit/view documents without stressing my eyes. This phone is one of the ideal choice for my requirements.

  • Michael Atienza

    Pls hook me up!

  • Cole Slater

    Need the long lasting battery

  • Ryan

    Need to upgrade my phone really soon and the G2 would be a fantastic option

  • Andrew

    Big battery means longer gaming sessions!

  • Han

    I want it for the crazy fast Snapdragon 800 and the 5.2 inch screen. It would also be great for making phone calls.

  • scott

    What a beast! please please please!!

  • Đoàn Trần Công Danh

    I just want to try one of the most powerful smartphone of LG

  • Raul James Albaran Bugahod

    13MP rear camera w. Optical Image Stabilization / 2.1MP front-facing camera a very nice specs

  • Barbara Cotter

    Can I get for use with classroom? Technology Instructor, Computer Science Instructor

  • Udit Saini

    Want it because i love its big screen and i need to upgrade my old phone :)

  • batmayne

    My Nexus S deserves to enjoy retirement.

  • Jose Torres

    I need one for my wife and it looks nice

  • Filippos Papalitsas

    I want that awesome battery life and minimal bezels

  • Wilson Wan

    Want for my brother!

  • Nadine Ricketts

    I want the phone for it’s large display!

  • Ikenna Nwauwa

    I think its the best phone of the year hands down and I would love to be able to upgrade from my galaxy s2!

  • Ali Ar-Ridho

    My phone was lost by roberry will be thankfull if i have a new one. Really :(

  • sydney mmanga

    I would like to win because it will be great to start a new year with an awesome phone like that

  • Saleh Bujra

    Take amazing pictures for a week straight! That or sell it to some lucky soul and use the money for school.

  • yukon voice

    I am digging the phone. Count me in.

  • JC

    Need a new phone!

  • Nivithan R

    Really need a new phone to replace my lg optimus t

  • Susan

    My husband needs a smart phone so he can retire his outdated Nokia. G2 would be great replacement!

  • Sardar Rushan Sher Qaisrani

    Don’t have a smartphone right now. Would love to have this device

  • Duey

    I need an upgrade from my 2-year-old Galaxy Nexus. I’m looking for longer battery life, but also a WIND compatible phone. LG G2 is the logical choice.

  • Matt

    I would love to have it because my HTC phone’s screen randomly turns colors and doesn’t work. I need a new phone but can’t afford one because I don’t want to lose my unlimited data.

  • direkt555

    It’s about time I replaced my Nokia 5110. What’s a Snapdragon? Some exotic animal?

  • Patrickmcbrearty

    I want it because i love lg and it will work brilliantly with my lg smart tv

  • Jindi Argente

    I want it to replace my Gnex(Sorry gnex, its been a ride…)

  • Desi Jatt

    I would love to win the LG G2 so I can play with it all day long.

  • Dave

    This phone would be a great upgrade from my galaxy nexus.

  • sohil naik

    Graduation gift for my youngest brother, whose never owned a smartphone before.

  • komal

    This phone deserve to be in my hands:-)

  • Michael Farrell

    I am phone less for Christmas :-( help a poor brother out.

  • Eric Parisien

    I need to replace my mom’s phone, she still has one of those phones with a pull-out antenna!

  • Abhi-nay

    I want it to show off the amazing display and the back buttons.

  • Leonardo Gonzalez

    I want it because I only have a semi-functional (about 40% functional. No camera, browser, or capable battery.) Blackberry that I’ve been itching to replace for years.

  • abhinay indurkar

    i want lg g2 because i want to experience its delicious eatures like knockon,optically stabilized camera..in one word i want this phone because i am bored with my lg l9.cmmon man give this almighty phone to me…

  • milleniumjono

    I would actually use it to call my parents!

  • kandarp patel

    I want this really lovely lovely phone

  • kandarp patel

    Need this phone badly

  • Woot woot

    When I first saw this phone I thought it was the perfect phone, if I we’re to write down a list of things I would ever want in a phone this phone matches it exactly. I am currently using a HTC rezound from 2011 and I am getting sick if this phone. Its super slow, the battery sucks, at stock it only has ICS but ROMs on this phone is unreliable and gets random bootloops.

    I wish I could buy a lg g2 but I cant affored it right now.
    Thanks mobilesyrup for giving me the chance to win a g2!
    Merry Christmas and I hope I win!

  • Martin Chan

    yes. Solid yes.

  • MasterP

    So I don’t have to use this archaic blackberry haha

  • James Huntley

    I would love the G2. We have a baby due on my birthday(Dec 25) and the camera feature is one of the best reasons to own this phone. After all, what’s a new baby without snapping 30 pictures a day?

  • kandarp patel

    I love the 13 mp phone

  • Nelly Chadwick

    My current cell phone is a tiny slider phone – it’s 4 inches long and the screen is less than 3 inches! I can’t connect to the Internet on it, which is quite the inconvenience. All of my colleagues have iPhones or Androids, and I’m a little embarrassed to take out my baby phone. This G2 would be a Massive upgrade, and I’d proudly take it out of my purse and flash it around!

  • Philip Adam

    I think the lg user interface looks cool and I wanna try out the feature where you can fade a video into the background. Plus with my goldfish memory the ability to fright memos to the background screen would be great.

  • Larry Chen

    I want it because it’s got those awesome volume buttons haha

  • Ian McAndrew

    I would like to retire my iPhone 3G phone and have a better more current phone, please

  • Citra Pramadi

    Because my last LG phone was Optimus 2X and it’s sucks.

  • Patrick Fairbank

    LG G2 > samsung sgh-s730m

  • Kerwin Poon

    Have been hearing good things about G2! Would like to try something other than Samsung and Nokia!

  • Firman Hadiyan

    I very want this love phone because this is the best phone i ever see and this phone is suitable for my needs, no matter there is a higher specification.
    Unfortunately I can not buy this phone because it is very expensive for me. And I am Indonesian..is it possible for me to win this phone…? If it could, I am very grateful to God.

  • mark

    Pick me pls. ‘coz i want it to give it to my mother for x-Mas gift.

  • Ronald Trinh

    I want it for the bigger screen, buttons on the back (more comfortable), and better resolution!

  • Gershwin Cross

    This phone has the ideal balance between functionality, screen size, camera and battery life. Ideal for almost any situation both work and play. I would love to have this experience.

  • Luigi Barbaraci

    I want it because is a quite good revolution…besides knock knock function the rear buttons are very ergonomic…I’ve tried one some days ago and it’s very good…I think it’s time to replace my “old” note 2 with a high end smartphone…

  • Mischa Price

    For the knock on and other cool lg stuff

  • Sameer karki

    I want this phone because it is pretty slick an taking pic with front camera is very easy…

  • Carol Lynn

    I want this as I read the camera on it is really good!

  • Gajrollia

    I want this. Amazing battery life

  • mendicant

    Need a new phone!

  • Alec Brunet

    The best of all in this LG G2.. Been studying specs for a month. Nothing better to be found aside Note 3 but that’s too big. Thanks

  • Dante Wan

    3000 mAh 3.8V (11.4 watt-hour) battery with 3g browse time of 8.5hrs and talk time of close to 1 day (23 hrs)

  • Dustin

    I need this phone cause my phone is so old

  • Tyrone_83

    That would be one nice Christmas gift

  • JP Bourgeois

    I would offer it to my wife to replace her Nexus S with a faulty power button.

  • Ricardo Rodríguez

    I want it because i don’t have a phone right now and this phone is a beast

  • Dave Schostek

    I want it because I have to make a phone call.

  • Matt

    I would love that G2 for that wicked camera it’s boasting….

  • Chad Fisher

    I want one so I can finally replace my thunderbolt

  • TonyC

    I need it because… my dog ate my phone. :-)

  • Donny Kavanagh

    I want one because my wife and I both had LG Optimus G’s until mine had a hardware problem and Rogers replaced it with a G2. Now my wife is jealous and complaining I have a better phone. Help me keep her happy :)

  • ineptone

    Because I like backsides and the G2′s has to be touched.

  • fudoki

    Do I deserve this phone more then others? No. Do I need this phone more then others? No again. Do I want this phone more then others? Well…. Maybe some of them. Why do I want this phone? To give LG another shot. I had an LG phone once upon a time. And it was a horrible amalgamation between a touch screen and a sliding keyboard. Buggy, buttons that didnt work and so many issues. Vowed I’d never spend money on LG again. So yes, I’d like it to give the company another shot at my loyalty and respect with what seems to be a wonderfully constructed and functioning phone.

  • West-Coastin

    I want it because of its sheer awesomeness. :) And because I could use an upgrade. And because winning is just plain fun.

  • Ole Mat

    Would like to give it to my girlfriend!

  • Brad

    Mobile Syrup would look amazing on the G2 screen.

  • Paul Kemp Jr

    I lust after this phone…
    Multitasking powerhouse. And sexy.

  • rami


  • Lushka204

    Don’t have a phone so would be great to get one.

  • Ken

    The only phone I really had is the iPhone 3g. I want because this will be the first awesome smartphone I will have.

  • Clam Dee

    I want it because it has great specs and will fit in my pocket. I could even use it to phone other people some times!

  • formulaphone

    I want it for its huge battery, beautiful display, knock-on, and for the quick remote function. I really think that LG has a winner on its hands with this device, and I’d love to have one!

  • bobygk

    There is not better phone than G2 to replace my aging G2X!

  • Anthony

    Would love to upgrade from my s3 to the interesting g2 with its back buttons

  • Danny So

    because i would love a phone for Christmas!

  • Daniel Shin

    I want it simply because it’s LG! Korean made = life’s good :)

  • Johnny Albo

    I want it because my birthday is on the 26th and the G2 would be an amazing gift.

  • Sean Armstrong

    Need a phone please.

  • Abdullah Khan

    I would use the LG G2 for taking pictures and for playing music on the road!

  • Eric McDace

    I want nothing more than a huge screen

  • kandarp patel

    I love this phone. need one badly!!!!!!!

  • kandarp patel

    Great phone with nice camera

  • マイケル, ロサレス (Michael Rosales)

    My phones WiFi card died in august and i’ve been without phone WiFi.

  • quaron gooch

    I want it for the AMAZING battery life and the awesome 5.2 Inch display . With all the customization what more could you ask for in a phone. That’s why I want it

  • Keith Chiu

    I want this cause it’s a sexy beast, 2.26 ghz snapdraon 800 , 13mp rear camera, a whopping 2.1 mp which would great for skpye , 3000 mah battery. It’s design is also unique with button on back on phone instead of side which i think is a big wow factor.

  • Allan

    Because it’s a beast!

  • kandarp patel

    I love this amazing phone with 13 mp camera, amazing 5.2″ phone with 2gb ram and 32 GB storage space. What more you want from a phone. You get half of this stuff in twice the price. And it is called apple with “high quality” made in china

  • Shanyn Tuck

    I have been ooing and ahhing over this phone since it launched. It made me like LG again. Now if only I could get my hands on one!

  • Jason Ghawaly

    I would love to have this phone as I really badly need an upgrade! I currently have a Galaxy S2 and would love to have this as my new phone!

  • Sunny Lee

    I’m perfectly content with my S3. My housemate on the other hand is suffering with his 3 year old iPhone 4. I want to give this to him and convert him to the good side of mobile OSs :).

  • Andy M

    I’ve been showing mobilesyrup to all my friends in my grade and we all love it. I would like to win this phone to replace my old hand-me down iPhone 4. Keep up the great work guys this is the best Canadian mobile news site hands down

  • Pran

    It’s one of the best phones in the market and would totally fill the void left after my iPad was stolen. I could use this large screen phone as a tablet and as a phone. Would be a great xmas present!

  • jrmtl

    Powerhouse of a phone… would make a nice Xmas gift.

  • Sean McConnell

    I would use it as a gift for my wife. Best of luck everyone, and happy holidays!

  • Chris

    Great phone and I would give away my current android to my brother :)

  • Jet Chan

    i have a LG Optimus G, and I want to win this LG G2, it has a bigger battery, bigging screen and much better camera.

  • David

    I want to get rid of my HTC “first”
    Get it HTC First(low end htc phone) :(

    I do want the g2 though!

  • Drizzle

    IR blaster and camera!

  • Wes

    I want this phone because of the consumerist mindset we are brought up to believe in.

  • David Huynh

    Battery life on this phone is something I’d die to get out of my HTC Amaze!

  • Matt Gustavson

    I would love to try out an LG phone.

  • Impartial_Observer

    I want to see how it compares to the N5, considering they’ve got similar internals.

  • Ryan Smith

    Its the best Android on the market ATM, and I want one without having to pay for it.

  • Albert

    Amazing specs and display. One finger rear controls

  • Carmen Andujar

    Love all of it

  • cobakk1812

    Need a new phone to replace my stolen one. Don’t want Apple, don’t want Samsung. LG will do nicely!

  • Wayne Lam

    It’s time to give my thumb a rest and use my index finger to take selfies with the G2!

  • Rohan J Singh

    I want one for my dad since he doesn’t want us to waste money on phones for him ..

  • Mike

    I really like the thin bezels

  • Justin

    processor, ram, screen size and battery life

  • Basem Chafik

    It is one of the best phones on the markwte now would love to have one.

  • Andrew

    Great new phone with many bold new features!

  • Carrie

    If I were lucky enough to win the LG G2, I would gift it to my son. He would love to replace the second hand blackberry he currently uses. The G2 would be an amazing gift for him!

  • Jonathon Hart

    Already have it and love it. I want it so I can give it to my mom so she can lose her iPhone 4

  • Jet Ming

    I want this phone!!

  • Matthew Phillips

    Love the interface been a big fan of lg love the super fast speed the big processor and 2 gigs of ram lack of lag and tye camera is beautiful both front and back its amazing

  • Rene Stephenson

    Always looking to try the latest and greatest … would love to win this!

  • A.J. Axline

    I would love to have this item because my iPhone 4 is so old, this morning it was coughing up blood while it ate its blended carrots.

  • Nigel Rodrigues

    want it because i need a new phone, and this one is one of my top picks

  • Chris Mitchell

    Slick phone with huge screen and
    next to no bezel, I’m in!

  • big_al77

    I want it for so many reasons…primarily a battery that will last me more than my 2 year old phone!

    And a newer os….one of which will get 4.4 kit Kat

  • Andrey

    I want it because i need to start the new year with a new phone :)

  • Ernie Evil-Grafix Moore

    I have had my S3 for almost a year and a half. I would only trade it in for a G2! No S4. No Note. S2 or bust! This is the best phone yet to come out!!! I would love to win it!!!

  • Mughal Sweet

    It’s innovated volume and camera button and bezel less design inspired me a lot. Would love to have it.

  • Javane Hill

    I want lg g2 because my mom does have any money to a phone for her self so I want to get it for her christmas. Merry Christmas mobilesyrup:-)

  • Jeff M.

    I’d like to win ’cause I need to retire my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Alex Benitez

    In need of new phone, running a 4 year old phone. 2.26Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, 2GB RAM it can almost replace my laptop

  • Melissa Luz

    My favourite phone of the year! Would love to give it to my Mom before she goes away next year :)

  • Matthieu Paquette

    My nephew wants it real bad but i can’t afford a big present like that for Christmas!

  • Suraj Phalake

    I want the this best smartphone because i want to change my galaxy y…

  • Jehan Zeb

    wining a lottery is dream of mine

  • NinjaNexus

    I’m actually a really big fan of the back buttons and the 3000 mAh battery. And I’m due for an upgrade. Lol

  • Daynia Pena

    I would want the LG G2 because I am an iphone user and I heard great things about this device. the specs are great and the battery is greater. This phone I believe would make me fall in love with andriod. Bye bye iphone?.

  • Apocalypso

    I’d like to bring my wife out of the cell phone dark ages by giving her something more current, more powerful and more versatile than what she currently has.

  • Brian

    I currently have a Symbian phone. It would be great to have this smartphone so that I can use Whatsapp, Skype etc and get connected with people using the phone instead of my laptop.

  • leisure018

    I want it for its great screen, great battery, and great hardware.

  • Michael Brown

    I want it because I’d love to see after three iPhones and an iPad if I’ve really picked the right platform or if Android is really better.

  • bmaz

    For it’s battery life.

  • Canuck5x6

    This phone has the perfect package for me : awesome battery, amazing screen, decent camera and the IR blaster!

  • Travis Thomas

    Ahh the gift of giving, you gotta love it!! In the event of recieving a gift like this, I pesonally would also give it away but not to just anyone. It would have to go to my mom, she been very strong this year and more than deserves it. Best of luck all!!

  • Thomas Reves

    Could always use a new phone. Thanks.

  • Gurll Barbii

    I would recycle my glitchy water logged Huawei, and make the switch to something new. Looks like a heck of a hood battery in there.

    ** Plus it would be nice experimenting with n lg device. Never purchased anything from LG

  • tickman

    Ooooh, a phone with LTE would be great. The faster download speeds would nice.

  • Hashim

    It would be nice to finally leave the iPhone bandwagon because android phones are definitely more interesting but always lackedd the battery life I needed. But this phone looks promising for sure

  • Soulrift

    I want it so I can say I actually won a contest on Mobile Syrup.

  • ranj

    My iphone 3gs is working really slow. Could really do with a new phone

  • Mohsen

    Because it’s a descent android phone with a great camera and spec.

  • Ruben Tjhie

    I want the LG G2 because it’s a quality product.

  • Sam Wiggans

    I want it to upgrade from my Nexus 4 :)

  • Mersha Refai

    Need a new phone, got the same old phone for the past 5 years now, that can’t run anything on it :s

  • Mal

    I really want this phone because my iPhone screen is broken.

  • Gavin Corne

    I want it so I can show it off and rub it in peoples faces :)

  • sukahuja

    This is one of the best smartphones of the year, has innovative design and a great built quality… also i really like some of the new features that LG has brought to the table ..definitely want one

  • BobY

    I want it because it’s sexy.

  • kcired gnuehc

    This phone belongs to me thats why

  • Luz Torres


  • DrWhoWhat

    This would make a nice Christmas present… to me!

  • Charles Kim

    Shoot video in HD! Boya!
    Not have to cradle my phone so it doesn’t start die 3 hours after i unplug it…
    Watch video in HD! Boya!
    Press the ON button on the back (Asian Hands are small)
    Play Games in HD!
    Use Facebook on the go
    Listen to awesome music on the Go (IN HD)
    Finally get to learn how to use Twatter (or whatever its called)
    Do something IN HD (insert something cool here)
    When answerign a phone call easily answering the phone without panicking of how to slide the circle out of the box to answer the call ( I really hate that )

  • lucky phil

    I would like this because my current phone is on its last legs and this G2 rocks!

  • Vasanth Kumar B

    LG G2 is the World’s Top Class Mobile With Great Hardware…It Makes us to Feel the Life with Good Moods…Thanks To LG…

  • MW

    I want the G2 because it’s fast and bigger battery.

  • William Ngo

    I want to win!

  • Jen

    Because I want a phone to last me through one whole day without me being frugal with the battery and that also serves as a mini tablet

  • Chief Ray

    I want it because of the amazing battery and build quality

  • Ayla Brassington

    Currently don’t have a phone & this looks perfect!

  • oryan0

    I would like it because I’m on an old flip phone and use a computer for this plus I’m poor

  • Ugslick

    To replace my dying LG G2x. I’ve been dead set on this as my new phone, since it’s simply the very best device out there by a mile.

  • Jon P

    I want the G2 because I waited to see what Nexus 5 would be like. OIS and 3000mAh please!

  • Andy Koenderink

    I need to update my Optumus G. This would be a great upgrade.

  • Andy

    I want this phone because this phone is beautiful, great specs, and I’ve been a good boy this year.

  • Matthew

    I’d love one because capitalism tells me I need the latest and greatest! Plus I didn’t hit the lotto so I’m a tad broke atm.


  • Yvon

    I need to change my 5 years old phone… Need an update :)

  • Jerry Ryan

    I want my wife to have a decent camera phone finally!

  • Darius Griffin

    Im still using flip phone and would love to upgrade to a smartphone with the extras the Lg has

  • Chris Yuen

    I want the phone for its decent specs.

  • David Liu

    I want it to replace my current smartphone, the LG G2 rocks!

  • batko

    i want it cuz its new and shiny

  • Wajid Ali

    Because An open door will tempt even a saint.

  • a-jon versace

    Honestly, I would just”knock on” all day lol. I enjoy new gadgets to play around with, who doesn’t right, and plus this bad boy has some cool features like the access to the camera and memo using the volume buttons and the desktop/homescreen FULL wallpaper view trick for when you want to show that wicked wallpaper some others can envy lol overall I would like this phone to use it to its full advantage

  • Zung Low

    Always loved LG and their hardware quality,. I would need it to replace my aging S2

  • Terence

    Want this to to replace my phone. But more likely would give this to my girlfriend. Hope I win this or the Note 3!

  • Diana F.

    Need a new phone like a lot of people. Using an iPhone 4. Not saying I need it any more or less than anybody else. I just want a new phone and have really loved what LG did with the G2. Thanks guys

  • Phil

    Crazy battery

  • sambhav chawla

    i want this phone because i want to feel the ultimate power in my hands..

  • Wing Sie Leong

    I want it because I am dying to upgrade my old laggy phone to a brand new g2!

  • Akshay Jayaraj

    Bored of samsung and htc…..

  • Amy Bradbury

    Oooh pretty! I want it because it’s shiny and I’m a magpie!

  • Mike A

    I want the G2 because its a great phone that shows what android can do, I would love to get it and sink my teeth into it and try to develop apps and roms for androids, since I am working from a Galaxy Nexus it would be a great change into the new hardware that a lot of devices are now using.

  • Nigel Sanderson

    Must have this phone.

  • Austin

    I want it for the battery, screen, and all it’s amazing features!!!

  • Samuel Bolduc

    Would be a great replacement for my cracked GS3

  • Vimal Mungara

    It has one of the best Camera for smartphones. Fast snapdragon processor and most important Android powered. enough reasons to buy it.

  • Alex RG

    My younger brother had his very first cellphone stolen a few weeks ago. I would LOVE to be able to wrap this phone up as a present to him. I would be so excited to see his face light up when he opens it on Christmas morning. (or at least a card saying he’s getting it if I can’t get it on time) he was using an iPhone 4s so it’s time to convert him to Android! (and what better way than with a premium phone!) Happy holidays to everyone!

  • hunter

    I want the G2 cause it is one of the top processors according to antutu and the graphics test out extremely well. All my friends that have this phone love it.

  • Cottonswab

    Give my s3 to my mom since she has only a feature phone and I can finally put her on whatsapp to keep in touch with our relatives overseas.

  • Frankenstu

    I hate my flip phone and want to get a smart phone.
    Just kidding. I have one already and love it. I want to give one to someone in need. Tis the season.

  • truesecular

    I want the new G2 as it looks cool, has great features, one of the big boy league hardware and of course, a new year means a new phone for me. Gotta stay up to date!!

  • Alan Tong

    Neeed a neeew phone.This one not working!!!

  • Ali Moghrabi

    It would be a nice change from galaxy phones and experience a new device.

  • Chris Parsons

    In the wee hours of the early morning I am awakened by the sound of my brand new LG device making sweet sounds to bring my world to life. And as I reach for the device I realize I am the happiest human on the big blue planet. Thanks MobileSyrup!!

  • Patt Harnois

    I can do everyting With it…. Its time to retire my note 1….i see this phone like an N5 full equip….

  • Sam Monty

    I want it because my GS3 has run end of its life.

  • Michael Rankin

    Would love to get my hands on one of these

  • iusearayK47

    This has been THE PHONE I’ve wanted ever since it was announced. Who needs Samsung? :P

  • Ashy Elbowz

    It would be a big upgrade from my current phone

  • Francois Roy

    I just dream of that kind of battery life every day..

  • Michael Rankin

    Would love to get my hands on one of these, killer battery, amazing screen, all from one of my favorite tech companies!

  • Wasted Mass

    to play knock knock who’s there with my cell

  • 994196003

    For the much needed upgrade!

  • jndvrk

    Want one for the battery. My Nexus 4 barely makes it through a work day.

  • shaker

    I believe this is the best super phone for me period! And size does matter.

  • JS

    Gift for my love and life partner.

  • Lee Min Ho

    I need a new phone. New year, new phone! Hahaha~~

  • Paul D

    I want to win the LG G2 because my S2 is getting really long in the tooth.

  • Kevin Mendoza

    I hope I win a replacement for my old S2!

  • Jonathon Neaves

    Omg I want this phone sooo bad. I’ve been trying to save up for it since it came out. My current phone is the HTC desire A8183 and it really needs an upgrade (first hint is having to remove Facebook to install any other apps. Second hint is that I can no longer send mms and my network doesn’t know why).

    The G2 would be awesome to take photos with as I always forget my camera and it would be my first real experience with apps that work (I’ve never been able to play temple run even! Looks like fun). As a university student that uses Google calendar, it’s frustrating not being able to properly use it on my phone. I want this phone soooo bad. I’m willing to work for it too! What do you need? Boxes moved or videos made or website stuff or anything?!?!

    Regardless, thank you for doing this awesome comp. Whoever wins is super lucky. They’ll have a truly awesome phone. Good luck everyone!

    • Jonathon Neaves

      Did I mention that I’ve had my phone for nearly 3 years without a cover/bumper or anything and it still works? No cracks, breaks or scratches! I love my phones and cherish them and somewhat obsess over them :P lol

  • jp talbot

    I would use it to take more pics of my kids

  • Mark Robertson

    Its three days before Christmas and I have bought one pair of socks for my wife. I’m desperate, to the point of regifting lint shavers. Now let’s make one thing clear, if I won it I’d give my current HTC One to family, keep this bad boy, root it, and never clean the back of it as it is a fingerprint magnet. Kind of like a jeep, its sacrilidge to wash the mud off a jeep. Likewise the prints stay there. The buttons on the back combined with the slide to the side feature give this phone a distinct advantage, like bringing a light saber to a knife fight. I always wanted a functioning light saber.This is the closest thing to it. Now in the spirit of Christmas you’d think I would give this puppy to my wife. Um, no. She’s got a new pair of socks and a couple of old lint shavers which still work with the original batteries. Plus she would clean the back all the time and never ever root it. We can’t let that happen. Not on my watch. Not with this phone.
    P.S. I’d even regift and send you one back with bonus lint
    P.S.S. never use a lint shaver on belly button fluff, it doesn’t bode well.

  • Raghav

    I want it because I just moved to TO (Im a student at YorkU SSB) and I dont have a smart phone :(

  • blueadept1

    I want it because 5 inches just doesn’t satisfy me anymore like it used to. Heh, heh.

  • Francis Panchito Fernandez

    Want it because I never win anything.

  • Dora

    I’d love it because I have an Amaze 4G, and it’s pretty much at the end of it’s life. The G2 would be a fantastic replacement.

  • Rick Hilsendeger

    this looks pretty sweet…. i was planning on the nexus 5 for the wife, but i’d LOVE to replace my old Vibrant (GS1) for this baby!

  • Bobin Monga

    For the awesome display!

  • Ranger X

    New phone please?

  • Shylesh Ananth

    Just completed my engineering, Broke my Galaxy S2 while I was drunk. It gave up. No phone for daily use. Had a glance at this giant. I love the fact that this phone comes from a “not-on-top” manufacturer. Really LG has learnt a lot.

    I’m thinking about jumping into android development and I need one giant as such.

  • Tarek Amin

    because I’ve never won any contests :’(

  • Kathy

    I want it to give to my neice. The phone I gave her a while ago is not so great. She would be so so so so happy to get such a nice phone like the G2!

  • JJ!

    OMG. Beautiful screen! Fast processor! Great battery life! Want!

  • Eric Kung

    I would enjoy watching movies on that 5.2inch display (:

  • Heidi P

    ~~~Sweet Mama…what a prize…I don’t even own a cell phone never mind a “Smartphone” here’s wishing and hoping and wishing and hoping..~~~ ♥

  • Brandon Vasquez

    My current phone recently suffered a little water damage when I was walking in the rain. It hasn’t been the same since. I’m only halfway through a 3 year term with my carrier and as a student, I don’t have the cash to buy a new phone right now. I would really love and appreciate the upgrade, especially to such a great phone!

  • Jake

    I will give it as a present.

  • Usman Ghazanfar Hussain Khan

    For impressive features and looks

  • Minnie Pun

    My mom is coming over for 2 months to take care my new niece and sister
    in law for 2 months. She will need the phone while she is here and also
    when she is back to country so she can video chat with babies. I want
    to give this phone to her if I win.

  • Tom

    Do want for that snapdragon 800

  • Venkatesh Rao

    it would be a great companion to my new LG GA6400 google tv !!

  • sagar sujendra

    I love to own this phone because, I love LG products and being a student I cannot spend over $75 every month with either Telus or Bell or Rogers.

  • Angela

    I want it to be able to replace my several year-old phone.

  • Richard Fuentes

    I’d like it to replace my crappy HTC One S

  • Farhad Foroughi

    I would love one as it is different to the ubiquitous Galaxy S4s you see everywhere. And I need to update my old Nexus S

  • Cliff

    I want the LG G2 as it’s a beast of a phone with the specs and even more so with that amazing battery life! I would also use it as my primary camera since it has OIS. Good luck everyone.

  • daniel baker

    My name is Daniel baker. I am fourteen an a half years old :) I have been developing with android for 2 yesrs now. Ask me anything about android, ill know. I have build 2 oses so far, my first being mydroid, and the secont being smootheos. I think the specs the device is absolutely amazing. The processor and ram, they are both stunning. My dream one day is to officially develop for android. I would like to use the g2 to nayeby have someone find my new os and think it is amazing. If I was to win this contest, I would be the most thanKfull person ever :) sorry about the bad typing, I’m using my bb 9800.

    • Ahmed

      You don’t say

    • daniel baker


  • Shylesh Ananth

    Lets just be practical. I need a phone and I dont have money. Isn’t that a good enough reason?

  • burke1967

    I want to replace my Samsung Galaxy I5500. Please!

  • Edward M. Cruz

    the phone i want this christmas..

  • Koothaadi

    I want it because It looks sexy :-)

  • Pranav Khan

    It is one of the best phone

  • Garrus Vakarian

    Large screen, large battery, Snapdragon 800 processor make this an excellent choice for this demanding user!

  • Rajesh

    Its so great to get anything, when its been given to one in thousands

  • Rishav Rana

    Compare it with note 3
    Will see which one is better

  • richard foster

    I would love this to replace the lg l7 I am using at the moment as I think its on its last legs and I need a bit of sleek and speedy in my mobile world fingers crossed it would be the best Christmas present ever

  • Richard Parker

    I need a new phone, that’s why!

  • Emory liu

    to replace my old lg 2x, that lasts less than 3 hours on a full charge…

  • Derek Page

    I want a new super powerful phone!

  • phanbury

    Because I still use a LG G2x. Gingerbread and it gets so hot sometimes.

  • dave w

    Time to replace my 1st gen samsung g3

  • hi

    Would like to win it to replace my htc one. It lags and the camera isn’t as good as i thought. When zooming in, quality is super bad.

  • Canadaboy

    I need a new object of desire to run all over my body, get that empowering feeling of phone against flesh, believer in the knowledge that if I do that long enough the man and machine bond well form and I will become one with the phone, the first phoman, phone-man hybrid. My eyes well be his pixel camera, instantly uploading to Google drive, my ears will write in to the cacophony of WiFi, hearing the angels of the 2.4 and the 5.2 spectrum gloriously singing their sing. This is not bar need, this is evolution, enhancement, and expansion of the nature of being human.

  • TheMeII

    Get a Note then :)

    • Jon MacDonald

      That too! I’d like either of them! The 2400mAh battery in the Nexus 5 isn’t bad. But it leaves me wanting more!

    • Travis Thomas

      Samsung sux, cheap fones with big price tags. Not worth it

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      I would have to disagree on that one. They are build more of less of plastic, but my S3 has been through more falls and snow drops then any other of my phones and its still in great shape. They may feel cheap, but for regular usage I always recommend them.

  • TheMeII

    I want that phone as Christmas/Birthday present for my girlfriend.

  • Ивайло Трифонов

    Great device,i want it!

  • Axl Lévesque

    I want it, if I don’t get it, i will kill a thousand of kittens, a hundred puppy, and a baby sloth.

    BTW, I’m the one who stole the truck full of G2′s that disappeared, so take me seriously

    • Ahmed


  • Alex Styles

    I would use it as my main phone for email, music, and photos. Also can’t hurt to use it for games like Granny Smith!

  • SpaceAndShoes

    Would love this for Christmas! :D
    I need it to replace my old phone :$

  • Ankur Dhanda

    People change phones like they change outfits and newer models keep coming. However, i want G2 to be my skin and stay with me forever as a gem it is.

  • mashimaro

    This would be my 1st Android phone

  • Ahmed

    I want it basically because of its S pen and multitasking capabilities and also visit mobile syrup site regularly.

  • Trevor Ford

    My wife has a seven year old phone so I could get a new toy and she gets upgraded to my 2 year old phone – a win win situation :-)

  • Wenge Du

    When adding up all the factors, LG G2 is *the* BEST SMARTPHONE of 2013, period. So many advantages rolled into one phone:
    - Specs/Speed/Display (vs. SGS4, HTC ONE, etc.)
    - Body size (vs. Note 3, Z1, Ultra, etc.)
    - Battery capacity (vs. Nexus 5, etc.)
    One disadvantage I can ever think of is the lack of SD card expansion. But with all the benefits, it’s still the No.1 choice for anyone looking for new Android phone! :-)

  • Eric

    I’d give the phone to my mom, because she has a 5 year-old flip phone that she uses in case of emergencies, but always keeps off. If she had a smartphone, she would probably find herself using a lot more, and I would be able to get a hold of her a lot easier.

  • rebecca

    I love the 13 mp camera

  • Shittu Abd-hafiz Tobi

    I want this phone because I’m a spec-hunter!

  • Marco Boninsegni

    Because it rules them all!

  • siddharthbandhu

    Hope I’ll win this one because my current phone is crap and the G2 is AWESOME!

  • Linh Phan

    Hi, I want this phone because it’s the better of all android manufacturers. =)

  • Ryan Williams

    I’d love to be able to get my girlfriend a phone for Christmas but I can’t afford one right now!!

  • Joyce Mallari

    I want a new phone and i believe that LG will be way better than my HTC One X!!!

  • Andrew

    I want a new phone because Christmas! Thanks!

  • George Mathews

    Pantech Burst.. chugging along in the second year of use.. the screen is cracked as well.. i get like 4 hours of battery life with constant use.. anymore and i will probably “Burst” into tears.. where oh where can i sign and collect the phone??

  • Francesco Caiazzo

    I hope to win this phone… Really cool

  • Peppino Iacovazzo

    the g2 is a wonderful phone !!

  • Pasquale

    Hi, I hope in Santa Claus ahahahah

  • Luigi Tramparulo

    I want LG G2 because my passion for the smartphone,and this is a great job of LG. Thank you so much

  • Mirco

    I want it because it’s one of the best smartphone of 2013 and i would try it.

  • Paolo

    Because it isn’t a smartphone, it is the smartphone!

  • Felix K.

    The LG G2 would be a great christmas gift …
    All the technical specs especially the ultra-fast processor, the sharp camera and the rear controls are outstanding !!

  • Daniele Trimarchi

    The LG g2 is incredibile smartphone…I want it!

  • Andrea

    Voglio vincerlo perché…voglio vincerlo e basta!

  • Johnna Rhodus

    I want it for all the features it has!!!

  • Demetrio Carrara

    I would have one because I would try the android experience with a top smartphone like G2 is. I have a galaxy mini and no money ahahah.

  • Raydonn

    I’d like it’s awesome battery life.

  • jim

    my dream… <3<3<3<3

  • Cristian P.

    I want it really bad, because it’s awesome, grrr !!!

  • Claude Gohier

    To give as a gift.

  • Luca

    I’d like to have this fantastic device because I write much with telephone (I’m a writer for hobby) and with 5.2″ the keyboard can be confortable

  • announo

    I want it because I need a new phone!!

  • Rob Hestar

    Because I’m not rich enough to afford a g6 plane so this would be the next best thing!

  • Francesco Morini

    i would like to have this phone, because i think its time to leave my nokia n-gage!

  • Daniele De Carli

    I want it because i love the new techonologies of mobile phones.

  • Stephenree

    i really like how the volume and power button are at the back. i could definitely use an upgrade from an old 3GS. tired of the ios look

  • Alessandro C.

    I need a new Phone (because my current don’t work good) and this is perfect for me :) I’m a computer science student and I wanna learn Android programming and it’s so wonderful too ;) Bye ps. I’m from Italy.

  • MArt

    I want the G2 because I believe it is the best phone of 2013, and it will spawn many more great phones from LG. I guess I just want to be part of that expierence.

  • Sanjay Garai


  • Mauro Bracale

    Lg = life’s good. G2 makes life better, as promised by brand

  • Massimo Ciancio

    I want a phone other than the usual

  • Arnold .

    I want it because this will be a nice upgrade to my LG Optimus G.

  • Joanna Olszewska

    I live in Poland next LG factory but can not afford me to buy them a wonderful product – is not that strange situation? The child asks me, “Mom, why is that?” – And I do not know what to say …

  • Luca Asili

    i want it because i haven’t any smartphone :(

  • Paolo

    I want it because someone stole my g2 3 days ago

  • Robert T. Desjardins

    I need to replace my current LG phone, with the best phone on the market

  • capitano95

    I want to try something new, with some spectacular features ..

  • Steven Secord

    So I can replace my Galaxy Nexus which is getting a little long in the tooth.

  • Michele Lo Giudice

    Io vorrei vincere un Lg G2 perché lo ritengo il migliore smartPhone del 2013, vorrei abbandonare Android stock del mio galaxy nexus, per avere un’interfaccia Android più comoda e performante, avere tra le mani un G2 mi renderebbe davvero felice :)

  • Ivano Urban

    I will whant to win the smartphone LG G2 ;)

  • Manila Bennardo

    Vorrei questo G2 perché dal primo momento che ed è uscito me ne sono innamorata. Peró non ho avuto la possibilità di comprarlo per problemi economici. Quei tasti dietro, sono una meraviglia mi piacerebbe vincere il g2 grazie

  • KK

    Time for an upgrade – my Galaxy S2 is a relic!

  • Mel Llanes

    Can I win please?

  • Zupladito Arogante

    3000mAh battery will do….to that beast wish I have that this christmas

  • Sibin Maynalovski

    I want to win it because it is so much better than Nexus 5. It’s the best smartphone on the market so far and it will be a pleasure to hold it in my hands…

  • Ttea

    Tired of iphone and itunes!

  • Chris

    Would love to have this phone for the amazing battery life.

  • Marc Thibodeau

    id love to have an andriod phone again, and something with a bigher screen so this one would do both

  • Alexandr Drab

    My Optimus black can’t take it anymore!!! The G2 would be perferct as a succesor!!!

  • AReid

    HTC Sensation replacement.

  • DTangaSmall

    I would love to use this as my daily driver while I go on exchange to study business in Sweden next semester. The large screen and solid battery life would help me plan my days with Google Services.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Carl Dumont

    Looks Nice :)

  • Nizar Nathani

    Updated Android OS with big screen

    LG G2 is what I love to win

    Wanna surprise my wife with this hitech

    So she can feel like a princess on this christmas

  • Faran

    I want a cutting edge phone, this one seems to be at the top of its game .

  • Carlin0

    L’ottima autonomia della batteria, uno dei migliori display full hd, nonchè le “chicche” software personalizzate introdotte da LG, ne fanno indubbiamente uno dei migliori smartphone del 2013!

  • paul hérisse

    i want it because i seriously need to upgrade my phone

  • Martin

    Because of the camera, i could take great photos of my familly, all day without the battery dying on me and share them with people i love. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Antony Clark

    I have a nexus 4 and was disappointed that the nexus 5 wasn’t a huge leap forward. Although I understand for the price it’s still an amazing phone. The G2 beats it in just about every department. It’s the next phone for me.

  • Deborah Montone

    It’s Christmas and my current phone only works when it feels like working.

  • Antony

    I want this Smartphone because i think that in this moment it is the best Smartphone on the world but i don’t have the money to buy it

  • marco

    I’m poorand I would liketo winthelgg2is my dream!

  • Davide Calciolari

    Honestly, I want it ’cause my old phone falled in water and now I’m using my brother’s phone

  • Alex

    It’ll be a great Christmas party once I win this phone!!

  • Macaron Notroon

    My first ever smartphone was an Lg and the G2 looks to be their best phone yet. My contract is up and the G2 would make a perfect bring my own device!

  • Canuseewhatidid

    I’d like it to replace a 3 year old phone! That’s like a decade in the phone world ;)

  • Thomas Yok

    Because I never win anything.

  • Edmond Panopio

    This might be my first smartphone.

  • Rick Vill

    I don’t want it… I *NEED* IT. Can’t afford it so it’d be one of the best Christmas presents ever. – R V

  • RGP905

    Would love to upgrade my current Nexus

  • Piero Urgesi

    i love lg and i have lg p500

  • Dudley Lalonde

    Need a new phone, mine doesn’t charge anymore.

  • Vayu

    I don’t really know why I want it, but I want it.

  • KB

    Only thing better than one G, is G2 :)

  • saurabh

    I have galaxy note 2..it’s battery still nw nt so gd..and processor also i need fast its nt very fast as i aspected so i m lkng for new phone with better improvements..and i want java in phone also

  • Frederick Edwards

    I want this for Christmas, it would be the best present ever.

  • edogawa

    Lg g2..it seems like i have meet the phone which entirely suit my needs and desire in a smartphone..large n beauty screen on a slim compact phone,truly fast performance and excellent camera to capture the precious moment..i madly want to own this phone..

  • Craig Bowden

    Love to have it, it would make a great gift for my wife(and help me get out of the doghouse)

  • Denis Toska

    i hope win this fantastic smartphone….

  • francis bayotad

    I would love to give this phone as a gift to friend who has been using an old cell phone. Its time for him to own a new one. I know he is not able to afford a new one and this one is a great one.

  • Scott Barclay

    This would be the perfect screen size for me. Too bad my eyes are not like the use to be.

  • Morty

    Its feature is cool and price is cheap.

  • Lastnote

    For the battery life!

  • Paula Deese

    Need to replace Samsung;-)happy holidays:-D

  • Yobi Tamang Tamayo

    The best smartphone! With the best display and the best processor! I want A G2! Pls. Give it to me!

  • Emmanuel Baafi

    I want it because you’re offering it.

  • Erik

    I would like this phone to allow my wife to have a dependable and reliable way of getting hold of me incase of emergency.

  • O.ciarba

    It would be awesome to win a G2! It’s always refreshing to see companies like lg innovate and come up with new designs language.

  • Penny Nugent

    I would like to win it because I’ve never won anything as cool as this before!! :)

  • Bruce Danyluk

    I need a smart phone to run a home budgeting app, and looking at the G2′s gorgeous screen would help offset the pain of tracking expenses!

  • Guillaume Forest

    Why not ?

  • Mike

    Would love a note 3, and update my wife’s Samsung ace 2x

  • Jacob White

    I need to replace my iPhone 4s with this battery life beast!

  • marciadanielle

    I would love this phone for the amazing battery life!!

  • Bernard Traphan

    Impressive specifications.

  • luckystyx

    It’s hard to be a geek, when you don’t have the proper geek tools.

  • rob

    because my GS II just fell into the toilet this morning , drying it out as I fill this out……

  • Jeremy Oakes

    Would love to have an “everything” device like this! Great for reading, shooting pics and even playing some awesome HD games.

  • aiiezuhairy

    I have never found such a great phone before..and i loved this one.. ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Alexandre Buron

    Would use it to replace my samsung Rugby….Who is terribly slow!!!

  • Tony Jeong

    I want it because of its intuitive design

  • Jimmy Pang

    Phone looks awesome =)

  • Brad H

    I would like to win the G2 so I could give it to my Mother for Christmas. She has severe health problems and can’t see very well. The larger display size on this phone is so amazingly bright and clear she would have no problem using it and the phone is simple to use. I would like to get her a cell phone so she can communicate with her Doctor’s and family when she is out of town for treatments. So Santa if you are reading this, would you please consider this wish for her & come to our house in NC this year? Thank you!

  • Ned Kahvo

    I would love to replace my wife’s aging LG slider phone, she loves it and it’s served her well but a new LG G2 would make her live much easier.

  • John

    I think it’s time I retire my LG Eve. When Google comes out with their stats I’m one of the tiny percent of ppl still on Donut

  • Jason Russell

    I need a new phone , this would be perfect phone to win !

  • Dennis Baker

    Since my contract with bell is up and need a new phone good time to try telus and lg

  • Wesley Lau

    Need a last minute Christmas gift for my son

  • Derek

    One of my favourite phones was an LG flip phone with small mirror, it was surprisingly sturdy and you could use the small mirror to discreetly check for food between your teeth! ;)

  • James Lee

    This phone is AMAZING. Fast, innovative and amazing battery life which is essential for my day to day usage needs.

    Would love to upgrade to a device like this for my every day usage.

  • Carmelo lo verso

    Desidero un telefono smart lg g2 perché è il migliore della sua categoria e non ho mai avuto un lg.

  • Tom Ari

    I want to give it as a gift to my mother’s 49th birthday that will be celebrated in a two & a half weeks. And I’d really like to see this phone on person.

  • Jonathan Burgess

    Need a smart phone desperately! Pick me please

  • bunyan69

    I want this phone so that can replace my old HTC Amaze and give it to my son

  • Kasia Smith

    I want it. I waaant it.. I WAAAAANT IT !!! (You can’t have it)

  • Christopher T

    This phone would change my life!

  • Connor

    My current phone is awful, I have to charge it 2-3 times each day. A few of my friends have the G2 and it’s a serious little machine!

  • Mike Snyder

    This phone rocks. Mobilesyrup rocks!

  • Mika Turcotte-Talbot

    I would be able to give it as I gift to my mom. ;)

  • Hassanali Hatimali Hassanali M

    What is G2? What is LG? Need these questions answered and seeing / feeling / using it is believing hence need to get this phone.:)

  • SBujold

    Convinced I need this beast after MobileSyrup’s remarkable review. ;)

  • Darrah Bailey

    I am n the market for a new phone and the LG G2 looks great! Id love to try it

  • Andrew

    I need a new phone and I definitely do not deserve(nor can I afford) this.

  • arcangelo

    I’d love to win lg g2 because is the realtop of the range

  • Richshears

    Really want to get rid of this iphone 5. Been with apple for 6-7 years and I’m bored. This Android phone looks amazing and it’s made me want to change. So please please please help me get out off this boring hole I’m in.

  • Andrew Oliver

    Need a new phone as My old phone is crap =

  • Brendyn Mclean

    I would love to replace my iPhone 3G S as i do not have enough money for a new phone

  • Dominique Voyer

    I’d like it so i would’nt have to buy a tablet!

  • aaron rudyk

    I want a new phone because I am still rocking a Galaxy s 1

  • Steph

    Great phone indeed , good luck to all and Merry Xmas

  • spamgirl

    My husband’s phone is toast :)

  • Phil Smyth

    It’s time to move on from my ancient bkackberry and would love the G2

  • Shubham Patil

    this phone is a sensation in all respects I would love to have a phone like this

  • Mobile User

    I just want it cause it has a long battery life

  • Nicole C

    I want it for my husband who needs a new phone but can’t afford it. This would be fantastic for him. That is, if it didn’t replace my nexus 4 and my nexus didn’t go to him hahaha ;P

  • Daniel

    I want it for the screen!

  • Rama

    After trying my friend’s G2, I find myself wanting the phone for several reasons, first of all the power it has. LG G2 is lightning fast and it is small-ish and light. I also love the button placement, as it makes it easier for me to adjust volume when calling or making self portraits. Last but not least the knock on. After playing with the phone for several hours, I find myself knocking my phone to turn it on. LG G2 is awesome!

  • DJ-OnZ

    Would be a nice upgrade for my old Samsung Wave II running Bada :)

  • Slychefy

    Are you joking. Who wouldn’t want a13mp camera attached to an all in one media mega phone? A Huge HD touch screen,Speed, memory and storage with great battery life.
    Santa it is Christmas and all I want is my 2 gig of ram. Please leave a new LG G2 under my tree.

  • Lynne Sek

    Being medically retired and on a pension leave no room in the budget for things like smartphones. I still have the Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro :/ It has been dying a slow death. Almost everyday I watch it do stuff it shouldn’t do, like typing all by itself (no coherent words), turning on my camera, dialing numbers, and litterally calling 911. The cops showed up at my door. I was told if it happens again I’ll be charged. I really need a new phone :(

  • Effram

    I don’t currently have a smartphone and this would be a great introduction into the world of the future. Or something like that.

  • kcc123

    Oh yes please. My old phone is dying.

  • Adam Marsh

    I want / need this phone so I can take really good and cool pictures of my family cause the camera is so awesome!!!!

  • Eliet Morales

    Time to retire the galaxy nexus with the best and fastest phone with innovative back keys

  • Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal

    I want it because it’s one of the best fastest android phone with much of the industry’s latest technologies that will be used by my clammy and sweaty hands :)

  • John R

    My Galaxy SII is getting a bit slow

  • Ben S.

    I want it for it’s awesome back-buttons.

  • Arcsvibe

    Would be cool to use a flagship Android device!

  • Jeff

    My 8gb nexus 4 just don’t cut it anymore…

  • WoozleWuzzle

    It’ll make my 2013 a lot better If I won

  • Carol

    I think it’s high time I get a cell phone! My first one could be a G2.

  • umhhmm

    Oh how I do want this phone it is the fastest phone ther is I think bit either way this phone LG g2 is H O T

  • cdnron

    I need to replace my phone and it would make an excellent belated birthday present!

  • ps4rh

    My Note 2 was broken and I’m back on my old BlackBerry 9800. I’m sorely missing my old phone.

  • Clarence L

    I want it because my current LG smartphone is scratched and outdated lol

  • Matthew Chau

    I’ve never tried an LG phone, but I’ve heard good things about the G2. It would make an awesome Christmas present for myself. :-)

  • Dan Petrus

    A contest that is just for people who actually enter! those are much better odds! Could use a new phone! Something that will make it through the day and not lag whenever I open something.

  • Ian Elbury

    It would make a very merry xmas for me. My old Android is sorely lacking in specs.

  • BobSag123

    I want it because LG in my opinion has made one of the best smartphones in 2013 and we’ve seen many good devices already, Note 3, Nexus 5, S4, Moto X.

  • Holz

    I’d like to give it to my boyfriend for his birthday.

  • Joseph T

    I would love an upgrade from my SGS2!

  • Brenda Penton

    I want this for my son, he has been wanting this phone.

  • sarmmiy

    All i want for christmas…LG g2….thank you in advance

  • Jun Kim

    I want a phone that provides a headphone jack at the bottom of the phone. Have been waiting for it for quite some time now

  • George Rooney

    Ohh! I need a new smartphone! My old one just broke!

  • Tareq G.

    Nice size.. Great battery.. Beautiful screen.. An LG for TG! :-)

  • Nitin Kamra

    Great specs on this phone.

  • pawan kalyan

    i would like to win because i want to have smart phone as i dont have one

  • Stanley Cin

    I’ve been drolling over this phone from the very start that LG announced LG G2 on their site. Been planning to get this as a Christmas present for my self but my budget has lossen up after the tragedy. Further more, I have failed so many LG G2 contests online. For me, this phone is limitless! As for my job (as social media manager) it would be a great opportunity to win this phone. Eyeing to have it and possibly holding its unique panel buttons are astonishing :D This phone will complete my 2013! If given a chance to have it, will be grateful that my Nokia 2630 can now rest in peace (using the phone for almost 6 years, straight in a row). Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Maggie Cheung

    My dad always wanted a smart phone ..his phone is so old that text messages takes forever to send! I’d love to surprise him with this awesome phone!

  • Jevin So

    My SO’s S3 is just not holding up. Need an upgrade!

  • Doitsir

    This phone would be a great gift for my little sister. Good luck to all

  • Al Rey Bernabe

    Let me win that G2.. PLEASE :) I want it for Christmas.

  • Dennis Kwong

    My sister’s aging lg is dying so she could really use a new phone!

  • Curmudgeon

    The LG G2 has remarkable specs. My wife and I share one cell phone, and it would be nice to have individual phones, for safety’s sake.

  • Greg Merritt

    I’d like to win this phone because I’m looking for a change from iPhone. I’m a little bored of iOS 7 and this would fit the bill.

  • Dalex

    I want it for that sweet sweet camera, delicious battery and eye popping display.

  • Oliver

    My sister’s phone just died. It would be an awesome gift to her!

  • Metroyyc

    Because I know LG stands for Lucky Goldstar! – and of course need a new cellie

  • Tommy Pham

    I don’t need it, but I know somebody who very much so deserves and needs it.

  • Malico Davis

    It looks and seems like an awesome device would i like to have one of course but if not it’s still all good with myself happy holidays peace.

  • ehEye

    this phone would be a perfect addition to my tech arsenal, which would allow me to migrate my Nexus 4 to Linux when the new OS becomes available, and stable.

  • johnx

    I would love to win the G2. I had my eye on one, but to buy it outright is way too expensive.

  • Eric Gao

    My mom needs a new phone so this would be a great upgrade for her.

  • Shb Bhm

    I want it because I’m obsessed about it. I even have it’s poster in my room. :P
    I have been looking frantically on eBay to afford it..

  • Arpan Sharma

    the true innovation from rear keys to double tapping(knock on) feature to super slim bezel to best camera for android users.
    This Phone is AwEsOMe!!!

  • daniel baker

    Hello, my name is daniel baker. I am fourteen years old and have been developing with android for almost 2 years now. I have been learning the programming language, ruby, and have been creating custom android builds, and some os’es. Someone at my school recently stole my phone, and that was my dream. I one day want to become a developer for a big company like google. I believe that this phone, with its amazing processor, and ram, with the beauty of the 5.2in display, can get me back up. I want to one day be the next steve jobs, or bill gates. This, this little,big device can get me their. :)
    -Daniel Baker

  • Barrett Neilson

    I’ve had an iPhone since the first gen. Thinking its time to make the change. I want this phone so I can get away from apple.

  • matt T

    Nice phone, hope i win!

  • Yannick Ricard

    because my S3 are broken.. (and you are awesome)

  • Eric Nowicki

    Definitely need this to replace wife’s iPhone

  • Scott Palmer

    I want a G2 so I can give my current phone to my daughter.

  • Lawrence

    That phone looks amazing and I’m in need of a new one badly

  • Isaac Alarcon

    I want the LG G2 because it’s a bad a*s. I’m a big LG fan. I was so excited when the G2 arrived on T-Mobile because I originally wanted the LG Optimus G but was only available on Sprint and AT&T so I had to settle for the Note II. Please pick me! I want the G2!

  • Zvi Vaxman

    my iphone just died and this would be an excellent replacement

  • shiddharth kharya

    this is the best gift for best person of the world and i am not able to purchase this but this will make my mother happy on this Christmas ……. that is why i need this……

  • demonio604

    Ooh I love this phone! It’s unfortunate that it’s gotten such mixed reviews, a lot of them not very positive. I’ve been using a LG G2 from work for a few weeks now and I think it’s a fantastic device. I’d love to win one! :)

  • cellophane

    Why wouldn’t I want it? It’s beautiful and my current phone has a cracked screen :/

  • Shoreh S

    Would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Cher

    This will make an awesome present. Thanks for holding this contest

  • Eddie Garmash

    my dream phone

  • Ridge

    I want a G2 because it’s the best phone to be released this year, hands down! Stunning display and knock on are easily my favorite features. LG has stepped up their game!

  • Marilyn Legault

    I want the new LG Smartphone to replace my ancient cell phone that only takes calls and photos. My kids are complaining about no “face” time with me.

  • Wild

    Trying to balance work and the challenges of being a full time care giver to a disabled Mother means I need a reliable phone which is capable of longer battery life than my present phone. If the G2 can monitor home security video without needing charging half way throughout the day then I need this phone.

  • Jaspreet Sappal

    I want this phone because it is an almost perfect phone!

  • Marco

    Why there is no better on the market! As always, LIFE’S GOOD!

  • Dillon Routien

    I want it to replace my samsung s3, it barely makes it through half a day anymore, the 3000mAh battery would be amazing! And the camera is awesome!

  • Sunny Lalli

    I want it because after all of the LG stuff i’ve had go bad right outta the box. I believe this is their first device that will show everyone that they have done the impossible, and have made a good reliable piece of hardware!

  • Jason C.

    I’d love to win this so I can give it to my mother for Christmas. She could use the bigger screen

  • retrophiliac

    OOOOHhh yes it looks great!!! don’t own a phone

  • Kim Harrison

    Love love this phone. Please pick me

  • Calvin

    New phone. G2 has a better battery life than the N5

  • Sophia

    I would love to win the LG G2 because my current phone is an entry level smartphone and I’m finding myself growing out of it rather quickly. Plus, the 13MP camera sounds like a dream. It’s perfect for someone like me who enjoys taking photos with their phone on a daily basis!

  • karla

    ohh,I want/need this because I do not have a cell phone,,I`m still in the stone age..haha

  • Lloyd Boonstra

    I ‘need’ an upgrade ~ current phone is CDMA / Android 2.2

  • Golfmaestro

    This g2 looks great! I need à new phone!

  • Jeffrey Ha

    love to replace my phone now

  • Jean V

    for my first phone…

  • ankit curchorcar

    the buttons are amazing

  • joshhsoj1902

    I already have my LG G2, so i really don’t need another. but good luck to everyone else :)

  • Nadav Erez

    I’d want one beacuse my SIII was stolen, and even though I’m learning to like my “new” half-working Xperia Ray, it’d be nice to have a G2.

  • Ish

    My phone just broke before Christmas, so it be nice to have one to contact family and friends during the holidays, as I don’t own a house phone. The lg g2 would be great to own!!

  • Morgan McKenzie

    I want one because 1: I broke my old phone last night, 2: I am a software engineering student and it would be really handy for some of my courses – using as a phone and for development.

  • dbott67

    Because my kids have reached the age of wanting a smartphone and their poor old man is going broke trying to feed their digital addictions!

  • Ally G.

    I want to win because I do not have a smartphone and this G2 would be my first!

  • J-F

    I need this phone because I can’t upgrade mine without paying like a zillion dollars and don’t want to change plans and take a mortgage to pay the new 2-year plans!


  • Wayne Tse

    why do i want a g2? I’d like to move away from using my samsung.

  • Brett Henderson

    because of the camera. oh and I need a new phone badly!

  • Jason St-Hilaire

    This would make a great addition under the Christmas Tree. My significant other would love it. :)

  • rismit

    My old nexus is kinda sad

  • Akhilesh Pratap

    This is the best device with the perfect design, perfect every thing. perfect screen, perfect soc, sufficient ram and a beautiful camera. This is truly a beautiful MONSTER.

  • piaz

    I’d like this phone because I’d like to check out how LG has implemented Android. Plus looks to be a great phone for multimedia. Thanks!

  • Marnie

    This would great. I have an iPhone 4S and I`ve been thinking about jumping to android, my husband has a Nexus 4 and he`d be so jealous.

  • Jean Yau

    I want the LG G2 to take 13MP high resolution pictures

  • Mary Laplante

    I want it as I don’t have a smartphone :(

  • Thomas

    Want it for them back buttons!

  • daddychicken

    I want it because I need a new phone.

  • Chad Westcott

    I want it because I dont have a mobile phone

  • Issac C

    I want it because my wife likes LG G2 to match her LG appliances :)

  • martin

    yes please. bberry is old.

  • Ryan Laker

    I had an LG Optimus G and it was one of my favorite Android phones. I’d love to see how they’ve improved on it.

  • Random person…

    I know that in order to win the LG G2 u need to comment why u need it but, I just wanna say this, I dont need the LG G2 because I have it already. Its a great phone! I would rate it a 8.5.

  • zubir jangsi

    that’s the same background as the note 3 contest

  • Kevin Desjardins

    Yay contests

  • Walid

    i want the G2 because it’s the only smartphone in 2013 that had no compromises

  • traceamar

    I want it to replace my windows phone…

  • Jessica S

    still have a flip phone! need an upgrade bad! This phone looks awesome!

  • Driven

    It would give me an great opportunity to donate my current Galaxy S2 to charity.

  • Alexandr Dermelyov

    because I like LG

  • Herb

    such a sleek and amazing phone!! Would be a good replacement for my iphone 4

  • Rawrrr

    I definitely need an upgrade.. Using one of them Nokia brick phones.. My brother recently dropped my phone into a puddle of salt water/slush.. Need an upgrade.. Zomg!

  • Dan

    perfect phone to upgrade my wife’s phone

  • Gavin Steiner

    I’ve been hoping to buy the G2. My phone is broken and I can’t afford another one yet. What a Christmas gift this would be :-)

  • Davide

    Double tap to wake … best feature EVER SEEN on an android device … :D

  • ahho

    Definitely giving it to my parents, since the screen is pretty big and runs smoother comparing to my galaxy nexus.

  • Thomas

    Would love a replacement to my Inq 3G !

  • Gabriel Chow

    I want to give this to my girlfriend to replace her way too outdated iPhone 3GS.

  • †Jay Del Rey †

    as on the other contest, I would appreciate this phone so much. My previous phone was pretty crappy but it was also an Lg, so i’d be familiar with it! Thanks! Good luck to all who enter!

  • LeCurieuxRenard

    Why would I want this phone?

    Simply because it would be my very first Android phone. I do not believe there is a better model than this one to discover the Android experience. It would also be my first smartphone.

  • Wes Werkman

    My nexus 7 needs an android companion.

  • Michael L

    I want this phone because I got one for my wife as a birthday present, and now I have to have one too because it is so awesome!

  • Kenny S. Zhang

    i need a new phone :)

  • Darci Paice-Bailey

    I have a dying BB with 6 more months on contract so would LOVE to rock this G2!

  • Bdawg

    To give someone a great present

  • hamza

    Have never owned a phone for financial reasons, so getting this would be a dream come true! Used it for the first time at a TBooth store the other day and absolutely fell in love!

  • GS

    I would love to get my dad out of the stone age by replacing his archaic flip phone with the G2!

  • sean ivins

    Would love one of these ot would be a great upgrade from my crappy blackberry torch that i cant afford to replace!

  • booker001

    would love for this to place my nexus s

  • tateblaze

    I need this phone because my original Galaxy note n7000 (international version) has had my second battery crapped out on me. I need a new phone with good battery life , 1080p display and LTE. this phone would be a perfect for me.

  • james hofer

    Need to switch away from samsung and simply can’t afford to atm

  • bonj

    I’d love to replace my S3 with this phone

  • Pete Y

    This would definitely be a great replacement for my Nexus S!! LG G2 looks dope!

  • Dielawn

    Definitely need a new phone, been borrowing phones from my friends for the last year… hook me up please, MobileSyrup!

  • Nithursan

    current phone, Nokia N81… ’nuff said.

  • Savannah

    i want to have a phone for myself i own an old iphone 4 ..need an upgrade, please help mobilesyrup

  • s2eto

    I want a phone with a big screen

  • wayne

    I would like it to replace my Samsung Galaxy S2. Definitely a nice upgrade!

  • nelly_85

    I’d like it just for the fact that Samsung and touchwiz is becoming boring and I’d like to see how LG has come over the last few years.

  • Mike

    I am using a Sony Xperia right now, and it has terrible battery life. I’ve always wanted to upgrade to an LG smartphone.

  • Davinder Dhaliwal

    I need a new phone as I’ve been downgraded to an iPhone 3G for the past 6 months, as my cousin wanted my iPhone 5 so I gave it to her as she was coming from a blackberry. I sure could use a phone that does not require me to plug it in all the time & that does not freeze on me. If I don’t win, I guess I’m going to have to wait another 2 years till my contract is up for me to get a new phone. Thank you for the consideration.

  • Vijay Pabla

    The LG G2 learns from you, and overall with the LG G2 “Life is Good”.

  • Steven

    I want this phone because it is innovative with the buttons on the back. It also has great stats and would replace an S3 very nicely.

  • Lauren Toews

    I work in the cell phone industry and it’d be nifty to get my hands on one of these to be able to show off the camera features and show people that Lg can still make a decent phone!

  • SzoboszlaiYetilla

    My htc one x screen is broken. I want G2

  • Edmond Lee

    Loved this phone when it came out! would love to win this as a christmas present

  • Karine

    I need a new cellphone!!

  • Sunny

    I would love to win this phone as I currently have no phone. The outstanding battery life and awesome display will definitely allow me to be more productive with work!

  • simon

    currently have an iPhone 4S and i’ve been waiting to hop onto an android phone instead for the larger screen size and hopefully some kit kat as well! the LG G2 really intrigues me with its non traditional button setup. i’ve stuck to iPhones because my smaller hands make it hard to navigate most current day androids, but this back button placement helps! it would be cool to see what its like.

  • tony54

    My wife needs a new phone, the screen is cracked on her old one. The camera and battery life on this phone are pretty sweet too!

  • Darcy Eidt

    I’d really like one of these. I’m trying to decide between the G2 and the Nexus 5.

  • Huy Nguyen

    Okay, here’s my serious attempt:

    I’m a 21 year old guy living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada currently without internet – except through mobile data – due to a recent storm with freezing rain that brought down power lines and blew up transformers across the city. Of course, my childhood didn’t revolve around technology so I’m usually not so devastated by such ocassional events, but this time it was frustrating.

    I absolutely felt out of place when I had no power. I was very damn happy my mobile internet worked though; all I did was Google search to stave off boredom but alas, it was not possible. I needed to play League of Legends. So what did I do? I tethered my LG Google Nexus 4 so I could play. It worked, but using the limited 3G band meant the game was virtually unplayable. It was back to square one with even more sadness.

    That’s when I wondered, “what if I had a faster phone? Something with LTE?” I mean, those speeds would be amazing. Definitely no latency issues when playing games. However, is that the only justifiable reason to get a new phone? Didn’t think so. But admittedly I have no other better reason to get a new phone. I sure wanted one just to upgrade but the price of a new, better phone meant I wouldn’t be able to in a few years.

    I ended up daydreaming about getting a new phone. I prowled on Google for some smartphones and came across the beautiful LG G2. I was asking myself how much buying an expensive phone would really mean to an average joe like me (that’s an overstatement). Of course, my reasons were terrible. I’m not phone savvy. All I’ve had besides my Nexus 4 was the BlackBerry 9700 and 9900. But I somewhat understand why this phone is garnering so much attention. Its an amazing phone.

    To compare, the G2 has a bigger battery than the Nexus 4. As much as I love my Nexus 4, I couldn’t stand having no battery left by the end of the night, especially since I have school lectures starting early as 8am and ending the day with lectures around from 6:30 – 9:30pm. Can’t tell you how many times I missed important calls simply because I forgot to bring a charger. That’s my fauly so.what but its be nice having a phone that lasts longer.

    Well, that’s pretty much the reason why I want this phone. If you don’t think my reasons for wanting it is strong enough to win this prize (and deservingly at that) so be it. However, I truly believe a person with a genuine reason for wanting something is good enough even if he/she has no exact idea or notion on why they do. After all, winning a contest is in itself proof that your reasons are meritable.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a new smartphone! Good luck to us all.

  • Matthew Phan

    my phone just died

  • Kevin McLean

    My wife’s iPhone is dying, and this would be a great chance for me to switch her to Android!

  • Kenn L

    I want it to take selfies.

  • Dave Dman

    I feel I am very deserving of this phone. Just because.

  • Ted Shin

    I wanna give a shot to LG G2… I am very curious to find out whether I would like the power button at the back. Not to mention that my phone is getting old and I would love to have a replacement :)

  • Marko Babic

    It’s my dream phone!!!

  • Andrew Pham

    I’d love to win this win so that I can upgrade from my Sony Xperia SP phone, love the 13MP camera!

  • Daniel Au

    I would love to win this phone for my girlfriend. I bought my G2 and she bought a note 2 about 2 months ago on Wind. Her phone constantly loses reception and sim connection. She has to restart it at least one a day. I think it bothers me or than it bothers her. I have had practically no problems with my G2 and absolutely love it. Would love to share my device satisfaction with her.

  • Brittany Pap

    I would like to win this phone for my Dad. He broke his phone while working on a radio tower and I haven’t been able to contact him for months.

  • CompNetTeach

    Need a new phone badly… Besides which, I’ve got to at least match my buddy…

  • Smith

    I want it for the big battery/screen. My phone can’t even last a day :(

  • kgc

    Really want the performance upgrade, Syrup Santa!

  • Steven Bell

    I would take this device for the display and raw power.

  • @AirbnbSuperhost

    I need a phone with a better operating system.

  • May

    I would love to win this as the LG G2 would make a great gift!

  • terry

    I never win anything :(

  • umhhmm

    All I want for Christmas is LG g2 :-D

  • Anthony Castro

    I’d love to win the G2 because my Blackberry Curve is hardly what I would call a “smart” phone.

  • Henry K.

    I am still living in the past, using my clunker of a Nokia non-smartphone. I would love to win this LG G2 smartphone.

  • umhhmm

    Well maybe some electricity tooo

  • cam

    I need this phone in order to pursue my futurecareer aspirations as an engineer!

  • em95

    need a new phone

  • jen1990


  • noshawn

    my son needs a new phone

  • jean63

    I need a new phone

  • Paul

    girl friend needs a phone

  • Canada1867

    This “spec-hunter” needs to upgrade from an Iphone 4…I hear it is a dream.

  • Fred Screwhead

    It would be an awesome replacement for my Galaxy Nexus! It’s a great phone, but getting a little long in the tooth..

  • Jusuk Lee

    I want it because I need it!!!

  • Mike Larcher

    Used on in a store and it was awesome, but a year before my contract refresh leaves me sad!

  • stefano ch.

    I would be very happy to use and squeeze thoroughly all the features of this device!

  • Heather Holmberg

    I need a new phone. and I would like to be technologically ahead of the game for once !!! Help me be cool, guys !

  • Nachotech

    Lost out on the Lotto Max draw. I’ve got a good feeling about this one though!

  • Guest

    I would be very happy to use and squeeze thoroughly all the features of this device!

  • Stef

    Just bought a LG G Pad 8.3. This LG G2 would be a perfect companion to this fine tablet! And would also be a great replacement to my aging Galaxy S2.

  • safran lafeer

    Seems a great phone to use for browsing.

  • Chris Nordstrom

    Brother needs a new phone, so this would look great in my hand while I give him my HTC DNA haha!

  • Alessandra Vanzin

    To give it to a friend who is always talking about it :)

  • Martin

    I just want a nice large screen

  • Giannino

    I’m not a lucky boy, but …

  • Dorothy Pyefinch

    Would be great. I don’t even own a cell of any sort so this would do me just fine!

  • Alex Burton

    Selfish reasons, that is all really.

  • batye1

    great, phone would love to win it for my everyday use as now I’m still using old Nokia from 2000

  • Johnny Tran

    Still rocking a curve 9300. It’s slowly dying!

  • james hofer

    Its a beauty that’s why!!!

  • Johnny Sparkes

    i want it because it looks like a cool phone, nuff said

  • Big Tim B

    See and hear comments on this device … would be interested in seeing if it is all hype or true praise …. seeing if getting into this phone as a new user is easy or complex, but keep a intermediate app user and tech mind person happy.

  • Sean

    I want the G2 to replace my old, slow iPhone 4. Time to make the switch to Android :)

  • Nikolaki T

    Can I please win this beast ??

  • Benjamin Addo

    I want it because it has great battery life, as great screen and lots of power.

  • Jesse Laurin

    Not 1 single comment admits they would sell it if they won, i love the “honesty” in this thread..lol

  • Christina Emond

    I would like to try the android platform… Currently using an iPhone

  • Tyler F.

    I need a new phone the g2 will do heehee.

  • Braden Dunn

    I would really love to have this phone as I still have the iPhone 4 and I want to switch to android because it is definitely better in my opinion

  • Michail Bart

    never had one and has a new look so it be nice to check it out

  • Marcus Hair Jr

    I want this phone to give to my daughter because hers was just stolen and it would be a great Christmas gift for her.

  • silver_arrow

    I want the phone because it seems like quite a no compromise device, it has all the specs, the great camera and all the software features you could want.

  • rod

    LG G2 would awaken the slumbering techie in me.

  • Lukas Wenzel

    i need this beauty for university

  • Dano B.

    I’d use this for my daily driver

  • chily CHEA

    I really love the screen !

  • David Hollister

    I would love to have this phone as my Galaxy S2X isn’t cutting it anymore

  • tortacular

    I’d give it to my mom for Christmas. She’s never had a smartphone and she wants one. This would be a great start for her!

  • shiva

    Looks like I can replace my bb with g2 phone looks awesome!!!!!

  • Ijaaz Dossa

    I think I should win this because it’s one of the BEST phones on the market right now! With all the great features of it, including a 1080p resolution screen it would make games and movies crystal clear! Plus with the quad-core processor, everything would run so smoothly with hardly any glitches! It would become my new phone! Plus it’s the perfect size for everyday use! Thanks

  • Andy Lam

    I’d love to have an Android flagship when it’s actually a flagship. Rather than a year later.

  • Aiden

    This will be my first Christmas in Canada and I’m currently using a dumb phone because I spent most of my money on settling here. I’d love a new phone. Thanks.

  • LockesKidney

    id love to have the G2 to complement my Nexus 5

  • Michael Shen

    because I need a new phoneee

  • simphf

    I want this phone because it has a monster of a battery and a SD800 SoC. It would also complete my transition to 1080P on all screens.

  • macro6

    its bigger and faster than my S3!

  • J Dapper Bowles

    This phone design is awesome and the specs are nice. Very stylish. Love to win this beautiful phone.

  • Kal Chateram

    in need of an upgrade. I have always been a big fan of lg phones. from the lg g2x and the nexus 4 :) would love a g 2

  • Frédéric Viel

    Will go well with my other G2 :P

  • Yanis Sauvé

    Would be nice to try something else. Good luck everyone.

  • Tony Sereggela

    If I can’t win the Note 3 I’ll take this one. It’s better than the GSll that I have now

  • Christian Rochefort

    I will be using it because my LG Optimus LTE Is not working!! I’m stuck with an non working phone with a 80$ plan/month… Please help me!!!

  • DanicaJane Hermosura

    This phone is classy and will surely fit my dream personality. I can at least be classy just by having this one. Thank You! :D

  • abcdandy

    i want it cuz my uncle worked at LG during the 90s and worked on a few prototypes of future phones. He says the G2 reminds him of one of his designs:)

  • Yansong Li

    I still have a dumbphone. One with a damaged screen. Could use a new phone.

  • NinjaBeast23

    I want it to give to my father

  • Max C.

    Would love to give it as a surprise xmas gift to my lovely wife. Her Blackberry Bold 9900 is getting really old !! :)

  • joe paul

    I have a broken screen and a broken charging port! I would love a new functioning device! the g2 looks awesome!

  • Justin Silva

    Because it runs Android of course

  • pinkrosev

    have a blackberry. Enough said

  • Greg

    I want it because I still have an old htc amaze :(

  • Pierre Roy

    Love to take picutres and would like to use/ try the cool back button. I would love to try using a droid/ LG device. Would like to use it to communicate with my friends and listen to my music. I can’t text with the phone I have now.

  • Brad Moriarity

    I want it so I can take a picture of someone jumping hurdles on a track while I run stride for stride beside them flailing my arms wildly, only to have the picture come out absolutely perfect… this phone does that, right?

  • mathewpacman

    I want it for the great display, performance, and battery life.

  • Speng

    Honeymoon is over with Cupertino. Would love to begin a reciprocating relationship with an Android. Thanks

  • khmerkilla

    I would love the G2 because I need a faster phone with great battery life!

  • Rebecca

    I want it because my motorola spice crashes everyday

  • Lee Wing Soon

    I want it to try out new gadgets.

  • Elvin Punsalan

    This phone would be perfect. The specs alone is enough of a reason for wanting this phone. The display, the battery life, I’ve only heard good things. But the reason why I would want to win this phone personally is so I can give it to my sister for Christmas. She’s gone through some heartbreaking stuff recently, she’s still trying to deal with it. I would love to give her something like this for Christmas but I just can’t afford it. All she has is an iPhone 4 that can’t hold charge anymore and is really slow.

  • Edwin E

    LG is Good

  • MrNinjaPanda

    I want it so that I can sell it and buy myself a nexus 5 :)

  • Francois Pigeon

    I want it because, i need a new phone.

  • Alexandre D’Astous

    I woud like to win!

  • s.e. lee

    I will use it for calling and message friends both work and school. In addition, I will use it as take good quality pictures. This also can be replacement of my phone.

  • DMan

    Need a good phone for aviation GPS and decent camera!

  • Simon Ryder

    SG3 is acting up and the G2 would be an awesome Christmas gift and be great for school too!

  • philc77

    I own a Blackberry and need a new phone…

  • HenryCalibre

    I have been using hand me down smartphones and it is time I get the latest and the best

  • Kara Nicholson

    Would love the 13MP camera that this phone has

  • Jim LeunG

    Ooooh! another constest. Well, if I win this, I’ll put this in my front pocket so people will notice the bulge in my pants. When they comment “…or are you just happy to see me?” I’ll pull out the phone and say “yes, because I won this G2 from Mobilesyrup the only place to get mobile news and reviews for Canadians”.

  • Siraj Rauff

    Why wouldn’t you want an LG G2?
    - Amazing battery life
    - Gorgeous, large screen

    But perhaps the best feature, knock-on. As somebody that always uses a flip case, being able to turn the phone on without ever having to touch the power button is a huge plus, and i can see it being incredibly convenient as I almost always seem to be using my phone while multi-tasking.

  • Kaputz

    I would keep this for myself for sure. Spring is coming and I volunteer for the Ontario Hummingbird Project. I could use this to record spring migration sightings and to collect other data and take pictures.

  • Emory liu

    replace my old phone that only lasts 3 hours on a full charge…

  • ladylovestech

    This phone is amazing! I love my Samsung Ace 3 but this LG really markets itself. I LOVE smartphones and am always excited by the newest technology. I’d love one so I could play on it all day and share its merits with everyone I know.

  • Damian

    Want it so that I can replace my wife’s old phone for christmas

  • staceydempsey

    I want this for my son who is in college and his old phone died and I really want to be able to talk to him more often lol

  • John Martin Orbigo

    I have tinkered and played with LG G2 at a local store here on our country. Many people here mainly use Samsung brand for their Android devices. I was surprised when I tried the features of this unit. I would like to have this as an early Christmas gift and would also be a first time LG user. I was really stunned with its huge screen and very clear and crisp display, premium and classy feel, the innovation of placing the volume and power buttons is a really plus for this unit! The knock on feature is very useful, and you will never have to worry that your power button will wear off easily. This unit is really a head turner and I would really love to have it..

  • manwinder sidhu

    i got a htc one, and u know that battery last a good 5 minutes, so i would use it as an all day phone, rather than my one, which is a 2 hour phone lol

  • h_zee13

    I should win it because I never win anything.

  • Jerry Only

    Ive been fighting rectal cancer for the past 2.5 yrs in the past 1.5 yrs it has spread to my lungs. I spend a lot of time in the hospital having various surgical procedures and currently can’t afford to get a newer phone to keep me occupied. I know its not all to life having a new phone but it would sure pass those long lonely days sitting in the chemo chair at Cancer Care Manitoba. Hey good luck to everyone that enters and hope everyone has a great holiday season! Cheers!

  • Sean Kim

    LG G2 is a flagship smartphone from LG after the successor of G model.
    I actually went to the advertising campaign for LG G2 in Seoul, Korea.
    The phone itself is spectacular by equipping top notch screen, which displays every detail of photo and video.

    I am huge fan of LG smart phone and I hope I can get G2 to spread out my good experience with G2 phone to other people on the web

  • Izak Krivoruk

    looking to upgrade my existing phone

  • Natasha May

    it has a great camera and i love the lock button feature on the back of the phone!!

  • Durae McFarlane

    I need a new phone!

  • jo ruer

    Will make it as a sweet gift that my best friend wouldn’t forget telling him santa claus is for real :P

  • Harry Chahal

    What kind of a question is this? who wouldn’t want this. :)

  • Aidan F

    The LG I have now is very sick. Regretfully death to my beloved Optimus7 is imminent. This would be very welcome. Good luck everyone.

  • Mitchell Estrada


  • Mitchell Estrada

    I want it because it looks sweet

  • DubbingHammer

    Those crazy back buttons!!!

  • alpo

    Have old phone. This is a new phone. ’nuff said!

  • Vincent Veilleux

    Broke my iPhone 5 in a car accident earlier this morning.

  • ledan

    snapdragon 800 !!! Yes yes yes

  • Tamer Mosallam

    I love the G2, great camera, big screen and still handy, so fast, faster than any other android in its class, easy switching between apps, this is the phone that I have been dreaming to have

  • jason

    Need a new phobe,, g2 will be one of the best to get.

  • Curtis K Louis

    want it for its pretty screen and long battery life..

  • TheRegDunlop

    My Nexus 4 is feeling smallish.

  • Elliott Teters

    With 1343 comments already i think the odds of winning are a bit overwhelming but I would love to win this since I dropped my HTC EVO in the bathtub and it did not float, nor did it like carrying a signal again even though everything else worked after drying it out in a bag of rice. So, this wonderful phone would be most excellent.

  • Omar Steele

    I would love to own this phones due to the fact ever since LG announced it I’ve been keeping up with it and it’s truly looks amazing, and i Like the feature at the back, the back bottoms. Finally i don’t have a phone.

  • Nicholas Sudan

    I want the LG G2 because there’s not one reason why I shouldn’t want it: design, display, camera, processor, battery & much more. Many have mentioned that they have an old phone & need a new one; I say this phone is tempting though my mobile is working well. Seems LG is learning from us:)

  • Dredon Peran

    I would love a G2 simply because i have a hatred for physical buttons. On screen navigation keys plus knock-on eliminates 99% of the need for physical button use. Also the battery life on that phone for what it offers is quite amazing.

  • Sriram Sripada

    I want the LG G2 to make my daily routine chirpier by guiding me through all chores
    To make my busy life a tad easy by planning and suggesting various activities. I want the LG G2 to infuse a new wave of energy and enthusiasm

  • Kcng

    I want to gift the LG G2 to my best friend for being there for me through the tough times.

  • George Mathews

    What a phone.. Why do I want it? The phone just magnifies who you are – the camera helps you capture the beauty of the world and the people around you. The VR Panorama let’s you create a miniature but accurate rendering of your life, that too with added depth. The advanced audio features help ensure that you don’t miss a single beat, a single note.. giving you that much required clarity.The long lasting battery life ensures that you are never going to be out of touch for whoever is depending on you.. whatever be the time of the day. The beautiful screen is the bezel free canvas where your life and the times are recreated and re-lived – in vivid colors and with amazing brightness. Life’s Good, every second of it.. and it’s best lived with the G2 in your hand..

  • Arnold Gosnell

    I would love a new phone, and the LG G2 would be an awesome upgrade.

  • Jian Qiu

    Looks Great!

  • Maxime de Varennes

    I need a new cellphone. Mine is getting older and more silly everyday. He dicided that the fridge was its place… then he decided he wanted to swim in the toilet, forgetting he’s a phone and he can’t do that… He’s lucky I was there to catch it before it falls in. Then he decide to reboot two times in a row… what a silly and old cellphone. I wish I had a new one so this one could go in a retirement house with all his old pals.

  • Jasen_H

    I want it because of the large screen!

  • marktheweasel

    its one amazing phone

  • Jacky Chiu

    It’s a phone that seems pretty good to have. Would be cool to have one. Based on the reviews it looks like a really good phone.

  • Jonathon Squires

    I need a new phone as my battery life is terrible

  • JankyFosci

    I want it because it’s so fast!

  • Guest

    This phone would be a big upgrade. After I lost my other lumia 900, I am using a nearly destroyed Sony slider

  • JamesBrownn

    I need a new phone since my current one is way too old

  • Ferenc Kunszt

    I’m unhappy with my current iPhone and this would be a great replacement

  • Johnson Li

    need a new phone to replace my slider after I lost my lumia 900

  • Joseph Marchionda

    Been looking to update my girlfriend’s phone to something better for her birthday and this would be perfect

  • Rebecca Brown

    I’d like this as it would make it easier to keep in contact with my sons

  • Amit Jain

    I love the LG G2

  • pinksuzanne

    I want to win this because I know my son would love to receive this as a gift.

  • todd

    l would want the LG G2 to give to my beautiful girlfriend who is the best mom to our two girls. I love giving at Christmas.

  • Michael Kachor

    I would like one to replace my old-fashioned flip phone

  • defence5

    I love my Chinese knock-off android device dearly, but it does chug along as slow as a bear in maple syrup some times. A G2 would be much appreciated :)

  • Cerroneous

    Again, this phone would be amazing. Big enough to keep track of patients/trends in investigations during call shifts, MASSIVE battery to last a whole 26 hour shift in hospital, most importantly free enough for a trainee to afford!

  • Jean Charestan

    Nice phone,
    would like to have this one

  • daniel baker

    Hello, my name is daniel baker. My dream one day is to develop android for a big company like cyanogen or google. I am a little over fourteen and have been developing with android for 2 years now… My phone just got stolen and my parents really want to get me a new one, but don’t have the money. Sofar I have built 2 oses, mydroid, for low end devices, and smootheos for my stolen huawei mercury. If I was to win this beauty, I might, just might be able to acheive my dream of working for one of those companies. Thankyou for the chance for a new feature, daniel baker

  • DrCarpy

    I want it because its for free and my Razr HD sucks!

  • B Ha

    Need to replace my BB

  • crazyegg

    I want it so I can use it to enter more contests!

  • MrDisco3

    i take a lot of pics and the 13MP on this would be put to great use!

  • Kevin

    I’ve really out-used my Samsung Galaxy S2 for the past few years and it just seems like a very easy and logical choice to upgrade from an S2–>G2

  • Shayne

    I need to upgrade from my LG G2X. This would be fitting!

  • jbffed

    Because I deserve it. I mean, not really, but I’d really appreciate iT!

  • Charles Tawa

    Time to finally get a smartphone and stay connected

  • Kern Lee

    looking for a worthy upgrade from my LG Optimus 2x, been eyeing for a deal on this for a while. this is perfect!

  • Cathy Canton

    Cannot believe all the great contests It is like Mobile Syrup Santa is in town! Nice large screen!

  • Nitrof Nosaj

    I’d love to win this phone. I had the LG Optimus G and it was a great phone. As soon as I head there was a G2 coming I waited eagerly, and bought one. After having it for 10 days I put it in the washing machine rendering it useless. I’ve had some pretty lousy luck this holiday so winning a G2 would a nice change!

  • Ray

    This is my phone off choice after having Samsung the last 3 years.

  • Jordan Burke

    I want to win the G2 for the simple fact that I am tired of iPhone. I am looking to make the transition to Android easy. In a such a saturated marked I would think that going with a flag ship phone such as the G2 would be a good jumping off point. Thanks

  • Jennifer Lucas

    I would give this to my son in university, he sure could use it

  • jynxed

    My iphone 4 is pretty broken, so I would sure appreciate this!

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    I would like the LG G2 to learn everything about me, my irregular wake up time included. I would fall in love with the Lg G2 if it could learn and tell me everytime I get lost on my way and then guide me back on track. If it could sense that I am in a restaurant and tell me to click the dessert and instagram it before I gulp it all in. If the G2 could learn when I’am sitting idle and update me with the latest news as well as the whereabouts of my dear ones. Basically, if the LG G2 could learn and adapt to my irregular and sporadic self, the LG G2 would be my closest friend & it would make my Life more Good.

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    The biggest reason for G2 is Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC
    sitting at the heart of the device. The 2.26GHz quad-core processor is the
    highest-end chip currently available on mainstream smartphones, incorporating
    the Adreno 330 GPU for better graphics processing, along with something
    Qualcomm calls “Asynchronous Multi-Processing” for more efficient, smarter
    workload management. Backed up by 2GB of RAM all that means the Snapdragon 800
    should run circles around its predecessors in terms of performance, all while
    sipping -not gulping- battery power.

    The 0.1-inch bezels flanking that screen to left and right
    are the thinnest you can find anywhere, and the lack of any buttons below the
    display means the front of the G2 is absolutely dominated by the 5.2-inch IPS
    LCD. At 1080p with a pixel density of 423ppi, it’s a gorgeous screen that ranks
    among the very best we’ve seen on a smartphone.

    The company deserves credit for moving the volume and power/standby keys from the sides to the back cover, a stand out and bold move.

    All that makes a life a real Good in a smart way!

  • Karanvir S Thiara

    I’d use it to take pictures using the back button! Ingenious idea

  • David Araujo

    G2 FTW.

  • Peter Wakefield

    Wow I would love to Rock a G2 for the New Year

  • Ariel C

    would love this because its time up grade my iphone 4s!

  • Breen Ouellette

    I want the LG G2 to give to my sweetheart as a Christmas & birthday present, since she was wonderful enough to do the same for me this month with that other current model phone by LG, the Nexus 5. We both have December birthdays. :)

  • lelalacc

    my phone is 5 years old! i love LG products and this phone is amazingly awesome – very cool features!

  • DevynLee McDowall

    Ive been looking for a good excise to move over from iOS, and this might just be a great reason!!! :)

  • pasutd

    i’d love to get this phone, but unfortunately, i wouldn’t be able to afford the data plan….. #uniproblems

  • Sylvia F

    i really wanna give this to my cousin whose phone isn’t working properly and he is having a hard time finding a job!!! (need phone to get job!)

  • Edson Lai

    Love one cause my Nexus 4 is barely holding a full day’s charge now!

  • Eric Mielke

    I wanna tap to unlock the screen. and have huge battery life

  • M. Kassis

    I would use it to make phone calls, and replace my xperia go

  • Jani

    I’ve never used an Android device and would love to win this to play with.

  • Jack Truong

    I want a LG G2 because I’m still using a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate :(

  • Tiger Cheng

    Going to five this to my wife, who needs a new phone but it is hard for us to afford one atm

  • Victor Lee

    I would love to have the LG G2 because it would make a great gift for my girlfriend. She has longed for it since the first time she laid eyes on it. It would bring a smile to my face knowing I can be that person to give this phone to her :)

  • JJohn

    my current phone is on its last legs, would love to replace it with this!

  • Fingaluna

    Need to escape from my Palm Tree 650… Please help!

  • Diamond710

    I want one so I can use it for everything~!

  • Paolo

    My life would not make sense to continue if I did not know you are holding a g2 for Christmas. The iphone is making me hard, very hard. Would you still make me teasing from colleagues?

  • Tom Hall

    I would like to give it to my son. He would love this beauty!

  • Alexander Spassov

    cos I need it to test my android apps on a big screens

  • Ringo

    I would love a LG G2. I’ve never tried SnapDragon before and I’ve only had a LG Slider which I loved back in the day. Never had a LG Smart phone, so getting one to try would be great!

  • Elaine

    I want to win a LG G2 because I would love to try it out! I’m using a Note right now and after the recent update, it’s as good as a brick, almost. Things take forever to load, would really love a new one for Christmas. Thanks!

  • SC

    Want to try the back buttons

  • batye1


  • stex1000

    A great Smartphone for a developer :D … Give me :D

  • Dygen

    My Xperia P is pretty old already,, Let’s try G2 this time

  • Mathieu Poirier

    My GNex is dying on me, and I need a new phone, but the husband in me just had to buy a stand mixer for my wife instead.

  • Hari Prasad

    This is so sleek, pocketable and super-fast!! Suits my requirements perfectly. I love the customizing of the virtual buttons and inclusion of access to notification drop down in that in particular. I am desperate to win this…

  • Jonathan de Vela

    Great way to show Android authority!

  • SG

    This is a Beauty Phone!

  • Justin

    I would use it to communicate with my brother in north Korea!

  • userofAndroid

    Yes please!

  • Yassir

    I want a phone as close to stock android as posdible

  • Uberman X

    Love my LG made Nexus 5 so I assume this would be an awesome upgrade

  • benx

    Never owned LG product, would be interesed to try it out…

  • ajayg098

    I will use it to make calls, to write texts, and of course… promote this website and these contests on Facebook!

  • guardian_eyes

    really an awesome smartphone :)

  • Matt

    I want it because its AWESOME!

  • mike

    To replace my old HTC Tattoo!

  • Dwest1814

    I’m trying to win a new phone for my mom for Xmas….she truly needs one (even if she thinks she can make due)!

  • Tiffaneep

    I would love to win this for my sister! She is stuck with the Galaxy Q, which is extremely outdated and I know she would love to have one of these great androids.

  • Rohan Rajeev

    Wish my 1 st phone to be a gr8 phone . I feel that this is the awesomest phone

  • Liju Scaria

    Never had an Android phone or an LG phone. From what I can gather G2 is the best phone LG has ever released and is one of the best Android devices available now. So I definitely would love to win this and have my introduction to Android with one of the best phones available.

  • evangel

    My Nexus S is close to retirement. The G2 is a worthy replacement!

  • lucatenuta

    I need a new phone. I’m still using an iPhone 3GS that barely functions. I can’t afford a new phone as I got laid off and I have to spend my savings on my household. It would bring joy to me if I were to get a new phone and make my year. Please for the love of god, and my sanity let me win :(

  • Rachel J.

    I want it because it would feel great to win something after my recent bit of bad luck, I’m a single mother of 2 whose whose current cell phone just went bum and with trying to give my kids a good Christmas that leaves no budget for a new phone. Winning the LG G2 would really help!!

  • kadeem

    I have no smartphone old one got hard bricked and I’m a student

  • mostlygeek

    Woot! I love mobile syrup, and my flip phone is needing upgrade bad!

  • YSTO

    It’s a great phone!

  • Kevin Kevins

    I was just talking with my father today about getting a new phone. We’re switching providers in Jan, and the feature phone we have now can’t hold a charge any more. Before that, we had a dumb phone that couldn’t even text. That’s why I’d love my next phone to be a top of the line one like this one. Finally, I’d be able to use that program I keep hearing about called an “app.”

  • Richard Sherrington

    Hope to be able to give it to my wife.

  • Jon Bachelder

    My father in law needs a bigger phone as he is having problems with his vision. His Samsung gio is not Cutting it anymore.

  • Haris

    Need to get my dad a gift from phone to smartphone!

  • Betty Spry

    I don’t have a phone yet, and would love to be able to stay in contact with family and friends.

  • Richard Macdonald

    3000mAh battery please!

  • Rob Hunt

    If I do not win a phone, somewhere, a small child will cry.

  • Heather A

    Wow! I would love this phone to give to my husband. That way I can get a hold of him whenever I want.

  • komal

    I want this android phone because it has 5.2 hd display and long battery life abd also 13 mega pixel it is a complete android and winning such a great android will make me feel proud.

  • Jantera Datu Wirawan

    but this being the last chance for me. I think LG G2 is a dream phone for me. I see from the specs so well, making this gift LG G2 cover for me as a present for years and left an unforgettable impression for LG. hold me with this gift, I was given good luck

  • Keith Lewis

    I would love to get the G2 and retire my SGS3……G2 has better memory, faster processor and better camera! YAY!

  • Graham McLeod

    I’d love this phone so I could finally replace my aging Galaxy Nexus. The display on the G2 looks amazing, as does the battery life. Plus it would be nice to finally win something from MobileSyrup. :-)

  • Dustin Harding

    Because blackberries are for cereal. Not pockets.

  • Amir Sulejmanagić

    I want it because I don have smartphone!

  • enzissimo

    Because it’s the best!

  • Walter Blackmore

    A good sized screen to use with my library of ebooks

  • Travis Thomas

    Phonaminal phone with phonaminal specs for a phonaminal dude, me!!!!!

  • Cory Clark

    I’m a huge fan of the nexus 5, and from the looks of this, its the nexus 5++, would be a nice upgrade over my Nexus 4…

  • Shahriar Islam

    Pls give me this I have tried 100 of giveways since last 2 year and and I just want win one Besides I am in bad need of such smartphone so pls

  • Vincent Patel

    I want it because Santa doesn’t give brown kids gifts on Christmas. Something to do with him getting bad tech support from a guy named “Kevin” who spoke English as well as a B list Bollywood actor. Can’t blame Kevin if the GPS manufacturer of Santa’s sleigh system outsourced support to India!

  • L-m Ahouin

    I want it because I want it… Enough said.

  • Matthew Sebastian

    I’d really like to see if the added screen size makes a difference to me over my Moto X

  • LiLAzNNewB

    I’d love to win this phone! It seems to be an overall good phone and I’d have to test the rear physical buttons myself…!

  • Marc Bernard

    My daughter would love one of these.

  • Charly S.

    I would love to get this as a perfect gift to my bro for his birthday the 23rd of December. That would be the best timing :-D

  • Theresa

    Dear Santa, it’s Theresa. I have been a good girl. You know I dropped my phone & really need a new one because the old one is toast. Life is good, but it will be even better if I win this. Thanks to LG & Mobile Syrup for this neat holiday contest. I believe!

  • Roberta

    I want it because it’s a beautiful phone

  • G2Fan

    i want it because i recently got my g1 (license) and NOW CANT WAIT TO GET MY G2 ;) i know..lame but hopefully that gets me the phone lol!

  • Sypheed

    Want it for a needed upgrade from my antique phone :(

  • ysandhu

    Nexus 5 dropped … screen shattered… looking for something better

  • Peter7921


  • Michael Cee Cheung

    I want it for its screeeen

  • Jonathan Bernier

    I would replace my Galaxy S2 with this one

  • DennisRS

    I’ve been good this year :)

  • Bryan

    I’D like to win this cuz i never win nuthin Lol seriously I’d love to win this awesome phone and I’d give it to my wife as the most awesome stocking stuffer ever!!

  • Neal

    Too late? I’ll take it . Merry Xmas to me!

  • Nabeel

    I want it for my dad, this will be a perfect birthday gift for his birthday and he can finally replace his old broken phone.

  • Dustin Betts

    I want one. I need one:)

  • Chris

    I’d love this phone to give it as a gift to a die-hard apple fan in my life so that they may see the light of android.

  • matt T

    nice phone

  • James Paquette

    Simply put, i haven’t won anything, including a free lotto play ticket, in over 18 years! But this is no pity party….so because i love Android so much, that’s why!! :)

  • Peter

    I would love to use this to replace my ageing work phone!

  • JaySea

    It will be my best gift for christmas for sure after learning that my wife is pregnant :oP

  • Mike

    Great phone! I want it for my brother who’s had a dumb-phone for just about forever.

  • Massonite

    Because I’m taller than you :)

  • j villa

    Because it looks good

  • Justin

    My phone’s getting old.

  • Nitin Verma

    i would love to have this…

  • Michelle Cloutier


  • Omar Baig

    i have never won anything and i have been trying to win something with these contests since i i heard about them. Please i really wanna win this phone, it would be a great birthday present for me.

  • Bobby Aves

    Yes Please!

  • AmanjeetS

    I will love and nurture this phone just as I would a newborn

  • Šimon Slávik

    I would like to win this smartphone because LG is a good brand and I would like to try and own their flagship.

  • Coldfire

    So that I confuse and amaze people with the almost non-existent bezels on the phone

  • mateo.slo3

    Want one for Christmas but can’t afford it!

  • Allan Lagda

    I want it because I love what they did with the Nexus 5, but I want a better camera.

  • ducky

    I don’t have ANY smart phone so all the features would be wonderful to have.

  • Kanarico

    The G2 is an awesome phone. LG has done a really good job with it. I’d like a new phone that I can use to watch shows on when commuting.

  • raju ashok

    Because LG is an awesome brand Which is why Google is also co-manufacturing their Nexus devices. And I’d love to own one

  • Andy Mak

    would be a nice replacement for my cracked nexus 4 :(

  • John

    I want to give LG one more chance since my last 2 LG phone was not so good…..

  • Scott Williams

    If I win this phone I would probably become a far less pessimistic individual :p as I would be overwhelmed with the joy of receiving one of the best phones on the market and would have the largest smile on my face every day I unlock that beautiful screen :). Thanks again for the opportunity. Merry Christmas guys

  • Kris Jardine

    yea, I could use one of these, be a nice upgrade over my Nexus 4 :)

  • alexpb1

    I want it because it’s amazing and blows my current crappy phone away!

  • Ishwar Harradan

    “Mine, Mine, Mine.”

  • Sunny

    Destroyed my LG G2X screen when i fell on the ice yesterday. That hurt more than my hip and head.

  • Lorne

    Merry Christmas!!

  • Lucien Picard

    Time to get a new phone upgrade and this one you be sweeeeet!

  • Brian

    This would be awesome. I’ve held the dummy unit a few times and I think that the rear buttons are a genius addition.

  • Markootch

    Have heard bad things about Samsung customer support! I want to support the underdog!

    Sent from my Nokia 9100

  • sortifcom

    This phone has lots of great features.

  • Daniel Fathers

    i would take cool back button photos

  • Goran Mihajlović

    My s2x is on its last legs and so I need something with the build quality and horsepower to last and this phone is it.

  • Marlene V

    I need a new phone!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • David Froese

    I would change from iphone to LG G2 because I’m tired of IOS and want to come back to android.

  • Gurtej B

    My LG tv kicks everyones butt and would love my new LG phone to do the same

  • gorillamac

    I just want it. What? I said I just want it. What? I said I just want it son, and that’s the bottom line ’cause gorillamac said so.

  • Rob

    I want it because I need it! Seriously, I don’t have a phone…

  • Peter Eliopoulos

    I want to rip out the skin, put on cyanogenmod and make this the best phone on the market. Same footprint as my S3 but better, better better

  • cbsmart

    I would like the LG G2, because I’d love to have a high end android phone, and would really like to try out it’s features.

  • Andre M

    Well, I dropped my old nexus and am in need of a new phone. I do like the new G2 and it seems like a good phone. I also don’t have the money to fix or buy a new one. :(

  • warpucks

    great looking phone, with them slim bezels and buttons on back, should be a great gift and prize for someone who enjoys the nice vivid large screen – aka me!

  • William Dyer

    My wife so wants to get rid of her Ipohne 4 and this would be a great x-mas gift

  • Qwindsor

    This phone has great battery life.

  • luckylou

    The heart wants what it wants.

  • Anne Hogan

    Since the last update my SIII is very wonky and so I need a new phone. The G2 has everything thing I need in a new phone since I’m a bit of a power-user. :) Thanks so much for the contest and the chance to win a new phone!

  • Sundip B

    5.2 inch display, 13mp camera oh me oh my the G2 should be mine

  • Daniel

    Would love to win it for the camera!

  • udhayas

    Would be a good replacement for my S4 with a broken screen

  • SaveOn Research

    It’s better than G

  • andyb

    I wouldnt be without information the next time power goes out like yesterday,thats why i’d like it.Information

  • mariostamile

    Why do I want this? I want a new phone for Christmas. I don’t want to be locked into a contract so this would defiantly help me with that, not to mention, help me be more productive.

  • Susan

    Can’t think of any other phone i would want to be my first smartphone

  • Helen

    Would love to win this phone

  • Chris Hanula

    I’ll Take It!

  • TheLawsOfTime

    I want it so I can have an awesome high tec phone!

  • Mohamed Abdourahman

    I want it for a present for my mom.

  • Tanis Sergeew

    Awesome, I’d love to win this for hubby!

  • Anthony Boschin

    This would be a great replacement for my older Nexus phone

  • Garrett Cooper

    Dat battery please!

  • Cldmani

    I just need to get a new phone for my father. His galaxy nexus is dead and has no access to any cellular device. Am hoping to win this to make it his Christmas Present.

  • vn33

    Would love to have this !

  • Cosmin Dumitru

    it’s a great phone, of course i want it. who wouldn’t?

  • Calvin

    LG g2

  • Calvin

    I need a new phone

  • Jenny B

    I’m phoneless at the moment :-(

  • Alison Braidwood

    My phone is ancient and one more drop will finish it. The LG looks like it can keep up with the best on the market.

  • Chris Adams

    Yea I could use one of these for sure! I just busted my phone up over the weekend. The ice storm got the best of me and my pocket computer.

  • Chris Adams

    Yea I could use one of these for sure! I just busted my phone up over the weekend. The ice storm got the best of me and my pocket computer.

  • Esto007

    Because LG is the best!! LG FTW! Great spec, great display!

  • Ron Kesslar

    I am currently without a cell phone so I could certainly use this.

  • Onemonthmember

    It would be a great gift for a good friend.

  • Tom

    I want it because my mom lost her travel phone in her check-in luggage all thanks to Air Canada.

  • Paul

    My BB battery is acting up. The G2 would definitely be the best replacement phone I could ever hope for.

  • Pasquale

    I want it because would be a perfect gift for my girlfriend!!

  • John Vu

    My wife is still in the Ginger Bread slide Qwerty area and desperately need an update before the divorce lawyer gets involved.

  • Tieann W-West

    Me me me!!!

  • Jaime

    Never had an LG phone and would like to try out it sounds like a great phone!

  • Kasey Armstrong

    Never owned a smart phone before, would love to have one for daily usage. My simple phone just isn’t enough.

  • pinksuzanne

    I want this phone as mine is almost 3 years old and it is time to upgrade.

  • Robert Wise

    Would love to win it; need a new phone badly. Thanks :)

  • framewerk

    The LG G2 would make the perfect xmas gift for my left hand.

  • Valentina Tam

    I love to have this phone as my first Android baby! It’s time for me to join the Android realm, and breakaway from Apple once and for all!

  • Michael Judge

    That phone looks like it might help me and pinky finally take over the world… (pinky and the brain joke)

  • MrMission

    Hmm not sure if I’m too late but if not… I love my N4 but it’s still a little underpowered. I’d love a G2!

  • Matt Shorter

    The G2 is truly an iPhone killer that would look great in my phone holster.

  • bongdw

    I want this so I can take pics of my beautiful newborn baby. My HTC One X takes blurry pictures :(

  • wildting2

    I would be honoured to be chosen as the winner of this phone since I’ve been a big supporter of LG. Still have my old LG Rumour Plus 2 which acts as my alarm clock now :) Currently I have an LG Optimus 4X HD which is still going strong, but probably will never see KitKat, let alone Jelly Bean. So I’d love a phone that actually might get updates to Android through LG.

  • Darlene Carbajal

    I would like to win because I really hate my phone!
    It’s a cheap basic phone and I had it for a long time.
    Now it’s messing up.
    I cannot afford one right now.
    I really want a new phone! Thanks! :)

  • kenny

    This would be do great for Christmas the specs are amazing

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    I would love to win a phone cause last year I did not win anything.

  • Jenny Nicole

    I would love to win this because having to deal with my messed up buttons on my Blackberry and it’s small screen, has made me more than ready to switch to a really nice touchscreen phone! I feel like this would be such an upgrade from my Blackberry in terms of apps and appearance as well!

  • Paul Astles

    Cuz it looks cool. Not that I know ‘cool’ things. I’m not cool, but to me it looks cool. Cool.

  • Wolfgar2k

    I’d love to win this, especially since my phone broke.

  • websturr

    want to trade up from my iPhone :P

  • hraklis1

    I would use it to make calls

  • Licensedbeast

    My dad has been stuck with an iPhone 4 and wants an Android phone. This would be the best present for him!

  • Caelum Cunnane

    I’m thinking of getting the G Pad 8.3 and this would be a good partner!

  • Kelvin Chung

    I would likely provide this phone to my girlfriend for christmas if l do get it. She is currently using a s2x from Koodo. More than broken up. Not sure how, but the backplate is gone and the screen is cracked also. Fantastic Present!

  • Kevin Li

    I want to get a new phone for my mom!!

  • Jason Jang

    I want this phone because of the buttons on the back ;)

  • Raj Saran

    I want it coz I love Motorola ! and I appreciate the work done by you guys !

  • smirnoff04

    Even the box is awesome. :) This would fit the bill for replacing my current phone.

  • Jane

    This helps LG Phone helps me comprehend, it would be my teacher, entertainer and faithful friend! Thanks for the chance

  • Rima E

    I need me an upgrade

  • Hoi Fung Wong

    It would be a great replacement for my iPhone 5. I wanted to switch to Android for a long time.

  • Christophe Déry

    I want this phone cause it looks pretty awesome and the buttons on the back seem really interesting!

  • Michael Steeleworthy

    Why I want it: My iphone is a brick,it’s time to go Android, and LG has a solid product in this phone. Happy christmas!

  • Mohammad Chama

    I hope win this. I have a really old phone and want my Christmas wish to come true! Good luck to everyone!

  • Mitchell Cooper

    I want one because when I got a new phone on contract I could only afford the Optimus G

  • Yan Boucher Bouchard

    Because my HTC Desire HD is dying!!!

  • terry12s

    I would love to win the LG G2 because I want a phone with a great camera :)

  • Travis

    I want it because its shiny!


    I broke my S4. :o( That’s why I would be grateful to win this phone.

  • Corey

    Reason: Phone just died!

  • jtradio

    This would be an awesome win — with those internals, looks like it would be a snappy phones.

  • Darren Higgs

    Because I love my Optimus G and that is even better!

  • Mike Medeot

    I want this phone to give as a gift to my little brother who started his game design program in college this September. They need a “decently” powerful android phone for their next semester as they will be making mobile games. Right now he has an old school slider. I’d love to be able to give him an amazing Christmas gift that will help him in school. Best of luck to everyone!

  • YL

    because life is good ;)

  • Douglas Hardcastle

    It would be great as a gift for my mother

  • Conundrum

    I want it because it looks gooooooooooood. :)

  • Ron L

    Would love to have one of these to replace my old klunky non-smart phone.

  • Jake Peters

    As someone who suffers from a physical disability, this phone is somewhat ideal. The rear button placement combined with the knock on feature are incredibly helpful for someone with reduced mobility. Good luck to everyone, and happy holidays.

  • Ei-Leen Ong

    I’d love a G2!

  • Basem Chafik

    I love to win this one because my Galaxy S2 sucks

  • Fernand

    I want because I’ve been so good this year, and would love to start developing apps on this beast!!


    Top of the line ! Fast processor ! Love the size of the display !

  • Viktor

    Because it’s a gorgeous phone

  • Phil Pimento

    Would be an awesome Christmas gift for me

  • markacadiz

    Well definitely not for the software but the hardware improvements spark my curiosity.

  • Gabriel

    its a huge upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy S3 and will go well with my samsung ATIV smart PC pro

  • Striker67

    Why does anyone want it? They want a free phone. I have a note 2 myself, but my wife has a S2X that has been causing her some issues as of late and she normally gets my hand me downs. This would be her phone if I were to win it. She deserves a new phone for a change.

  • Woody

    In desperate need of a new daily driver to replace an old S2. Been eyeing this bad boy and I would love to pair it up against my friend’s new Nexus 5 in a battle of the LGs. Would also have to deal with the entire stock/AOSP/CM dilemma, which is nice. We need a three sided coin.

  • Matthew Zammit

    I love syrup!!

  • Anthony

    cracked my old phone, need a new one

  • Deb Domenicucci

    I want one because I sell them all the time and I think it would be nice to actually have my own to show off, but don’t want to pay out my early upgrade fee just yet!! Would be a wonderful Christmas surprise :-)

  • SandyT

    I would love to win this phone for work purposes. It looks incredible! Great contest. :)

  • Ryan

    I want it for the same reasons everyone else does, because it’s beeeautiful

  • YSH

    damnn!!! i wanna cut the back door! lol

  • Jason Dai

    I could use a bigger phone to increase my productivity

  • Larker

    A smart phone would be very useful for shopping :D

  • David Harlow

    Because I don’t own a cell phone, I use my iPad mini but it’s worthless unless I am near a wifi hotspot….that’s NOT password protected. And, I’m greedy, I like free stuff and most importantly: I have no shame. PLEASE, PLEASE HOOK A BRUTHA UP!!!

  • Muhammad Rochim

    hope you’ll give me this one

  • Andrei

    Such phone. So LG. Many apps. Much screen. WOW

  • BaconTroll

    This would be a nice improvement over my current phone. Almost as good as bacon!

  • BaconTroll

    This would be a nice improvement over my current phone. Almost as good as bacon!

  • BaconTroll

    This would be a nice improvement over my current phone. Almost as good as bacon!

  • Steve Boutilier

    I want this phone so I can use my Nexus 5 strictly as a development device!

  • Edmund Szeto

    I want a smartphone with a larger display than my current Nexus 4, so I can ditch the Nexus 4 + Nexus 7 combo with one device.

  • Omer


  • Garry

    OMG. Winning this LG G2 would be a wonderful present, just in time for Christmas! I’ve never had an LG smartphone and this would be an amazing first LG smartphone to win! Not only would I be so grateful, I am such a tech guru! Love it. Best of luck to all who enter and Happy Holidays to you all and to everyone at Mobile Syrup :)
    fingers crossed

  • impruv

    I want it because the LGG2 is what the Nexus 5 should have been and I regret the Nexus 5.

  • Rich Maddox

    Help me ditch my old LG Optimus 2X

  • Jock

    Would love to jump into the smartphone world!

  • Jimmy Soriano

    I’m hoping to use this beautiful camera!!

  • Waqas Waqas

    We are new immigrant in Canada. Right now I have a cell phone without camera. If I will win this cell phone, really that will be awesome welcome gift for us because I will give this winning cell phone to my wife, So both of us will be in contact with each other as I go for my job and without second cell phone it is very hard for us to connect with each other. and mostly my wife will take beautiful pictures of our three beautiful kids with 13 Megapixel camera of this cell phone , because my kids love to have their pictures to send it to back home to show their grand parents and my budget also does not allow me to buy a good camera for them right now. So I must say that ” If I will win this beautiful cell phone , then really It will be a perfect welcome gift for me, for my wife and for my kids.”

  • Xanth

    Cause it’s awesome!

  • Damon Rose

    I want one of these as it’s a big upgrade to my old Galaxy S2X, and I’d love to have the extra storage capability

  • HCP

    I would love to upgrade to a new phone in the future! Maybe the future is tonight! I lost some photographs of my father who passed away this past September from my phone ( Motorola Razr XT910) recently. That had really upset me! Phone somehow locked up and zapped my SD Card. No longer can I use an SD card of any type. This LG would start my year on a good note since 2013 has been a bad year for me! Merry XMAS guys!

  • Timothy Lock

    Gonna be watching some epic hd movies and snapping dem pictures :)

  • BiancaH

    I have an old flip phone, camera doesn’t work, would love something current with the bells and whistles.

  • Rick Day (wrcfan)

    I would like to win this for my 15 year old son, I would love nothing more than to see the look on his face if he could have a new phone. The phone he has right now is so bad. One of the major issues is getting text messages, it’s a crap shoot. Sometimes he gets them, sometimes he will get them a few days later all at once and then there are times he never gets them at all. Sadly it’s not in our budget this year to get him a new phone.

  • baari21

    It would be great to own an LG G2 because the LG G2 in my opinion is the best phone out. Sure the note 3 has better performance but the design of the G2 is flawless. The features of this phone unlike samsung and many other carriers are amazing because the features are designed to make a better product and not to stuff the phone with features.

    I mean Samsung has really great products as well and truly produces some amazing innovations but LG actually understands users and makes their phones for real users. Whoever gets this phone will be a happy camper I’m sure. Congrats in advance.

  • Waqas Waqas

    We are new immigrant in Canada. Right now I have a cell phone without camera. If I will win this cell phone, really that will be awesome welcome gift for us because I will give this winning cell phone to my wife, So both of us will be in contact with each other as I go for my job and without second cell phone it is very hard for us to connect with each other. and mostly my wife will take beautiful pictures of our three beautiful kids with 13 Megapixel camera of this cell phone , because my kids love to have their pictures to send it to back home to show their grand parents and my budget also does not allow me to buy a good camera for them right now. So I must say that ” If I will win this beautiful cell phone , then really It will be a perfect welcome gift for me, for my wife and for my kids.”

  • Simbob

    me me me

  • Tom

    This would be great phone to have. My current phone is probably going to kick the bucket soon.

  • Brandon Humphrey

    I just need a new phone bad!!

  • Mike

    I would love to give it to my dad because he just broke his screen. Pay it forward.

  • Mario Morgado

    So desperately want to replace my iphone with an android device, this would be a huge improvement and put me at par with the rest of the family

  • Andre Mourinho

    Trying my luck yet again, hoping to finally win this time =p

  • Waqas Unsar

    tried so many times but I never win anything. may be this time?

  • ginette4

    I would love to have a smart phone, mine only texts and makes calls,,oh and a crappy camera.

  • dustin l

    The G2 is the only phone I’ve been lusting for since getting my Nexus 4. The Nexus has spoiled me with build quality I hadnt before seen on Android. The G2 seems like the only upgrade on the market for me

  • Andrew Wiechenthal

    I’ve never had an Android before.. Would be kinda cool!

  • Andrew Wong

    I’d love to surprise my mom with a great new phone


    I like the button on the back of phone.

  • Brit Mckay

    I want it because I am SOOOOOO done with my iPhone 4 and I want to have a better phone than my wife’s Galaxy S4 lol.

  • darrell petty

    Would really like this phone to replace my Samsung vibrant

  • Billy Cao


  • Eric

    Christmas Present!

  • HOOB

    I’d love to have this so I had a more modern phone than a Samsung Galaxy S

  • Devhux

    My Pebble says it would like to pair itself with this phone.