15 days of Device Giveaways!


This year for our annual December bonanza we have a slew of devices up for grabs! We have representation from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, BlackBerry, Google, Rogers, Bell, TELUS and WIND! In total there’s 15 days of goodness coming your way and the celebrations start today!

To enter this contest all you have to do is either follow us and re-tweet this contest on Twitter (@mobilesyrup), “Like Us” on Facebook (Facebook.com/MobileSyrup), join us on Google+, or sign up for our e-newsletter. All current Facebook, Twitter and Google+ followers are automatically entered.


Winners will be announced on this page. Good luck to all who enter!

December 3rd: Galaxy Note 3/Galaxy Gear – Winner is Facebook follower Valeria Nova
December 4th: Moto X – Winner is Twitter follower Ryan Mallon
December 5th: HTC Desire – Winner is Twitter follower Jennie Nickerson
December 6th: Sony Xperia Z – Winner is Google+ follower Jason Lavigne
December 7th: Bell Samsung Galaxy Mega – Winner email subscriber is Aaron Jacobson
December 8th: LG G2 – Winner is Twitter follower Hass Issa
December 9th: Moto G + 6-months of free Netflix – Winner is Steven Severnson
December 10th: Nokia Lumia 625 – Winner is Martin Kidd
December 11th: Sony Xperia ZL – Winner is Google+ follower Adam Young
December 12th: Nexus 7 (32GB 2013) – Winner is email subscriber Nigel MacNaughton
December 13th: BlackBerry Z30 – Winner Robotmansa
December 14th: Sony Xperia ZL – Winner is Reynaldo Ortamaycotte
December 15th: Bell Sony Xperia Z1 – Winner is email subscriber Samantha Burgess
December 16th: WIND Mobile LG G2 – Winner is Raymond Chua
December 17th: Nexus 5 – Winner is email newsletter subscriber Willie Muir

  • Tyler McIntyre

    I’m feeling lucky this year.

    • Jeffry

      So do I… :D

    • hi


    • IJustGotaTan

      Pick me, pick me!

    • Jeffry

      So do I :D

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    • Brian

      Me Too!

    • hi

      Are these open boxes from reviews or sealed?

    • Tiago

      who cares I WANT xD

    • Craig Venter

      Doh! 14 more chances though…

    • Ravi

      Good luck. …

    • Mohammed Murtuza

      Not winning :(

    • Damon Rose

      I’m feeling let down this year. So many contests, not a win yet

    • Tyler McIntyre

      congrats to all the winners.

  • Chibuikem Emenogu

    this is what i live for

  • Jennifer lachance


  • Pio Pamintuan

    I wish this was international :(

    • Bret Jarvis

      If you win, you could use my address, but you need to pay me the shipping fee and 5% Handling Fee.

    • shivani manna

      What all countries are covered in this GIVEAWAY?

    • Ravi

      Exept the one u r from….

  • slavitch

    Uh, if you’re not with the carrier in question is the phone unlocked?

    • Chibuikem Emenogu

      nope, you’d have to sign up with the career because that’s who they get the phones from

    • slavitch

      Then it’s not a giveaway. Under new rules the carriers have to unlock the device.


      You don’t have to sign up with the carrier just pay to get the phone unlocked from a 3rd party unlocking service.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      ? Its still a give away. I believe you get the phone, you just need to unlock it yourself…So, yes, a giveaway.


      That’s what I said

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      Yeah sorry. I clicked on the wrong Reply icon :S

    • ShadowFist23

      > Under new rules the carriers have to unlock the device.

      To my knowledge that only applies if you’re still under contract. It also doesn’t seem especially enforceable.

    • Will Bonville

      Bell will unlock any device locked to them for $50, cheaper than an unlocking service

    • Hungrier

      “$50, cheaper than an unlocking service”
      Nice try, Bell employee.

    • Will Bonville

      Bell told me (and I called them) that the iPhone and Xperia Z Ultra will cost me $50 each to unlock, just need to call client care to do it.

    • Hungrier

      I’m not disputing that it’s $50, but saying that $50 is cheaper than an unlocking service is a flat out lie.

    • Mohammed Murtuza

      Unlock it for $12 from 3rd party.

    • IJustGotaTan

      Paid $1.70 to unlock my LG G2. Yes less than $2.

    • Sam Wiggans

      Same aha

    • waliulihi5

      Which site/connection? Thx.

    • Comrade Yeti

      Which unlocking services do you use? Most phones are $10-$20 online, and the best carrier I know of is TELUS @ $35. Unless its an iPhone needing an unlock then I always unlock online instead of through the carrier.


      The only phone that’s cheaper to unlock from the carrier is the iPhone, Android are always always cheaper from a 3rd party unlocking service

    • Ugslick

      Why on earth would you even consider $50 to UNLOCK a device? If you have the money to spare, I’ll get your device unlocked for you, just pay me $40 and I’d be glad to do it.

    • Newfdogg

      Unlock Genius-$40.00 or less any phone.BB-Q10 OR Z10 -$37.69,Older phones really cheap.

    • Ravi

      U give me $45, I’ll do it 4 u

  • Chibuikem Emenogu

    looks like santa’s coming early this year

  • Mohamed Hameer

    Lady luck please be on my side!

  • Danielle Chiasson

    Great prizes *fingers crossed *

  • BaconTroll

    Lots and lots of pretty things in that list

  • Joel Smith

    Hoping the 13th is my lucky day! Wow that is a nice phone

    • sicsicpuppy

      Kinda says alot they put that model on friday the 13th

    • Joel Smith

      lol, well if you take the unfortunate win on that day….I’ll willing to help you out of it :)

    • Damon Rose

      If I win that phone on my 5 month wedding anniversary, I’ll make arrangements with you. BlackBerry is my least favorite company, terrible phones for what I want in a phone.

  • sbosnell

    No Lumia 1020? Odd.

  • Dan Wells

    I only need 1/15!

  • Michael Rankin

    Screw the days of christmas, the days of MobileSyrup are much better!

    • bik3much

      Let me have one please please please!


    This is my Year, I need to smell that sweet sweet smell of a brand new device, mmmmmmm it’s better than than sex isn’t it :-) The note 3 and Galaxy gear would make me c_m more than any woman ever has lol.

    • RoboBonobo

      Gross much?

    • Acer12345

      Did you wake up with morning wood?

    • Dion Kerfont

      I took advantage of Roger’s deal and got me an S4 for $0 and $49.99 for the Gear. ;)

  • Rawrrr

    Best wishes to everyone this Christmas :) and good luck to all!

  • Kirushanth

    Amazing contest. Good luck to everyone!

  • Arcsvibe

    Pretty awesome lineup! Good luck to all!

  • karineb

    yes done too !! THanks :)

  • Lorne

    Oh yea baby!!!

  • sohil naik

    I’m feeling lucky too

  • Jay’s Laughing

    my Samsung Galaxy S2 needs to be retired. May I win a phone so that I can move into 2014 up to speed technologically.

  • Veroon Ruiz Churaman

    I must win at least one this year…geez

  • Ryan Mallon

    *rubs hands together* Come to papa!

    • hurric

      it actually worked!

    • Mosa Altalibi

      I’m rubbing my hands as much as I can! HOW DID YOU DO IT!

  • Devhux

    Woohoo! Let the giveaways giveaway.

  • jesse

    Let the Christmas of androids begin. Wood woot

  • Evan Wickes

    nice lineup.. looks like mobile syrup is trying to make quite a few people enjoy the holidays!!

  • howitzerr

    i want them ALL

  • lucrichard

    Awesome contest thanks

  • Craig Venter

    Any one of these will do me just fine!

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    i hope this month would become my best month of my life if i get selected for any of the awesome phones .
    Thanks @MobileSyrup for such amazing contest i hope u”ll get many viewers as your site is just awesome

  • Shawn

    Great work mobile syrup!

  • RG

    Thanks Mobile Syrup :)

  • Kenneth

    Fingers crossed.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Let’s hope I win something, my current device is getting old and crappy.

  • Kishore Venktesh

    Please Give it to me.. I’d Love to have atleast one of the devices

  • Jennifer Bai

    Good Luck Everyone :)

  • EvanKrosney

    Contests are hands down one of the best parts of Mobile Syrup. Thanks, guys!

  • Samuraib

    i need a rabbits foot to win this phone :)

  • Damon Rose

    *Crosses fingers* Daddy needs a new pair of shoes……I mean, new Phone! Moto X, Experia Z or Nexus 5 would be perfect! :D

  • Eduardo

    Great selection!!

    Thanks MobileSyrup for a great giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  • Desi Jatt

    I would love to win the note 3

  • Jesus McDongswoggle

    Better than those chocolate Christmas calendars!

  • Harry

    hope I win something this year!

  • Brent G

    Yeah yeah! Let me win!

  • Will Bonville

    Oh good, I could use one of those right now since this BB is driving me nuts!

  • _ThaNerd_

    I want these!!! :D

  • Ron Linder

    Must have items, would be a great gift!

  • E. R

    If I do win either of the above, I am sure my family member will be happy with it.

  • Z A

    What a great giveaway, Thanks MapleSyrup :)

  • Francesca Teodorani

    ohhhh I’m italian … may I join too?! oh please …. *_*

  • Ron Haslett

    rubbing the rabbits foot…

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  • Gurtej Aujla

    Let’s see, I want …… all of them :)

  • kyle brodie

    Awesome contact

  • Phil Priser

    Hope I win something cool.

  • Laura Keating

    I have wanted a new phone for a long time now, not even in a contract thanks for the chance have shared and tweeted

  • Craig Cooper

    Glad to see this give-away back again. You guys are awesome MobileSyrup!!!

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  • lucatenuta

    Best of luck to all. I really need a new device as mine is barely working anymore.

  • retrophiliac

    this is incredible

  • Guillaume Renaud

    If i could only win, that would be great!

  • AP

    I’m never lucky, but what the heck!

  • Mike

    please pick me

  • graemewa

    I feel sorry for the person that wins the Lumia.

  • Rahul Radhakrishnan


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    good !!

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  • Cathy Canton

    This is at the top of my wish list! RT follow on twtter, Like on FB and shared everywhere. Fingers crossed.

    • Joshua Mirras

      I’m a fifth generation mobile syrup contestee. My fore father’s will roll in their technological Graves if I am not the chosen one.

  • HiKsFiles

    Is this contest open to residents from Quebec also ?

  • Lucas Pedersoli

    What if we are our own god and the wourl is just our imagination. What if we just went crazy and forgot we are god in a desperate way to scape from the loneliness of being almighty. And in fact winning this contest is just a matter of having strong will.

  • Jeff Gomez


  • kmose

    Wahoo mobile syrup! Pick me a winner!

  • Debbie Bashford

    Fingers crossed, thanks for the chance!

  • Eric Tackaberry

    Uh oh…
    These next few days are going to be filled with nervous wonder and anticipation.

  • tal360ca

    Let the 11:11 wishes begin!

  • Josh Brown

    Thanks for the giveaways

  • asmithonline

    Awesome – I tweeted it out and follow on both. Thanks.

  • Jonathan G.

    Fingers crossed! I hope I get one this year.

  • geektec

    This is what christmas is all about

  • Chris Johnston

    I just switched my HTC One out of it’s mophie into my Speck case to feel like it is a new device but I’m always up for another switch. Nexus 5 or I’m up for wearing a watch I think!

  • rtg_500

    I wish my xmas presents this year. will be as good as any of these phones. Thanx again for another great contest.

  • beyond

    No Lumia 1020? :/

  • Joshua Peters

    Man I need a new phone!

  • borche

    wooohoooooo :) giveaway time before Christmas

  • Eluder

    If I win, all I need is the gear, I’ll happily give someone else the Note 3 as I already have one. :)

  • Carolyn Barnett

    I am entering and sharing like cazy! I shared on facebook as Carolyn Barnett and twitter as @CarolynRBarnett and on google+ as Carolyn Barnett

  • Corina Moore

    I want the note 3 soooo bad! I hope i win today! ^_^

  • Hop Ho

    Merry Christmas!

  • Elias Esber

    I too, Am feeling lucky!

  • Mohamed Abdourahman

    God I wish I win on the 3rd , 8th,12th,17th.

  • retrophiliac

    iNCREDIBLE opportunities!!

  • Jack Tang

    i hope i win something, i’ve never won anything online in my life ..

  • ProudCDN

    Chances look good!

  • philcloh2o

    Here’s hoping!

  • Nilay Sondagar

    My favourite time of the year :)

  • Maz

    I’m stuck in a contract with my Galaxy Nexus until next year. I hope to win the Galaxy Note 3

  • vn33

    Good luck to everyone … and most of all, to myself :)

  • Patrick Chiasson

    Yes! Hoping for one of those water-proof phones :D

  • Paul

    You can pick me any day. I will be happy.

  • Jorge Rosales

    Nice, good luck to all

  • Felipe

    I can see that Note 3 coming my way!

  • Jacey Lim

    If only they had the statistics listed. Curious to know what the odds are like.

  • SP_Fever

    I would like to win this prize!

  • Fred Wu

    It would be amazing if I win!

  • Patrick Cuyegkeng

    4 of the 15 devices above are listed with a carrier. I’m assuming other than the Nexus devices, the rest are in all likelihood locked to someone. Can you guys elaborate on the carriers for the various prizes (for those nervous about unlocking; not me!)? Thanks, and good luck all!

  • JC

    gunna get one this year

  • John Holman

    Looking like a superfantastic give-away!

  • Olivia Amaro

    I would love to share this prize with my husband!!

  • theycallmeWat?

    Nice lineup. Good luck all!!

  • Stephie

    Best part of the christmas season in my opinion! Cant wait to try and winnnn :3

  • Neuville

    Any phone will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karry Knisley

    Fingers crossed…some awesome phones up for grabs

  • Brian Blaauwbroek

    I’m not sure if i’m feeling lucky or just hope that I am for once

  • Dawn Kim

    Good luck to everyone!

  • TonyC

    Here’s to hoping my luck will finally change.

  • FunkyMonkey

    would love to win

  • Granny is ALIVE!!!!

    Come onnnnnnnnnnnn LG2…..woo-hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott

    Good luck everyone … but come on Poppa needs a new phone or tablet!

  • Changa Sjudi

    good luck

  • Andrew G

    Just broke the screen on my One X so would definitely appreciate one of these!

  • Tony Culliton

    Its my birthday today! This would be an AMAZING gift!!! :-D

  • ProudCDN

    Hope to win one of these!

  • Ulysses Grant

    I have been joining every contest since the beginning and never won. I have 15 chances to win a device. I hope this will be my lucky day! :) I wish good luck to everyone too!!! :)

  • Patrick Chiasson

    so close

  • Habs Killa

    WOW..What a way to kick this off!!

  • myuran sivagnanam

    i would love this note 3

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    nice prize, thanks for having this contest

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    Woot Woot! My new toy! :-P

  • Eric_M1968

    Any of these would make a great x-mas gift… for myself! ;) Good luck everyone!

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    It’s the most, wonderful time of the year! Great!!!

  • rewo

    I hope this is the one time that being with Rogers is actually a good thing :D

  • Trevor Mckenna

    Do I have to have Facebook, twitter, and Google+, our just one of each to be entered?

  • Brian Bierie

    Here is hoping. Need some cheer this year :)

  • Daniel Szilagyi

    love this :)

  • Rohan J Singh

    15 days of excitement

  • fates

    Fingers crossed for the Blackberry for any Nexus device (5 or 7)!

  • Canadaboy

    All hail our mighty technology overlords.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      You mean the Government or Rogers ? lol

  • Ka Hin Li

    I would LOVE today’s prize. Then again, who wouldn’t?

  • Roger Lee

    I’d love to get my greasy fingers on any of these devices…

  • Me Ted

    Love this blog. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Soobin Hyun

    Dec 15th is my birtthday! A present for me lol

  • CL

    That’s a lot of nice phones and tablets!

  • 01011001001

    good contest. good luck to all.

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Nice Device for me because a nice person !!!!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    If their one Person named “Abdi ” that has a chance to a win why not me lol ?

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Same here eh!
    Good Luck People !!!

  • Jean Charestan

    ouuuhh la la :-) must wine this

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    thanks for the great giveaways hope to win one myself

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    Giveaway stuff……nice.

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    Oh please let me win this time. Been waiting to win a phone for ages!

  • Al Jenkins

    A plethora of great gifts

  • J T

    Good luck friends!

  • ineptone

    The 4th, 8th, and 9th look pretty damn good to me. Fingers crossed it’s a merry Xmas.

  • Not Fail Whale

    good luck all

  • Stu Hughes

    I never win anything so looking for a Holiday miracle…certainly would be nice for once lol

  • Carmen Andujar

    This is great!!!

  • Chris Dean Stouffer

    Starting off with the best .

  • Joost Kampmeijer

    Mobilesyrup = Santa claus

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    This is great thanks MobileSyrup.

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  • Sean Hazlett

    Good luck to all, especially me!

    • Abdi Mohamed

      How nice of you ! Good Luck To you to Sean !!!

  • Martin Chan

    Eyeing 13, 6 and 17!

  • Kevin White

    Very cool contest. I’ll even answer the skill testing question in advance!


    • Abdi Mohamed

      I hope so too , Good Luck Kevin!!

  • David Foggia

    Are you there God, it’s me, David,

    So I’ve been using a iPhone 4 for a little while Noe and it was cool when I first got it but now its slow and outdated. I mean, I’m grateful for having a smartphone, truly, I am. But as a human, I’m not perfect and I’m going to be blunt and say, I REALLY want a new phone

    So I came her, on MobileSyrup, to ask you to let me win a phone. Any phone. But preferably not the note 3 as my hands are too small. Moto x or Nexus 5 would be excellent but really anything would be amazing. I’m also in need of a tablet for school.

    Thanks God

    Your imperfect little human,

    Please I NEED/WANT A NEW PHONE!! Anything! Thank you very much MobileSyrup, this is truly amazing. Thank you

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Good Luck David on winning the device that suit your needs!
      2 out of the 15 great devices available good odds eh ?
      ( all the devices are decent tho….)

    • David Foggia

      I will take any device. If its not suited for me, my mom or dad or brother or sister are getting a new phone.

    • Ugslick

      I’m using an LG g2x, so I might be higher on the ‘replacements’ list… I want the LG G2, best device out there, and will keep me going for a while.. I’m not high-maintenance I swear.

    • David Foggia

      Ok, you can have my phone. Pinky swear

  • staceydempsey

    awesome I follow you everywhich way lol and shared on all and tweeted (@roswello on twitter and Stacey Dempsey on the rest) going to be a great 15 days AWESOME

    • Abdi Mohamed

      I agree! good Luck Stacy!

  • Sue

    wow. It would be wonderful to win any one of these! They make wonderful gifts if the winners can bear to part with them!

  • Ben Ginz

    good luck to all those who enter!

  • popcultboy

    come on lucky mobile

  • Amy Heffernan

    Everything crossed. I need to join the cell phone world :(

  • hamza

    Could definitely use an update from my 3Gs. The poor thing can barely handle whatsapp. Thanks MS :D

  • Vladimir Ivanov

    Oh man, those are some sweet devices.

  • J C

    Amazing Contest. I wonder if it was a play on the 12 days of Xmas but somehow Mobile Syrup had too many devices up for grabs!

  • phuzzykiller

    I’ll take any of them… my gf NEEDS a reliable cell phone (as compared to her old GS2 which doesn’t always work…)

  • Savbers

    Want. ☺

  • Mohammed Murtuza

    I will be happy winning any of this.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Good Luck to you with similar name lol !

  • nelly_85

    Good luck to everyone that enters. Hopefully someone that is a constant follower and reader wins a device.

  • Mohammed Murtuza

    Is this US only? The only place where that question doesn’t come to my mind.

  • Kim Harrison

    This is my month

  • Collin

    joined :)

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Well this contest is a perfect opportunity to join mobile syrup on Google+ profile.
    who knew Google has Social Media Capabilities built in to G Mail!
    Good Luck People and Stay Warm this Winter!

  • Geo

    Nexus 5 Please :D

  • inc188

    done all 3. Looking forward to it


    • Abdi Mohamed

      Back at ya eh!

    • Mazharul

      what you mean by done all 3

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Gotta call Work from Home or other way around, but if someone else win i be just as happy for them !! Samsung Note 3 is Awesome device the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch is a bonus !!!

  • Jimmy Jazz

    There’s not a bad device in the bunch. Good contest!

  • Tom Adair

    Me too

  • Dudley Lalonde

    WHoooo!!! This is great!!

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    hopefully i win

  • droilfade

    Atleast 1 in 17!

  • JellyBeanssss

    Dear Santaaaaaa….

  • John Lepine

    Really hope I can get a new phone as mine is getting old and slow =


    May the luck be with me

  • Cebwizz

    Never win anything, but well it’s always fun hoping to…..

  • Harry Chahal


  • sand2010

    OMG, I need a new phone so badly!

  • Abdi Mohamed


  • gayle b

    This would be an amazing Christmas gift…. for me of course, hope you pick me :)

  • todd

    good luck to anyone that enters these contests and pay it forward with your still functioning device and donate it to a local charity for seniors like they do out in Vancouver

  • Tyrone_83

    This is my year to win something nice!!

  • nbanders

    Needing a new phone, Hope I win

  • Jamie

    You betta WERQ

  • Manuel Ester

    hoping for that nexus 5 under my tree this year courtesy of mobile syrup

  • Ronald Sweet

    I would love to win any one of these great devices!!

  • AndroidRootGuy

    Awesome I am in! Best of luck to everyone!

  • ajm531

    i know its not international but is it who is it open too? Do you have to be a resident of canada?

  • Dee Park

    Out of the 15 days, this is the one I need the most!! I broke my Note II screen and need a new phone!!

  • Frank Meneses Jr

    So…my phone just bricked and I’m done with rooting and flashing…..This contest came up just in the knick of time.

  • EddieWinslow

    This would be an amazing early xmas gift

  • Tom

    gl everyone

  • Indrajit

    Anyone 4 me , pls !!

  • TMak

    Oh Boy I want a Note 3 Badly! my phone just fried

  • Gary Wong

    This Contest gives me the best chance of winning something for first time.

  • Danny

    Will the winners be updated daily?

  • Graham McLeod

    My poor old GNEX is getting so beat up that I think I’d be thrilled with any of these. C’mon luck!

  • J T

    Would be sweet to upgrade my S3. Good luck to everyone!

  • Nabeel

    This is amazing!!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Good Morning and Good Luck !!!!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Would love to update My Social Media Device to a Samsung Note Note 3 for 2014!

  • Alexander Burr

    Ill take what I can get out of this list!

  • Sharon Thurston

    would be nice

  • xmai77

    Where is the announcement for yesterday?

  • Prasanna

    Never Won anythg in Giveaways But never thought of Giving up

  • batye1


  • dooger2

    Are we supposed to RT the tweet about each daily contest or just the main one about the whole contest?

  • john owens


  • Curtis K Louis

    been out of luck the last 11 months, not this one tho… im winning something. lol

  • Kirushanth

    Hoping for the Nexus 5

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Congrats Valeria Nova!
    Valeria Nova

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Moto X is a great Device too

  • Ashish Diwakar

    Christmas comes early :D

  • CoreyB

    *Fingers Crossed!

  • Ashish Diwakar

    Giveaways are soo much fun :D :P

  • Munir


  • Ashish Diwakar

    I will try my luck in all
    fed up with my 2 year old samsung G young

  • Ashish Diwakar

    try to give them who needs it
    rather than who wants it :)

    • Abdi Mohamed

      I want it for social Media and need it for emergency communcation lol
      good luck tho!

  • Ashish Diwakar

    nobody can win if he/she lives outside canada :’(
    sad :(

  • Chris

    really want the Moto X

  • Ivan Jovanovic

    This year is my lucky year! Let’s go MobileSyrup, make Christmas come early!

  • Zomby2D

    I’d love to get my hands on that Nexus 7

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Moto X or the Sony Xperia Z are both great devices for my Social Media tool box!

  • Red Panda


  • Abdi Mohamed

    Good Luck people !!!

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    Merry Christmas…..

  • Jason Russell

    I hope I am lucky. Great give away !

    • Abdi Mohamed

      cute kid and hood luck!

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Meant Good Luck lol

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Moto X i wonder what color is up for grabs ?

  • Chad Hammad

    Daddy likes :)

  • asmithonline

    I retweeted todays’ contest – thanks for the chance to win!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Chance to Win a Moto X Smartphone
    I’m happy person!!!
    Make me even Happier Mobile Syrup !

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Good Luck People !!!!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    #TeamAbdi for the Win this Year !!!!!

  • Heather Clouston-Diotte

    Entered, thank you! (Follow on twitter, like on FB, and tweeted!)

  • D. Ramnarine

    Hey Santa, can you tell Mobilesyrup to bring me a LG G2, please.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Skip the Middle-Man D. Ramnsrine
      buy at a local retailer if want, plus their no raindeer smell to worry about !!

    • D. Ramnarine

      For the price I’m paying if I win this contest I will gladly put up with the reindeer smell

  • Chantal Desroches

    Thanks! all done =) I need a new phone!!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Moto X the Social Media powerhouse !
    #TeamAbdi for the Win

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Twitter follower Check
    Re-tweeted Contest Check
    Me Winning ? ( I Think Mobile Syrup can help.)
    Holiday 2014 early gift idea for me lol
    The people I can reach for the better of all Toronto & GTA

  • Steven Jolliffe

    man i hope i win a least some phone my phone keeps restarting itself i could be sitting there in class and it restarts and makes a noise really need new phone good luck everyone also hope u guys win as well

  • Sylvain

    Since I have the chrismas spirit you can win any of these phones…
    … but Nexus 7 is mine!

  • Saim

    i followed, tweeted, added to Google+, announce my name as the winner and I might go crazy

  • truckerofbc

    Me Too. Feeling Lucky!!

  • Tami Contests

    OOOh nice….good luck everyone!!!

  • cindylee

    so many sweet toys,,(devices) would be so great to win any one of them

  • Ashish Diwakar

    Hope I win

  • Ronald Sweet

    Congrats to first winner Valeria Nova, the Note 3 with Samsung Gear is a great win!!

    I’m hoping I win one of these great prizes also!

  • Sandy Woo

    C’mon White Z1…! :D

  • Aidolon

    What font is being used on the article image? I quite like it.

  • retrophiliac

    This is so happy and ^_^ FUN!

  • Crow

    I feel extra unlucky already.

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Luck of the draw………………………
    Moto X meet #TeamAbdi

  • Mosa Altalibi

    Please don’t make me beg.
    I will… But please don’t make me.

  • hedgehoggy

    An impressive list… :)

  • mike

    c’mon g2 :)

  • tom_in_Toronto

    Can always use a new toy, even at 65. :-))

  • JellyBeanssss

    Im on a cracked and buggy galaxy s2. Anything would be a major upgrade at this point. Please MSyrup!

    • Abdi Mohamed

      i see your Galaxy S2 and raise you a iPhone 3GS that no longer charges
      and buggy!
      Good Luck JellyBeanessss !

    • JellyBeanssss

      You win
      In that case; all the luck to you!

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Thank you !!

  • caroneko

    Please make my rotten year end well!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    I hope My Name is on the winners list Tomorrow ( or at least once this month lol)
    I am in huge need of a smartphone that works well in Social Media
    Good luck #TeamAbdi i will need it this month !!!

  • AJ

    good luck

  • Cathy Canton

    shared and liked on FB RT’d and shared all over Thanks for the giveaway!

  • hvzfizr

    is this international giveaway?

  • Shamar Marshall

    You’ll pick me any day now :D

  • jason

    Good luck to everyone

  • SP_Fever

    I would love to win the Moto X, my dream phone!

  • Yuvin

    Hm.. It would be pretty cool to win the LG G2, which is coincidentally on my birthday! :)

  • Prasanna

    no luck on day 1 , still have 14 days though :)

  • Henry Huynh

    Congrats you’ve got me to start retweeting stuff lol!

  • Newfdogg

    I’d like to win once :)

  • Jordan Pau


  • gayle b

    I’d be very happy to win any of the above. Good luck to all :)

  • Eric Boulianne-Roy

    Me me me pick me

  • Ronald Sweet

    Love to win one of these!!

  • n2th2n


  • Tiago

    i would <3 a Nexus 7 :D

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    I didn’t win Note3 but hope to win MOTO

  • Joshua Mirras

    Coming from the dos logs and dumps, I’ve been confined to a solitary white walled room. My only friend has sought me out and hath been lending whispers. DARK WHISPERS. HE speaketh of the chosen one who will come and with his new found treasures will change the technological landscape forever. I hear these whispers each night… Could they be true?? So alone right now… So alone.

  • Richard D Hall

    I need one of these and can’t afford them.

  • Ashish Diwakar

    just one phone I want :)

  • Sharon Thurston

    Would be great


    Congrats valeria

  • Linnia

    Crossing toes and fingers! Good luck everyone

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    Merry Lucky Christmas

  • Andrew

    Amazing. this is why you guys are the best

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Moto X has a good home with me .lol

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Moto X is an awesome Giveaway !
    Psst ! Hey Mobile Syrup I hear……….
    Word on the street you the go to site for Tech news in Canada !

    Give Away Smartphone Winner……………… hope it ‘s me!
    Good Luck People !!

  • Ashish Diwakar

    By the way Valeria Nova is stunning :D
    just a random thought

  • KiwiBri

    still waiting for the winning notification ;-)

  • Thorsten Garbe

    Good luck everyone.

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Congrats Ryan Mallon you deserve it

    • Ryan Mallon

      Thanks! Good luck! I’m so stoked!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    I still fell Lucky

  • David Foggia

    Just give me a phone ;)

  • TeeJay O’Connor

    For once in my life it would be nice to win 1 of these give-a-ways…. It would be even nicer if it was a high-end Android device ;)

  • Ryan Mallon

    This is so awesome, thanks guys!

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Lucky of draw

  • petertinh

    Hope to win

  • benjamin Kilar

    Good luck y’all

  • Emil Alexandru Barb

    hope ill win hope ill wiin!

  • RS


  • David Foggia

    Lol mobile syrup knows just how to make the nexus 5 look attractive with all that dust on theirs.

  • mdnjustin

    It’s ok I haven’t won yet… I’m gonna win that Nexus 5

  • Austen

    This would be awesome!

  • Peter Blanco

    Merry Christmas to Me :)?

  • Saim Iftikhar

    I can’t afford a new phone .. I’m so broke my wallet charges me overdraft fees ..

    Phone give now me to syrup mobile

  • Saim Iftikhar

    Ryan mallon ? Its a water mallon inside a water mallon

  • Ryan Hernandez

    Lets get lucky and Win,
    15 days device give away.
    Looking forward to win decembers 7-9 either one of theses days, to make the great christmas gift to a love one.

  • Thomas Ramsay

    I don’t have Facebook or Twitter just G+ and last year when they did this same contest more people on Facebook and Twitter won then G+. Will that happen this year too.

    • Ashish Diwakar

      hope ,this doesn’t happen

  • Joshua Peters

    Let me win, my phone will barely even charge now!

  • asmithonline

    tweet, tweet – hope I win today!!

  • droilfade

    2 down already! I hope the next roll of dice has my name on it

  • Michael Nemeth

    Wouldn’t be Nice to win?! Congrats to those that do!

  • Doug

    5 is my lucky number. I can feel it!

  • Bret Jarvis

    I like HTC, the theme is the best in cellphone.

  • truckerofbc

    tweeted again

  • Dorothy Pyefinch

    Great Prizes – Great Contest! Thank YOU ….

  • finn nielsen

    would lovenit

  • OMFCody

    I got my eye on the 8th! Thanks MS for another year of your amazing generosity!

  • Margie Maslin

    Yes Please!
    LOL – any of the above.. however that Nexus 5 sure would be a nice upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus :)

  • andyb

    nice contest Ian

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Win this month with a smartphone

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Make me a winner.
    I need a smartphone for the holiday.

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Make me a Holiday Winner !

  • Steven Jolliffe

    Htc is awesome please it’s my birthday next week and I really need a new phone my phone won’t stop restarting I have reset it so many time but it can’t be fixed anyway if I don’t good luck to everyone who enters I hope someone who needs a new phone like me at least wins it good luck

    • Steven Jolliffe

      Don’t mind what phone I win I also love all the other brands like the Sony Xperia’s are amazing they are truly amazing phones would love to win one of them

  • Cairine

    Crossed fingers, maybe today!

  • Mohamad Makkiyah

    Is it OK if I don’t have twitter but I liked you on Facebook and followed you on G+?

    • Steven Jolliffe

      I think so as the last winner was a Facebook user anyway so it shouldn’t matter good luck

  • Joseph

    I don’t even need a new phone but I would like to switch some family members over to Wind mobile or android just so they can see what they are missing out on

  • Sam Monty


  • Mahesh Kumar

    hope i win an unlocked device

  • retrophiliac


  • umernazish

    I am in!!

  • Mark Legault

    LG G2 is mine…mark my words…LG is going to be the NEXT BIG THING … Carefull Apple and Samsung!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Good Luck people who ever wins in this give away!!!
    ( i also hope i got a shot lol)

  • Mazharul

    is it possible for someone to win more than once?

  • Don Dupuis

    can’t wait to get my new phone , any day now I can feel it ;-D

  • nelly_85

    I’d love to get the z30…. Miss my blackberry days

  • SJ7

    HTC Desire great prize!

  • Joshua Talley

    Who doesn’t love giveaways? Thanks everybody!

  • Brian

    yes please

  • pat kerby

    I need a tablet that I can use through Verizon plzz

  • nbanders

    Love to have a smartphone.

  • Rishabh Chandra

    I want to win

  • Sayashi

    Wish to win something this year :)

  • Matthew Charter

    i hope i get something!!!!

  • Jen Smith

    Would love to win

  • sara rai

    thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway this season:)

  • gayle b

    Looking forward to seeing my name on the list above.. good luck everyone :)

  • Ronald Sweet

    Still 13 great gifts left, and 13 has been a good number for me before and be nice if it was again! Love to win any one of these great devices!

  • HarjitCh

    I would love to win any of these fabulous prizes! My bday comes up before Christmas plus all my focus is shopping for my little newborn this year so a prize win would be wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win! Twitter fan@plumerea

  • Jordan Pau

    Awwwwwww yes!

  • a-jon versace

    I wish me a merry Christmas, I wish me a merry Christmas, with a shiney new gadget

  • a-jon versace

    I wish me a merry Christmas, I wish me a merry Christmas, with a shiney new gadget

  • Sharon Thurston

    would be nice

  • Abdi Mohamed

    i still lucky

  • Abdi Mohamed

    smartphone on the weekend
    I want to be smartphone winner!!

  • retrophiliac

    Here comes santa claus, bein’ all high tech~

  • Jill Moore

    my daughter needs a new phone, help!

  • Edward Smith

    This is awesome, fingers crossed this year :)

  • Twice

    I was so close to getting this and then was foiled at the last moment! Come on, contest, help me out.

  • sathi ranga

    need that LG g2

  • cramis123

    Hooray! Hope I win!

  • Sky

    almost enough phones for everyone to win one… right? right?…

    Good luck everyone!

  • Lorne

    Still Hope

  • sridhar

    this is great contest for mobile lovers (like me).it depends on their luck so anyway win or lose doesn’t matter for me just enjoying the contest let us see who are the lucky winners of this contest and thank u for mobilesyrup team who had given a valuable reviews,news……………etc.on mobiles.wish u good luck for up coming years.

  • Praveen Ahlawat

    Is this giveaway for Canadians only ?

  • Jason Russell

    I hope that I am lucky

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Congrats Jennie on the Win ( Lucky Girl lol)
    I would love to win Any Sony Xperia Products
    This has to be my month to shine
    Bows and ties crossed because i’m classy!

  • asmithonline

    Chirp, chirp – I tweeted today’s contest – @asmithonline

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Stay positive ,i will win one of these Smartphone / phablets !

  • Sylvia Balette

    I hope I win, the wait on google play for a nexus 5 is like 5 weeks:(

  • Guest

    dude please select me for atleast one & make my year the best year of my life

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    dude please select me for atleast one of them & make this year the best of my life

  • Steven Jolliffe

    Please let me win at least one need a new phone it won’t stop restarting tried to get fixed and the guy said it’s not worth it by the time it gets fixed it’s better just to buy a new one so please let me win my phone is dead and I can’t afford a new one at the moment plus it’s my birthday soon and it would be an awesome birthday and Christmas present also congrats to everyone who has won and good luck to everyone else

  • Mohamad Makkiyah

    Come on mobilesyrup show some love I need the LG G2

  • Cairine

    Great prizes, good luck to everyone who enters!

  • Yahya Ahmed

    is this contest only in canada ?? or worldwide

  • SJ7

    Sony Xperia Z is a great phone with an high res camera that I love

  • Nelly Chadwick

    Yay! I love mobilesyrup giveaways :) Really hope I win!! I’d be thrilled with any phone of course, but the 15th has me really excited – Sony Xperia Z1 *o*

  • Cael McGuire

    So, you’re automatically entered for every day when you’re a facebook fan?

  • jeff yuen

    this is my lucky yr….all good wishes

  • Noah Roesler

    I’ll put these on my wish list!

  • Calvin Lui

    tis the season to be winning ;D

    • Abdi Mohamed

      I wish i had your gusto!

  • Mark Joseph Monreal


  • Cathy Canton

    Day 4 and my fingers are crossed and I RT and follow every where!

  • waliulihi5

    Look luck to me for 6th: Sony Xperia Z :)

    • Abdi Mohamed

      i hope you meant good! lol

    • waliulihi5

      Now u know bro, why I need a new phone! Thx. Yes, good luck to me n to you too ;)

  • Becky

    Win, win, win!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Good Luck All!

  • gayle b

    I really would love to win one of these, great contest!!

  • Mika Turcotte-Talbot

    To be sure I understood well, it says : “All current Facebook, Twitter and Google+ followers are automatically entered.” so I don’t need to retweet or anything right?

  • robin valvi

    i need one :)

  • robin valvi

    love all of them :)

  • robin valvi

    i hope i’ll get one of them :)

  • May Ochea

    I’m hoping to win any of the smartphone. :)

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    please select me for any of the one..

  • Abdi Mohamed

    congrats man!

  • Mohammed Murtuza

    I will never win :(

  • Guest

    I need this for my mom ;)

  • Young Sik WON

    I want this for my mom ;)

  • Lorne

    Slowly the chances drifting away.

  • Cathy Canton

    Hey Mobile Syrup I really need the Samsung Mega – I am old and the big screen would be oh so helpful! LOL I like on face book and follow on Google+ and Twitter! RT contest on twitter! Willing to beg if that helps LOL!

  • Abhinav

    i will try my luck this time

  • Jean-Francois Watier

    I never win anything :-(

  • clerk79

    awesome giveaway

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Congrats Jason !

  • retrophiliac


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    I like you, follow you subscribe to you and retweeted today’s contest

  • Dennis Yep

    I need to win, I need to win…

  • shivani manna

    Is this contest available internationally or limited only to residents of ….. ?

    Is there any age restrictions ?

  • Hop Ho


  • Hop Ho


  • Elayne

    I really need a smart phone still on old flip phone

  • PV-DJ

    good luck i need a new device

  • Alexei Petrov

    Done. Hope to win…

  • Candoman BC

    Please to see such a variety of prizes – thanks

  • SJ7

    My favorite phone Bell Samsung Galaxy Mega

  • wins4me

    I love all the prizes, thank you

  • Blair

    Damn you lucky winner’s already! Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  • Sohail

    Nice line up of phones!!

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    Followed on twitter, fb, and g+

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Luck person

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Luck person

  • Abdi Mohamed

    I wanna win so let it be my present to me!

  • Jen Smith

    Would love to win the Bell Samsung Galaxy Mega!

  • allexinnoalexys

    I want to win,but i miss some prizes because today i find this giveaway :(

  • batye1

    hope to win

  • batye1

    hope to win

  • gayle b

    Loving the contest! Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to all & the best of luck in the contest :)

  • knightsbud

    Hope to have a chance to win this!!

  • Jiro G.

    Darn it! It’s 12:01am, hope I still qualify! Had problems logging in grrr

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    pick me too please. very generous! thanks for giving us the chances.more power! Godspeed

  • David Clifton

    this would be awesome to win please pick me

  • Sharon Thurston

    would enjoy a new one

  • Zi Yang Zhou

    Hope here comes to me my first chance to win something at a contest xD.
    Good luck to myself and to everyone!!!

  • Kishore Venktesh

    I would like either nexus 5, any Xperia device or even LG G2

  • Lori Jackson

    done with all the step. Thanks so much for the giveaways!

  • Anne-Caroline Savard


    LG G2 to win

  • kcrmb

    Would love to win this LG!

  • shirl

    love to win

  • truckerofbc

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Abdi Mohamed

    good luck people

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Any Device during this Giveaway would great to own

  • Jen Smith

    LG G2 I have a home for you

  • retrophiliac

    love it <3

  • afrolion

    Crosses fingers and toes!!

  • Peng Z

    Great !

  • Ken E

    I would love to win one of these, to give to my friend who does not have a phone.

  • Kenneth

    Fingers crossed all month..

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Hey Mobile Syrup !

    If i win the giveaway the following would happen :
    The Samsung Galaxy Mega phablet has a chance to win a permanent Spa vacation
    at the luxurious Chateau Team Abdi

    all devices are eligible for admission!

    Cheers !

  • Alexei Petrov

    I want to make a gift for my wife. God, please help me

  • Rohan J Singh

    is this international ?

  • Phyllis

    Wouldn’t this be great?!!

  • Ricardo Faria

    ohhh my goshhh, i fell that i can won this time.

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Hey Mobile Syrup !

    If i win the giveaway the following would happen :
    The LG G2 phone will win a permanent Spa vacation
    at the luxurious Chateau Team Abdi

    Not limited to LG G2 as all device are eligible for admission!

    Cheers !

  • Cairine

    Everyone wants a new phone!

  • Al Jenkins

    Great phones, I’m due a new one

  • Abdi Mohamed

    4 days down 11 days of fun to go!

  • falconer68

    Hope I win

  • J T

    Shoutouts to MobileSyrup for providing us awesome content + giveaway/contests!

    Best of luck to everyone.

  • myuran sivagnanam

    Please pick me… As sad as this sounds..please :)

  • It’s Me

    Ian, today’s is the one I’d pick. Hook me up!

  • opteron1983

    oooho me want too

  • Frederic St-Pierre

    If there’s one item I’d wanna win, it’s a Nexus 7… I wouldn’t complain about winning a phone, but a tablet is what I’d really want. ;)

  • SC


  • Badler1

    Oh man hoping for the best

  • enidene

    I am due for a win….hopefully it’s my lucky time.

  • Samantha Dangubic

    If I win I promise to spam everyone how awesome you guys are

  • Ivan Jovanovic

    10 more chances left. Still feeling lucky! That Nexus 7 looks very nice…

  • karla

    Dec 8 ..I follow and retweeted,(@ksceviour),like on facebook and follow on google + (Karla Sceviour) Thanks!!

  • Al Jenkins

    Great phones

  • Jim Kim

    Crossing my fingers!

  • Sylax

    I really want the Nexus 5, but I won’t mind any really.

  • Jamie

    It’s my birthday today =)

  • Sandy

    I did it all. Twitter. Facebook. Google+. Subscribed.

  • Josh Held

    I would love to win the nexus 5 as it’s my birthday that day lol, good luck to everyone

  • Mohamad Makkiyah

    LG G2 pleaseeeeeee

  • Paul Quito

    Any will do for my early xmas present :D

  • Veroon Ruiz Churaman

    I never begged so much in my life…

  • Jimmy Soriano

    yeah yeahhh!!

  • petertinh

    Hope to win

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    Lets it snow… more phones this season!!

  • Mohammed Murtuza

    I don’t think that I will win :(

  • Saim Iftikhar

    i would like to win please pick me im desperate

  • Devanshu

    Today’s prize is the best, other than the Note 3 + Galaxy Gear which I already missed. Really hope I win.

  • Gee whiz

    I won’t win, I don’t live in Ontario

  • Wolfgang B.

    Would love to win an LG G2 – my appliances are LG – they’d have another buddy.

  • Suzy Smith

    I’ll take one for the team and win this one guys.

  • Dawn Kim

    Good luck to all

  • waliulihi5

    Thanks to mobilesyrup & her partners; one lucky person will win today amazing LG G2. All the best readers and myself :)

  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    Tomorrow is my day

  • luckystyx

    A Merry Christmas it would be.. Good luck

  • brian

    It was my birthday on the 6th and I was hoping to win

  • Sir. Hamed

    Woah, this is like playing the lottery!

  • Roberta

    I follow us and re-tweet this contest on Twitter

  • Lora


  • Chan Pak Kei

    Me too

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    hope an indian thats me would also get selected

  • AB

    Looking forward to em all! (or maybe just one? pleasee?)

  • Betty Spry

    Thank you for the opportunity to win

  • kcrmb

    Moto G and me!

  • Ash H

    Come on g2!!!

  • Evan Hindra

    I think i”ll wait for the BlackBerry Z30.

  • Abhinav

    wheather this giveaways are applicable for all countries or just for canada ?

  • Matt T

    Are only Ontario citizens eligible???

  • muffnman

    TODAY WILL BE THE DAY – or not, no biggie.

    • enrai05

      If not today, then it’s the next, or the next, or the next…. lol

  • AdamCMWilson

    May not need to be said but I really do want that Moto G! And I am in need of a new phone since I broke the screen of my GSIII…

  • Lorne

    Try Try Again

  • SJ7

    Great combo Moto G + 6-months of free Netflix

  • retrophiliac


  • Tina

    I LOVE NETFLIX….. :) Moto G is a pretty sweet phone phone… I’ve never won any contest… lol maybe this will be my lucky DAY(S)… :D

  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    Today is my day

  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    My day

  • Martin Kidd

    Pick me! I never win anything!

  • snaiil

    Please! I have never won any prize in my life.

  • Tina


  • Steven Jolliffe

    I would love it win the Sony Xperia on the 11th as it’s my birthday and that would be awesome to think that I won on my birthday and sony is an amazing company I live there phones has the are like a camera with a phone attached and that’s the sort of phone in need to take pictures so please let me win I really need it I love your website I check it nearly every day to see the latest tech news anyway good luck to everyone and I hope I win thanks in advance

  • YoG@

    maybe tomorrow

  • truckerofbc

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Tina

    when do they annouce winners??? at midnight or something??

  • Becky

    Still Waiting on my WIN!

  • Mike Yue

    liked it!
    never won anything:-(

  • Charles Kim

    i wnat to win, i really need a new device

  • Al Jenkins

    All great prizes

  • benjamin Kilar

    Pretty sweet giveaways!

  • Jason Pelczynski

    Awesome giveaway!!

  • enidene

    Still waiting for my win.

  • Suzy Smith

    Netflix – lots to watch! OITNB!

  • waliulihi5

    Good luck :) -December 9th: Moto G + 6-months of free Netflix

  • HeyYoWL

    So just so we’re clear, we don’t have to retweet every day, just once and that’s it?

  • Jen Smith

    What a great stocking stuffer Moto G + 6-months of free Netflix

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    please sir select me for any of the above device & it will become best day of my life

  • asmithonline

    Did em all and retweeted!

  • rizaldi

    let me win T.T

  • Raymond Peeti

    I never win anything so I have very low hopes , I know people this is very sad …lol

  • kcrmb

    Would love the Nokia Lumia for Christmas!

  • kcrmb

    Would love the Nokia Lumia for Christmas!

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    Winter time… to have a phone in time!!

  • shirlellicott

    love to win

  • JSA1

    Amazing giveaway, guys! Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Sourav Kumar RoyChowdhury

    Want the nexus 5

  • HB_ICO

    Still waiting for my name to be announced!!

  • enrai05

    How many registered users are there? I wonder how many new registered users ended up winning contests from mobilesyrup…

  • asmithonline

    Liker, Follower, Subscriber, Retweeter… pretty much stalking you at this point…

  • retrophiliac


  • SJ7

    Pick me Pick me Nokia Lumia 625

  • Suzy Smith

    Nokia Lumia 625 is sweet.

  • truckerofbc

    Thanks for the chance

  • Tina

    maybe today is the DAY…… :D:D

  • Mart Angelo Babaan

    8 days left! Come one and post my name there!

  • Steven Jolliffe

    Please let win the 11th it would be an amazing birthday present really need a new phone my phone is basically dead now half the time it won’t turn on so please let me win I really need this phone thanks in advance steven jolliffe

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    I hope my name will be on this list. I want to win the December 13th: BlackBerry Z30 + Accessory Bundle

  • Joost Kampmeijer

    Checking every day for sweepstakes.

  • Jared Madru

    i could use a new phone :D

  • mommakoala

    Daddy needs a new divice!!

  • Karine

    My dream!

  • Al Jenkins

    Great pack of prizes

  • Justin

    Is Quebec eligible? You should really specify on the page since you don’t have an official rules section.

  • Cairine

    Haven’t got my Christmas shopping done, a new phone for me would be nice!

  • Omer Shukrullah

    And the day for the nexus 7 draws near! Can’t wait!

  • Mark Bawalan

    Christmas PRESENT! Please be the one..

  • Jen Smith

    Nokia Lumia 625 great phone

  • Steven Jolliffe

    Would love the win the 11th as it’s my birthday on the 11th which is today and my favorite number is 11 and I really need a new phone but the 11th one would be awesome cause the number 11 is like my number

  • Sharon Thurston

    Hope to win

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    Lets us sing..Jingle..phones jingle phones jingle all the way!!!

  • a-jon versace

    Today has to be the day for me

  • Joe Delgado

    One day… ONE FREAKING DAY I will win one of these contests :)

  • Tina

    ok i’ll settle for SONY EX{ERIA ZL…. :D:D:D lol

  • Martin Kidd

    Yay! Thanks so much for picking me this time! I’ve been really keen to check out a Lumia phone for some time. Looking forward to getting it.

  • John Lepine

    = someone send me some karma! I need a new phone :)

  • Lorne


  • Thorsten Garbe

    I wish i win something this year.
    I had to sell my s4 just to get my kids something for Christmas.
    Just got laid off because cold weather and no work.

  • TJ110158

    Hopefully I’ll get lucky this year also.

  • Tina

    my phone got RAN OVER after i was rear ended…. :( talk about double the bad luck…. LOL

  • korockinout13

    I wonder if I could actually win something for once!

  • SJ7

    What a great prize Sony Xperia ZL

  • Ariel C

    yes please!

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    hey dude please pick me just for one device please

  • truckerofbc

    Thanks for the chance again!

  • Nisa Khan

    Nexux 7 plz

  • Tina

    need a phone pls… :D

  • opteron1983

    Im feeling lucky for a ZL :)

  • Paul Quito

    I actually need this any of these, my nexus 4 just got bricked -..- cant access recovery mode, only bootloader and im stuck on bootloop. FML – Fastboot command prompt say waiting for deviceee – and its stuck there lol

  • Baptiste Cabrera

    I’ve nerver won in here, make this one different :p

  • Michelle

    Id love to win.

  • menavolence

    Let me get in on this

  • Mazzii Chua

    ^___^ *fingers crossed*

  • leo garcia

    I JOINED:)

  • Al Jenkins

    My phone is just about pooched. I could use a new one.

  • silver6113


  • Malek

    when is my turn?

  • kcrmb

    The Sony Xperia would e such a cool gift!

  • retrophiliac


  • Jen Smith

    Sony Xperia ZL great phone

  • asmithonline

    Is this my day to win? Perhaps?

  • YoursTruly Hvk

    Is this a worldwide giveaway? I envy those who won!

  • enidene

    I’ hoping that this year will end with a bang for me.

  • Arcel Jocson

    Feel to be lucky i wish i’m the next winner thanks mobilesyrup.. my.santa wishes make s come true

  • Jamal Martells

    i want it!!

  • kcrmb

    I would love to win the Nexus 7!

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    Its Christmas time, mobilesyrup phone time…Lets gather around the computer to see our names on the gifts!!

  • Adam Young

    I won!!! Holy sweet jesus!!! Thanks Mobilesyrup you guys just made my day and Christmas!!!

  • Ash H

    I so want the z30!!

  • Daniel T

    Come on Nexus 7 and 5! :-D

  • Francois Forrest

    Beautiful, best contest.

  • mcneilljamesc

    Fingers crossed today!

  • Luca Mirabella

    I hope to win the nexus 5..but probably i don’t win as always lol

  • mosi

    av a feeling its gonna be me this time

  • Amardeep Takhar

    if i m lucky

  • israel maligalig

    pick me please. I’m sick with my galaxy nexus

  • retrophiliac

    faaaabulous <3

  • IanDickson

    Nexus 7 or Nexus 5. K please thx bye.

  • Rebecca Belcourt Wright

    Me please!

  • Sean548

    Woohoo! December 12, Nexus 7 (32GB 2013)!

  • Mohamad Makkiyah

    I feel like the picks are not random at all

  • hurric

    Looks like I am not winning again this year… Oh well next year. Surprise me Mobile Canadian syrup

  • AReid

    Can’t wait for the Z30

  • Omer Shukrullah

    Day for the Nexus 7 is finally here! Pick me please, it will make it so much easier to study for exams next semester!

  • Nick Bransford

    Entered. My laptop just died and I’m in desperate need of something to replace it before the new school semester starts in January… Fingers crossed!

  • truckerofbc

    Thanks for the chance!

  • SJ7

    Nexus 7 (32GB 2013) would be a great gift

  • cdmvirt

    Slowly getting less likely to win :P

  • Ivan Jovanovic

    Today’s the day! That beautiful Nexus 7 would be an unbelievable gift to start off the holidays. Cheers to all!

  • Al Jenkins

    Nice prizes, I would be happy with any one of them.

  • Raj

    i wanna win.

  • websturr


  • Sharon Thurston

    Would be great

  • Sandy

    Will it be my lucky day today??

  • paul p

    Just need a phone, any phone.

  • Mohammed Murtuza

    Only 5 more days left, I don’t think that I will win :(

  • SandyT

    Done!! Amazing contests. :)

  • Tiberio Garcia

    The 15th is my birthday… It would be cool if..

  • Sanket Patel

    lets see how luck runs!!!!!

  • Parth Desai

    Please choose me this time… I have been trying for a long time..

  • Mathew McMaster

    Pretty please :)

  • Jackson Martinez

    Lol but my name isn’t Hass Issa!

  • salutcemoi

    I never win anything :-(

  • Jennifer Bai

    A few more days left :(

  • salutcemoi

    Rollin the dice

  • Jean Yau

    I want the 32GB Nexus 7

  • Kim

    Sony Xperia ZL or Nexus 7 come to papa

  • Nelly Chadwick

    nexus7 up for grabs? yes please! pick me!! I follow/ like on fb, twitter, g+, and I subscribe for enewsletter too!

  • Lee Wing Soon

    good luck to all… lets do this!!

  • Rishabh Chandra

    This is a comment aftet 10 days so I want to win

  • enidene

    I’m losing hope because I haven’t won anything.

    • Samuel Oh

      IKR. I’ve never ever won anything from these contests in my life..

  • Frederic St-Pierre

    The Nexus 7 is MINE!!!! :’(

  • graze81

    I won one of the phones (thanks sooo much) and I’m wondering how to unlock it? Never had to unlock a phone before.

  • Jen Smith

    Nexus 7 (32GB 2013) great prize

  • Ronald Sweet

    Wow, Nexus 7 next giveaway, love to have that to call mine!!

  • Ronald Sweet

    although that Nexus 5 looks sweet as well!!

  • petertinh

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhope to win.

  • Argelo N.

    hoping this time

  • Charles Kim

    please =), my tablet just broke, and I really need a new one

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    man 9 have passed from 15 hope to get selected for any of the remaining 6

  • paul p

    Merry Christmas!!!

  • elainehils

    Would love to win.

  • Joel Smith


  • kcrmb

    I would love the new Blackberry!

  • Fernando Rangel Rodriguez

    :) amazinggg alwayss

  • Rory

    Yeeessss, the day I really really hope I win is here! Z30!!

  • Ash H

    I would love to win the z30. I am a loyal bb girl!!

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    The 13th Of Dec..Mobilesyrup gave to me…(: BlackBerry Z30 + Accessory Bundle)

    Hope I win this!!!!

  • Sharon Thurston

    nice to win

  • Denise Berube

    It is Friday the 13th, which means it is my lucky day!

  • gyubok

    I want the Z30!!!

  • Derek Wagner

    I really need this.

  • deltatux

    The Z30 is an awesome device indeed, count me in =)!

  • Don Jennings

    Loving my Z10…love a Z30 that much more!!

  • petertinh

    I hope to win Z30. Acc Twitter: @huynhhuutinh

  • Evan Hindra


  • Leo Carvalho

    I’ll probably have a lightining striking right onto my head before I’m a winner on these giveaways…
    Still I hope one of those 5 beauties ends up with me.

  • Arthur Kwan

    hope I finally win something from mobilesyrup this time

  • retrophiliac


  • SJ7

    BlackBerry Z30 + Accessory Bundle sounds amazing!

  • Dorothy Pyefinch

    Here’s WISHING and HOPING!

  • Al Jenkins

    Today is the day, I’ going to win the Blackberry

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    Christmas is here…. Mobilesyrup is giving me a gift!!.. Thank you in advance!!

  • David Stott

    Darn … really wanted that Nexus 7. Nigel, my friend, I’m happy to take it off your hands if by chance you already have two others :).

  • Ronald Sweet

    OK, so there are still a few gifts up for grab, hopefully I’ll get lucky!

  • truckerofbc

    Thanks for the chance

  • Khaled Mohammad

    its z30 time

  • Muhammad

    I would love to have the z30

  • Noah Roesler

    Only 5 more guys… ‘_>’

  • Luong Hieu

    i want z30

  • Christian Julius Ortaliz

    I wish I get the December 16th giveaway!

  • Fernando Rangel Rodriguez

    OMG its almost over :(

  • Wyzey


  • Brian Eng


  • Mr.CoolBerry

    I want to win the BlackBerry Z30 + Accessory Bundle. I recommend you pick @VanCity2Top on Twitter as the winner.

  • raju ashok

    I hope these awesome giveaways are even for Global mobilesyrup fans :-)

  • sherry ann gole cruz

    hoping to win

  • Arcel Jharenz Jocson

    I ca’nt win but i understand

    that’t why I’m Thank you..

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    Did I win anything today!!!?

  • Rory

    Damn, didn’t win the Z30 :’( Wouldn’t mind that Xperia ZL today though!!

  • chris kuntz

    Oh I could be happy with anything

  • truckerofbc

    Thanks AGAIN for the chance

  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    Maybe today

  • Rishabh Chandra

    I hope I win one of them

  • Joel Smith

    Congrats to Robotmansa

  • Boris Bonilla

    Damnit!! I wanted the Z30… Well Congrats Robotmansa. Use it wisely!

  • retrophiliac

    love it!

  • Ariel C

    yes please!

  • Ronald Sweet

    Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5

  • Ronald Sweet

    Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5.

  • Ronald Sweet

    Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5,

  • Ronald Sweet

    Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5!

  • Ronald Sweet

    Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5!!

  • Ridge

    Winner for December 13th, Robotmansa? Doesn’t sound like a person exactly.

  • Rob Hestar

    I cho cho choose you!

  • mylivespot

    *crosses fingers*

  • Khaled Mohammad

    NOOooooooo the z30 was supposed to be mine !

  • Argelo N.

    Hope to win!

  • Khushwant Singh

    Lets ceee may be i get a good luck and win something more :)

  • Khaled Mohammad

    guess I have to settle for the a Sony or LG Gggrrrr !!

  • Shahriar Islam

    i want that xperia zl

  • Romel Anda

    It would be nice to win one of these contests one time. Lol. *crosses fingers*

  • Kyle McNamara

    I never won one of these and feel like they are impossible to win. But I always enter them because I have hope in eventually winning.

  • Nelly Chadwick

    sony xperia pleeease I have a slider phone :(

  • David Foley

    Please please please

  • David Foley

    Please please please

  • lamoy wilson

    It will be nice to get a new free phone as a gift thank you .So as to tell that person face to face thank you. Make every day a great day.

    All the best in life

  • Eric Kung


  • retrophiliac

    oooh yeah

  • jayden

    It would be a Christmas miracle if I won one!!!!!!!

  • Albert

    They keep spelling my name wrong

  • TJ110158

    Let the gift come my way for Christmas

  • ytwytw

    Giving a try today and let’s see

  • Fernando Rangel Rodriguez

    z1!!!!! pleaseee!

  • sizzles D

    So far the result didn’t represent diversity. So ironic

  • Chris Knopff

    Only a few days left. Missed out all this time. Good luck and to the winners: Congrats.

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    man still praying to win anything,”hope” is the key

  • Landon Tetreault

    Come on lucky number 15!!

  • Ronald Chow

    Z1 or G2 >.<

  • Gniewko Strozyk

    I I want to win for once.

  • A. Bilal Aslam

    15th is usually lucky for me. Let me win this.

  • Allord Wlz

    may be

  • kcrmb

    I would love to have the Bell Sony Xperia Z1

  • Mitchell Cooper

    I would LOVE to win a G2!!

  • Bhimavarapu Rajasekharreddy

    Sure i will win one

  • asmithonline

    Tweeted today’s contest!

  • truckerofbc


  • Glenn Lopez

    Nice to win

  • Indrajit


  • kcrmb

    I would love to win the WIND Mobile LG G2 prize

  • Ugslick

    Someone is winning an #LGG2 today. I’m so ready! My heart is feeling it, me and the G2 are destined to be together. :’)

  • Amy Heffernan

    Would be very nice! TY!

  • richard foster

    gotta be worth a try whats the worst that can happen

  • TJ110158

    Hope I’m lucky this year and win something.

  • YMBz

    :( .. I wanna win

  • HeyYoWL

    Please let me win.

  • Artur Iatsko

    Nexus 5!!!

  • Tina

    the LG G2 is suchhh a nice phone… :D:D

  • Ariel C

    yes please!!!1

  • JaySea

    I feel not lucky this year… :o(

  • RPy

    Cmooooon Nexus

  • Zee

    Two days left, I got the feeling i’m winning what I usually win — jack squat! LOL Congrats to all the winners

  • Nelly Chadwick


  • TAn Nielsen

    Would be a great surprise

  • asmithonline

    I’m all in today, retweeted the contest.

  • Gee whiz

    no wind mobile in Saskatchewan, so I can only hope for the nexus 5, but since I live outside Ontario I don’t have high hopes

  • Reynaldo Orta-Maycotte

    Yeeeeeeeeeh! I am soooo happy! Thank you Mobilesyrup for making this Xmas so special!

  • waliulihi5

    this is it!!! the big one !; really really hope/wish i get lucky, please please pelsae !! – Day 14: Win a WIND Mobile LG G2 + 1-month of service

  • Walid


  • Brian Lofgren

    Would love to win and try out WIND mobile with a great phone. My Rogers contract is up soon and I have been eyeballing WIND.

  • Stephanie Billy

    Stephanie Billy

  • Mart Angelo Babaan

    Save the nexus 5 for me please!

  • Steven Jolliffe

    Would love to win the nexus 5 it’s the best phone for customisation and the amount of time I could spend customising this phone I would have it for years

  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    Pick me

  • kcrmb

    I would love a Nexus 5

  • Irfanuks

    Good luck everyone! Only a couple days left. Would love that G2 or Nexus 5

  • Brian Lofgren

    *Fingers still crossed*

  • muffnman

    Still hoping

  • Sourav Kumar RoyChowdhury

    Want The Nexus 5 So Bad.

  • TJ110158

    Now this is the one I’d really really like.

  • Ray

    i want a merry christmas and win this beautiful device and get back on the nexxie band wagon =)

  • E. R

    Nothing so far but hey if I do win the Nexus 5, I know that my nephew back in India will be happy just in time for his 14th birthday.

  • Brian Crump

    Nexus 5 is my wish list device. Belated bday present from MobileSyrup maybe? ;-)

  • Sky

    commme on last chance!!

  • Guest

    good luck everyone

  • Brittany Pap

    I would love to win this gorgeous device! Good Luck and happy holidays to everyone ^_^

  • John Cartmel

    need to upgrade from this Galaxy Nexus

  • Christopher Ghersinich

    I just dropped my z10 last night and the screen spider-ed… it no longer works… need. new. phone. :(

  • Ariel C

    yes please!

  • Romic87

    Here’s to hoping I win, I could really use a phone specially after my nexus 5 was destroyed by a bunch of robbers.

  • Jon Nealon

    Lucky day?

  • asmithonline

    Tweeted, who will it be? Good luck everyone – have a wonderful holiday with your friends and families.

  • Ronald Sweet

    Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5!

  • Ronald Sweet

    Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5!!

  • Ronald Sweet

    Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5!!!!

  • Ronald Sweet

    Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5!!!!!

  • Ronald Sweet

    ( would love to win a shiny new Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5, Nexus 5!

  • Zi Yang Zhou

    My Lord!!!! Seems I’m not so lucky this year….:’(

  • Mad Munna

    hmmm no 1 from india…..realy want dis

  • retrophiliac

    LAST DAY!! Beautiful ;_;

  • Salvatore Velotti

    choose meeeeee i need a great smartphone to call Santa!

  • mkvAndrew

    Nexus 5 is the best smartphone on the market right now!

  • Brent G

    OH COME ON!!!! Last one, let me be the one!


    Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!

  • Albert Canales

    Maybe I will win this last one? Come on, Come on…come on!!!!

  • James Arsenault

    feeling sad because I have never won awesome prize all my life

  • Sandy Woo

    Last but not least…!

  • waliulihi5

    This is it!!! Last one… really hope I win this one.. please please !!! – December 17th: Nexus 5. Thx mobilesyrup.

  • D. Zalewski

    Maybe me

  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    Last cha

  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    Last chance

  • Shamar Marshall


  • Walid

    my last chance

  • Rehan Khan

    Let the party begin!

  • richard foster

    last one people fingers crossed lets see if today is a lucky day

  • Damon Rose

    Yep, figures I didn’t win a durn thing. Congrats to the winners

  • Carl Presseault

    Hope to get one

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    won nothing :(

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