Update: WIND unveils its $39/month ‘Ultimate Unlimited Plan’


WIND Mobile has come to the table with their big discounted monthly plan for the holidays. Similar to previous years, WIND has included all the fixings for $39/month and is a dollar cheaper than their current $40/month plan, plus includes Voicemail+, which is usually $8/month. Here are the finer details:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide Calling
  • Unlimited Global Texting
  • Unlimited Canada/US wide Picture/Video Messaging
  • Unlimited Data (Fair Usage Policy Applies)
  • Voicemail+
  • Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)
  • Up to $250 in Bring/Buy Your Own Phone Credits or WINDtab
  • World Saver Talk & Text (International Calling from 1c/min to over 200 places & Unlimited Global Text)

According to the fine print, the “Ultimate Unlimited Plan” is available to new and existing customers until December 24th.

Update: According to the updated terms and conditions on the $39/month Ultimate Unlimited Plan, WIND is now showing that “The promotional period ends on the earlier of: (a) the date WIND indicates by notice on its website that it is no longer offering these promotional plans; or (b) February 2nd, 2014.”

  • me

    @MobileSyrup: The website says that the plan is available until Dec 31

    • mobilesyrup

      From the T&C’s:

      1. The WIND 39 plan is a promotional plan and activation on this plan is only available during the promotional period.
      a. The promotional period begins: December 2nd, 2013
      b. The promotional period ends on the earlier of: (a) the date WIND indicates by notice on its website that it is no longer offering these promotional plans; or (b) December 24th, 2013.

      If the trend of the last couple years continues, then yes, it’ll be extended to the end of the year – IH

  • James L

    I’d switch over to them in a heartbeat if their coverage were better.

    • Lukeiphone

      Ummmm they won’t charge such low prices if their coverage was better :S

    • Walter

      How do you know Luke

    • Nathan

      Because his last name is iphone.

    • Hamid

      I wish more people would try their service, for many of the people who’re scared of receiving horrible reception, they’ll find that wind’s reception is adequate if they at least gave it a try. I had mobilicity for more than a year and it was fine. I didn’t mind the occasional loss of signal for the price I was paying.

    • James L

      I drive to too many rural areas. And further to that, $1/mb is ridiculous.

    • FlamesFan89

      I don’t think he was talking about reception, I think he was talking about actual coverage. For example, I’m in Barrie Ontario, coverage here, but I’m up in Orillia often to visit family, and I would be roaming there. That great plan turns into a terrible one when you spend any significant amount of time outside of the “Home Zones”.

    • Omis

      How often? Even if you spend $20 a month in roaming, its still cheaper than big 3. And if you are visiting family and glued to your phone, you have bigger issues.

      My wife got lost in the states and phoned me to help her find her way. She was on the phone for more than half hour. It cost her something like $2.

      Everyone is so scared of roaming charges but they dont realize, unless you are using data, it doesnt cost you very much.

    • FlamesFan89

      It wouldn’t be cheaper. Me personally, my company pays for my phone, but my wife is on Koodo, and we pay $40 a month for her. She is in Orillia for the day a few times a week. On top of that, we will travel to the Ottawa Valley for a week at a time, which would be 100% roaming time. So even if we had ZERO roaming charges, it would be basically equal in price, but any roaming charges are just going to increase our bill.

      As for the comment regarding “issues”, please take your passive aggressive personal attacks elsewhere, they are not needed or wanted here.

    • Omis

      I love when people, whose company are paying for their phones, are chiming in about how its not worth it to switch. Even if its for your wife. You never mention how much time she spends talking on the phone while you are away.

    • FlamesFan89

      So what exactly is your Wind employee number? I already explained how even a small amount of roaming charges would be an increase to our monthly bill. Regardless of who pays for my phone and how much my wife talks on hers. I’m not sure why that is hard for you to understand.

    • Omis

      Simple the big 3 data and talk rates are $90 a month. Wind is $40. Do you really think you are going to put $50 in roaming charges a month? Its simple math.

    • FlamesFan89

      But I’ve already explained to you that my wife is on Koodo, and pays $40 a month. Actually, to be exact, it is the exact same $39 a month as this plan. So even ONE PENNY of roaming charges represents an increase in our monthly bill. This is simple math. Try to stay with me here. I’m not talking about some plan that I don’t have, with a company that I don’t deal with, I’m talking about the actual plan that my wife actually has, with the company that she actually subscribes to. You can compare other plans all you want, but it doesn’t change our situation, which is entirely my point, which you are missing so brutally.

    • Omis

      No thats assuming the $40 koodo plan is equal to $40 wind plan.

      Edit: Just looked at the rates. So shes either on the $40 data plan with 400mb or $40 talk plan with who cares how many minutes. And you are comparing it to unlimited talk and data. If shes not using data wind has a $25 unlimited talk plan.

    • FlamesFan89

      It doesn’t matter what she gets with her plan, and what she would get with Wind. The point is, she would only get the benefit from Wind, while in a Wind zone, which she is frequently NOT IN. My original point still stands 100% correct, that the good deal from Wind becomes terrible when you would be hit with roaming charges.

      For the record, she is grandfathered in on a plan which no longer exists. She gets 600mb and 450 minutes. It makes absolutely ZERO difference whether she would get more minutes or data with Wind in a Wind zone. She could get some sort of time altering infinite number of minutes and data while in a Wind zone, and it would not matter, because the fact is, she uses her phone while outside of a Wind zone, which would raise her bill higher than it’s current charge.

      The mind blowing thing here is that you have the mental capacity to use language and a computer, but have no grasp of logic, reason, or math.

    • Omis

      No the mind blowing thing you are comparing your wifes $40 low end plan to a plan thats vastly superior for the same price. Why not compare it to winds low end plan for $20? Oh thats right. You’d be wrong. I have no problem with you wanting to pay more. Plenty of people here are even willing to pay $50 more a month to avoid a $5 to $10 roaming charge. But if bell suddenly dropped the price to $30 for unlimited talk and data, and I said its not worth it because im on a $15 pay as you go, would you think I was strange.

    • FlamesFan89

      No, it is pointless to compare a plan that we don’t have, and will never have, to Wind’s plan. Her current plan works for her, it is enough, there is no need for more. So, what is the incentive to switch to Wind? There is none, and that is the ENTIRE point.

      If you were trying to convince someone who is paying $50, $60, $70 dollars a month to switch, you would have a point, but you aren’t. You are trying to tell someone who has a plan that works perfectly well, to switch. The base price would be identical, but Wind loses in the comparison because the second she is roaming, Wind would cost more. Again, where is the incentive to switch?

      Even if she went with Wind’s $20 plan, and paid the $5 per 100 mb, she would pay more if she used more than 400 mb on the month, and if any data is used while roaming, forget about it, Wind loses.

      So again, what is the incentive to switch to Wind? There are essentially zero scenarios under which my wife would have a lower bill with Wind than she currently has with Koodo if her usage patterns remained identical. In order to save she would have to turn her phone off as soon as she leaves town, which is regularly and frequently. Check… Mate… You lose.

    • barrist

      I use significantly more data than voice/text (which I imagine may becoming the norm), so yeah, the roaming charges would suck.

    • Omis

      Texting is cheap. Wifi hotspot are everywhere. But how much either would you be doing when you are going places? You guys make it sound you can’t go a second without using data on your phone.

    • Nadefrenzy

      You sound like such a shill for WIND. It’s truly pathetic.

    • Omis

      Whats pathetic is im making a perfectly logical argument to peoples roaming nonsens, and you call me a shill. Dont get mad at me because you dont know basic math and are locked into $90 a month plan for 3 years.

    • FlamesFan89

      “Whats pathetic is im making a perfectly logical argument to peoples roaming nonsens, and you call me a shill. Dont get mad at me because you dont know basic math and are locked into $90 a month plan for 3 years.”

      This is the exact type of statement that makes you look like a shill. First off, there are no more 3 year plans. Secondly, you keep making basically the same cookie cutter response despite responses which clearly point out that your cookie cutter response doesn’t hold water. Ergo, you sound like a shill.

      Here’s a question for you, let’s see if you can answer it correctly. Which is larger, $39.00 or $39.01?

    • barrist

      Your opinion on my phone habits are irrelevant. I’ll go out on a limb and say that smartphone data use will continue to rise and so roaming data charges will be a bigger issue for a company like Wind going forward.

      I use MORE data when I’m “going places” because I’m not at home or work where there is secure and dependable wifi. If Wind’s argument is you can just stop at a coffee shop to use their hotspot, then it’s a losing argument imo.

    • Omis

      You will have to manage your data any which way you look at it. If data usage rises, well I wish you luck with your 5 gig limit. Let me know what your overage charges work out to.

    • barrist

      Well I’ll just say I’ll have an easier time managing my 6 gig Canada-wide data on Virgin than the $1/MB roaming fee if i happen to hop out of a Wind Coverage zone.

    • deltatux

      It really all comes down to how you use your phone and where you go. For someone like me who uses voice and texts much more heavily than data plus don’t travel out of WIND Zones much, WIND is a no-brainer. However, for those who have family or have work that requires them to constantly travel out of zone and uses a lot of data, then the Big 3 would make more sense.

      There’s really no “one solution that solves all problem” here, it’s all down to how you use your device and where you go. I stay in the Toronto-Barrie zone 95% of the time, so roaming has never been an issue for me. However, that’s not true for others. WIND’s value all boils down to those factors.

    • rob

      I may be wrong but isn’t that the problem? To reach robellus-wide coverage would call for increased costs, ultimately offering, if anything, at equal or slightly more competitive price levels than the big 3. Anyone adept in this industry?

      I’d like to hear an opinion.

      ^beat me to it :p

    • James L

      If Saskatchewan can do it, we can do it.

    • Popester

      SaskTel is provincially run corporation. It is heavily subsidized by taxpayers of the province.

    • James L

      Sasktel operates at a profit, so it’s not heavily subsidized.

    • Popester

      Just because a crown corporation runs a profit doesn’t mean it isn’t subsidized. They don’t have to pay Provincial or Federal income taxes. They receive money from the CRTC for providing service to rural areas. It isn’t apples to apples.

    • James L

      Sasktel doesn’t just operate scott free, it has paid dividend payments to the province annually; almost $2 billion over the last 25 years. Being a crown company, it also invests much more of it’s revenue into infrastructure than the private companies do, so taxpayers benefit in other ways than simply coffer dollars. You’re right in that it’s not apples to apples, but it could arguably be more or less a wash over a longer term period if you account for these sorts of financial benefits.

    • Ramzay

      You’re still missing the point. It doesn’t matter if they make/lose money, pay dividends, etc. That’s all COMPLETELY irrelevant to this discussion. If they receive heavy subsidies, they receive heavy subsidies. That is not a debatable point, it is fact. Any corporation that operates while receiving heavy subsidies cannot be compared to a private corporation that operates all by itself. You said, and I quote:”Sasktel operates at a profit, so it’s not heavily subsidized.”. What does that have to do with anything? Your statement makes no sense whatsoever. On the contrary, operating at a profit, due to heavy subsidies, makes sense. A company receiving heavy subsidies would be expeted to operate at a profit.

    • Joe

      Is quebec’s videotron a crown corp? Nope..

    • Adam

      Videotron’s coverage is also nowhere near as complete as Robellus, though. That said, they do have far better coverage in Quebec than Wind does elsewhere. They’re sort of half-way between. They’re an incumbent themselves anyhow; their cable business is similar in size to Rogers (they actually have more cable internet subscribers than Rogers). They mostly serve Quebec, but do cover parts of Ontario and New Brunswick.

    • Scott

      Same. I live in Ottawa and you don’t have to travel far before you lose true Wind network coverage end up in a Shared Coverage area. That includes part of my suburban neighbourhood.

    • MrMastodonFarm

      That’s why this upcoming spectrum auction is so important.

    • Tony Jabroni

      masto the auction is for the 700mhz. and wind has said they will bid but the question is with what? the owners have said no more investment in this company.. dream the kool aid and blame everyone except wind

  • deltatux

    My Unliited Wish plan is still better than this plan, especially since I have US calling as well. However, it’s still a pretty good plan, better than most other plans the Big 3 and their subsidiary are offering.

    • Walter

      Pretty good. Its better than the rest. But unlimited U.S. calling woiukd be nice.

  • one5

    This is bull crap, Why does existing customers have pay $25 to get this plan. $25 to change plan is a rip off. Ripping off existing customers to the benefit of new once, is down right evil…. Administration fee my foot.

    • Jakob

      Cash grab, plain and simple. Same reason Teksavvy does it. They try and recoup revenue where they are short-cutting other carriers.

    • Jakob

      Down vote for telling the truth? Wow. Some people down vote on anything that isn’t sheer Wind praise. The ONLY reason they would do this would be for revenue, why would that shock someone? WIND isn’t managed by a bunch of monks, they’re business people.

    • JKane9999

      It’s a total cash grab. It’s like them charging $25 for the SIM card. It’s a total cash grab but you know what? I still save a ton of money by using their service and if that’s one of the costs of using their service I’m not going to complain about it. My other option is to pay $70+/mo with Robelus…no thanks.

    • Jakob

      I agree with that. I was merely mocking that I got down-voted for pointing out that it was a cash grab. I’d get up-votes everywhere if you swapped out ‘Wind’ with one of the big 3 names.

    • guest

      The administration fee only applies if you’re changing from a higher rate plan to a lower one.

    • Walter

      Oh please. $25 dollars is chicken feed compared to what you save in the long run.

    • Jakob

      I believe it’s the principle he’s mad at. The big 3 did this EXACT same thing and people were up-in-arms about it every time.

    • JKane9999

      Dude you’re probably saving that much each and every month compared to what you’d be paying at the big 3. You want Wind to stay in business? Pay the $25 one time and be done with it…

    • Popester

      Eh, in 3 months the switch has paid for itself. From then on you are saving money. I’m not a fan of it, but what can you do?

  • Jonathan Schmitt

    Nope. They wont. Wind has very limited coverage, usually in metropolitan areas. In other places like northern Ontario, there isnt much coverage.

    • Vlatko Jordanov

      check their web site, the coverage is pretty good, from Kingston/ Peterborough all the way to Niagara. GTA coverage is really good, so if you live and work in GTA it is the best option for now.
      Now, if you live in a remote village, then yes, you should go with Bell/Rogers and pay $120 per month

    • Anaron

      Baseless? How ironic. You made a baseless statement in response to what you thought was a baseless statement. Just because you didn’t get good coverage at your college or your house doesn’t mean every other WIND subscriber gets bad coverage. I’ve been with WIND since December 2010 and just about everywhere I’ve been to, I’ve had great coverage. My family members have said the same thing and so have my friends.

      Also, WIND’s coverage in other cities means you won’t get charged for roaming. Can you say the same thing about Rogers, Bell, or Telus?

    • Adam

      Since most smartphone plans with Robellus include unlimited Canada-wide long distance, yeah, I can safely say that you won’t get charged for roaming with them…

    • barrist

      Can you say you won’t be charged $1/MB if you use data outside a Wind Zone?

    • Anaron

      Is that question supposed to make WIND look bad? It’s irrelevant too because I mentioned cities within WIND’s home zone.

    • Nadefrenzy

      You can’t tout one feature of your candidate whilst disregarding another of your competitor. What is this nonsense?

      WIND might offer “long distance”, but then the incumbents offer nationwide data usage.

    • Anaron

      It’s a direct comparison and a valid one at that. Every carrier has their pros and cons. That doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to compare one feature between WIND and Rogers, Bell or Telus. I don’t know why you think I have to consider other features just because the Big 3 lack something that WIND has. This isn’t some kind of “But my carrier does this so it’s better overall!” competition.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Ironically that’s exactly what you’re saying/doing yourself –> “But my carrier does this so it’s better overall!”

    • Anaron

      How in the world does making a comparison about one specific thing between two carriers mean it’s better overall? Unlike you, I don’t use negative implications to make myself feel better about the services I’m paying for. Seriously, you need to improve your reading comprehension. If you don’t, then I won’t reply to you anymore.

    • Nadefrenzy

      So what you’re saying is that you mentioning that part was completely useless, and irrelevant to any point whatsoever? If you’re not mentioning points that support your thesis (which I believe is that WIND is the best choice of carrier), then you’re going in circles and wasting everyone’s time.

    • Nadefrenzy

      When did I say that “every other WIND subscriber gets bad coverage”?

      The OP said “so if you live and work in GTA it is the best option for now”, to which I replied saying that that’s not the case since there are STILL areas in the GTA where WIND has coverage issues… quite a lot of areas actually.

      So no, my statement was not a baseless one, rather, your assessment of it was.

      But hey enjoy your 3G speeds tho. I’d gladly pay a bit more for much better coverage and LTE speeds.

    • Anaron

      Great coverage doesn’t mean perfect coverage. No carrier on the planet has perfect coverage. I used to be with Rogers from 2006 to 2009 and I’ve bad coverage in certain situations. That doesn’t mean Rogers has bad coverage. It also doesn’t mean my experience reflects the experiences of the millions of people that subscribe to Rogers’ wireless services.

      Enjoy my 3G speeds? Your attempt at making me feel bad failed because I don’t need LTE speeds. I’d rather pay less for something I’d use than pay more for something I wouldn’t take advantage of. Would you like it if I said “But hey, enjoy your overpriced service for speeds that can be beaten with a decent home Internet connection though”? I doubt it.

      If you want to pay more for LTE, go right ahead. It’s your choice. I’m happy with WIND and I see no reason to pay more than $40/month before taxes when I haven’t had any issues yet.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Except it can’t. Unless you’re talking about Teksavvy (unreliable, but hey maybe that’s your thing since u’re such a fan of WIND and all), home internet connections are slow for a comparable price than LTE.

      Oh and please, you’ve might’ve had a bad experience with Rogers in terms of coverage (tho I highly doubt that), any fool can tell than overall in terms of coverage Robellus trump WIND — yes even in the GTA.

      PS: Yes, I’d rather pay $60 for 6GB and a much better coverage plan that offers LTE instead of the 3G AWS crap.

      Maybe if they offer an LTE network then they’d be worthy alternatives.

    • Anaron

      I actually use TekSavvy and so do many of my friends. We find it to be just as reliable as Rogers. I realize now that you’re an anti-WIND troll. You claimed that WIND has bad coverage, TekSavvy is unreliable, and you doubted my experience with Rogers from 2006-2009. My goodness, it’s as if your metric of whether or not a carrier provides good service relies mostly on LTE. Have you forgotten what I said earlier? I don’t want LTE because I don’t need it. I have never said to myself, “Aww sucks, my 3G speeds are so slow. I really need LTE.” I simply see it as a bonus. Most of my media consumption is done at home while connected to my WiFi network.

      Go right ahead, pay $60/month. I really don’t care about how much you pay as long as that’s the amount you’re okay with.

      “instead of the 3G AWS crap”. I see you’re immature too. Hahahaha! I’m done talking to you. You don’t deserve any more responses from me. This whole interaction was a huge waste of time. Go right ahead and reply with something immature to make yourself feel better. I’ll be happy with the knowledge that I rustled your jimmies. :)

    • Nadefrenzy

      Maybe if you got out of the house once in a while you’d realize that it’s not just about the “omgz uber fast LTE speeds!”, but rather on many occasions especially during peak hours in congested areas, the HSPA+ even is brought to its knees (1-5Mbps). Forget WIND’s 3G network. My friend barely gets 512Kbps in those areas whereas im hitting 10-15Mbps on LTE easily.

      Also what does Teksavvy have to do with me supposedly being an “anti-WIND troll”? I have Teksavvy at home. It’s great and cheap, but no, not as reliable as Rogers. There’s less downtime on Rogers. That may not be the case for everyone but in general it is.. and especially in my case it is so.

    • Ramzay

      Teksavvy and Acanac are Rogers re-sellers. They’re about as reliable as Rogers is, since they buy bandwidth from Rogers and just sell it to you. Customer service, however, is an entirely different story. I use Acanac, and have had no issues I didn’t have with Rogers, besides lousier service. But hey, I pay $40/month for 28mbps speeds and UNLIMITED usage. Nothing at Rogers comes close.

      And the two of you are being stupid, you really are. One of you would rather pay more for overall “better” coverage and faster speeds, the other one won’t. What’s wrong with that? That’s why there are different companies catering to different people.

      So what are you realy arguing about? One of you prefers white wine, the other red.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Nope. Rogers deliberately cuts off some Teksavvy lines at times cuz they’re Rogers. That being said.. the result is still the same.. 90% reliability with Teksavvy compared to a near perfect with Rogers. Those are just hard facts. Go ask on the dslreports site.

    • Nadefrenzy

      I’m arguing about the statement that “in GTA [WIND] is the best option for now”.

      That’s a very idiotic statement. Many of us (in fact most) would rather pay a tad more for much better coverage and signal penetration. AWS is crap.

    • Ramzay

      I agree that a few extra dollars is a small price to pay for the FAR better Robellus network. No argument there.

      The problem is, it isn’t “a tad more”. It’s A LOT more. To get anything close to the type of plans offered at WIND on the big 3 will cost you north of $100, unless you got a sweet retention plan/special deal/corporate plan.

      The best plan offered at Robellus right now is a “promotion” where, for $85, you get unlimited Canada-wide talk+text and 2GB of data. The same plan at Koodo costs $60.

      Compare that to WIND where it costs $39 for unlimited everything. Now, the speeds aren’t the same, neither is the coverage/penetration. But still, you must agree that $85 vs $39 is not “a tad more”.

      All that being said, I have a fantastic plan, and as such would never switch to WIND. But if I was a normal, average Joe new customer looking to sign up, I have only two options for a reasonably priced plan: $60 at Koodo or $39 at WIND.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Fair enough, but I was speaking to the people on this website, which if you do really visit, you probably would be able to score a sweet retention deal anyhow. For the majority, perhaps WIND is best if u’re a power user or a less featured plan with the incumbents.

    • Ramzay

      Well, so long as the limitations of WIND (coverage, penetration, speed) don’t really affect you negatively, I don’t see a reason you wouldn’t go with them. But I would totally agree that it is not worth it at all to go with WIND simply to save a few dollars if you are even the slightest bit inconvenienced by their disadvantages.

  • Walter

    Hell I would switch if they came in at $60 with equal services.

  • hamza

    This is just their WIND40 plan with a $1 price cut..

    • Tyler Smith

      It also includes voicemail which is normally another $8 a month as stated in the article (voicemail is not included in the regular $40 plan.)

    • Popester

      It includes Voicemail+, which costs $8. So WIND40 customers w/ Voicemail will save $9 a month. Pretty decent. Only thing you lose is Unlimited US-wide calling.

    • hamza

      I’m currently on the WIND40 and US calling isn’t included :/ And yeah didn’t notice the voicemail+. my mistake

    • Walter

      I think he was refering to the “Holiday Miracle 40″ plan which had Unlimited U.S. calling.


    I think this one eliminates the tethering on the current $40 plans. You would have to sign up for premium data to get the tethering back. I think the data amount is cut in half as well. Only 5GB compared to the current 10GB on the $40 plan.

    • chris

      No, it does not eliminate tethering. Also, no current phone plan gives you 10GB of high-speed data, nor has one ever. It has always been 5GB.

  • nexus5user

    great plan. not as good as the original $40 Holiday Miracle Plan. which gave unlim us calling which im on but coverage is awesome in vancouver area.
    no call or coverage issues. jumped from telus 2 years ago and no problems since!

    • Mike Newman

      Yep. I’m hanging onto Holiday Miracle until my tab is up. Great plan. :)

  • fruvous

    This is a step down from their previous holiday miracle plans. No US calling

    • deltatux

      That is true, but honestly, most people don’t call to the States. However, it is indeed a step down. Luckily I was able to snatch last year’s plan for $40 and am loving it.

  • Pileot ๏̯͡๏﴿

    I’ve been on Bell for nearly three years (contract is up in Jan, thank God!)

    Yes, I like the converage
    I like that I can go anywhere and get service
    I like that I don’t have to worry about roaming

    I hate paying $60 for 100 megs of data a month
    I hate that the few times I call a number (I literally use 10 minutes a month) i end up getting charged long distance, even if its Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge.
    I hate that im “locked in” and if you have ever seen the cancellation fees its retarded.
    I hate that I have to email-to-text or use a data messaging service to text friends in other countries, esp USA

    People gripe about Wind’s service, “oh your going to be roaming all the time and your call quality is gonna be crap”, well I use maybe 10 minutes of air time a month. I’ve had my calls drop dozens of times while driving (hands free) around Calgary. CALGARY! Not even out in the boondocks, here locally!

    Im not worried about switching to Wind. If they have me use their phones I’ll get the cheapest one I can and throw the sim in a compatable phone.
    There are LOTS of phones that will work, just do a little research first.
    Unlimited data while at home? Well thats most of the time! And the times im NOT at home i can find wifi pretty easy.
    unlimited canada / us texting?
    Unlimited canada wide calling? No more worrying about if that friend is close enough to Calgary to be considered local or if hes just out of range to be considered long distance…

    I’ve had enough of Robellus’s bull. Increasing the cost of plans because your terms have been limited to two years? How does a shorter term increase operating cost? You are already charging more for the devices, now your just cashing in! Well not from me. Soon as my contract is up im gone.

    I’ve had friends on Moblicity and Wind who never had issues as they were going around town. I’ve seen them actually have FASTER download speeds than me. I’ve had problems making or sending texts when they were fine. No, im not worried about going to a lower tier network. For $250 a year even if I go roaming from time to time im still gonna come up ahead.

    • Walter

      Wait wait wait. You had Bell and still had dropped calls in Calgary? I would love to know what your average bill was.

      Anyways, I suggest that you terminate your Bell account now and jump on this plan. Sure you might have to pay a early termination fee. But you’ll make that back May.

    • Pileot ๏̯͡๏﴿

      Still have a bell contract, as mentioned its up in January 2014, so basically for the last three years.

      Dropped calls everywhere from in my own bedroom (whitehorn), to my girlfriends house (also NE Calgary), downtown, on Stoney, hell even on Deerfoot. What gets me the most tho is at my house, because most of the time I get full bars, but then I’ll randomly get “no service” for like 5 minutes, then full bars again. And before you think its hardware related I’ve had several different phones (yay Kijiji) and the problem has persisted through them all.

      My plan is Fab 10, 100 megs data, evenings and weekends, 100 local minutes, local texting, voicemail, and my bill is just under $60 a month (Which, really, for a Robellus data plan isnt BAD, but its still twice as much as the unlimited plans from the other guys)

      My biggest hurdle is my current hardware is not compatable so I’d have to buy a new phone… Although i’ve been watching Kijiji for a deal one of these days i’ll get what Im looking for.

  • Joe

    If they were in the outer suburbs of Vancouver I would jump..but they aren’t so no dice. They need more towers up everywhere..

  • Benny X

    I just use Bell’s tablet data flex plan.. if I use 5 GB in one month it costs me $40 (and that’s LTE speeds, with good reception). I have my number forwarded to a Comwave number where voicemail is $10/year and calls in North America are free. If need be I have Google Voice as a backup. Doesn’t get much cheaper than that.

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