Update: Rogers and Fido wireless services now ‘fully restored’ after network outage

Ian Hardy

October 9, 2013 7:12pm

If you’re one of the 9 million Rogers Wiress customers you might be currently experiencing difficulty sending or receiving phone calls, texts, emails or surfing the web. Customers have taken to Twitter, plus other social avenues, and stated their having connectivity issues.

Rogers has taken to Twitter and declared that ‘We have reports of voice service interruptions affecting wireless customers in ON & QC. We apologize and are working to resolve ASAP.’ However, customers across Canada in various provinces have reported issues.

This also impacts Fido and Chatr customers, too.

Update – 8:02pm: As expected from the comments, Rogers has now confirmed the outage is national, not just limited to Ontario and Quebec. “We are experiencing a wireless outage nationally, affecting voice and some SMS service. We apologize & are working to resolve it ASAP.” Unfortunately there’s still no ETA on the service being restored.

Update – 8:21pm: Interesting heat map of the Rogers outage from CanadianOutages. This info is based on thousands of reports, which still have no root cause to the problem, but shows where most of the customers with problems are located.

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 8.24.48 PM

Update – 9:11pm: We’ve been receiving various tips that service is slowly being restored. Customers are now able to receive calls, texts… (Ontario, Alberta, BC).

Update – 9:42pm: A press release was just issued:

“Rogers is experiencing a wireless outage affecting voice and some SMS services across the country. Data services are not affected. We are investigating the root cause and services are gradually resuming. At this time we do not have an estimate as to when full service will be restored. We sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience. We are still experiencing service interruptions in some areas and we encourage customers to use a wireline telephone if they need to reach emergency services.”

Update – 9:51pm: Rogers website is finally back online with the message of “We are experiencing a national wireless outage affecting voice and some SMS services. Data services not affected. Services are gradually resuming. We sincerely apologize to our customers and will let you know when service fully resumes.”

Update – October 10th at 1:43am: Another press release has been issued, this time with a quote from Nadir Mohamed, President and CEO of Rogers: “I recognize this service interruption was unacceptable for our customers. We worked as quickly as possible to restore service and it was gradually restored over the course of the evening. I sincerely apologize to all of our customers for this significant inconvenience and appreciate their understanding and patience.”

As a token off their appreciation, Rogers notes that they are ‘continuing to investigate the root cause of the issue to help ensure it doesn’t happen again’ and ‘To thank our customers for their patience, Rogers and Fido will proactively credit all of its postpaid wireless customers for one day of service.

No word on any credits coming to all the prepaid customers on either Rogers, Fido or Chatr.

Update – October 10th: Rogers has just posted on Twitter that Prepaid users might be in luck: “We’re exploring how to compensate pay as you go customers for last night’s service interruption. Stay tuned.’

Update – October 10th at 9:05pm: Rogers has decided to also credit prepaid users with 1-day of free service. “To thank you for your patience & understanding, we’ll proactively credit all of prepaid & postpaid wireless customers for 1 day of service.” This is for Rogers Wireless, Fido and Chatr customers.

Let us know in the comments…

  • Francois Roy

    Petro Canada Mobility is down as well.

    • dandoozled

      They use the Rogers network. All of Rogers VNMO’s will be affected.

    • Francois Roy

      I know.. was just sayin..

    • Balls O’Steele

      Sucks if you have to call 911. Watch rogers share price drop tomorrow.

    • Yulet

      I’m pretty sure 911 calls will go through another provider’s network.

    • Pheonix Wabisuke Down

      No it doesn’t. It’s supposed to but I tried calling after an accident. My data works but not my phone. It’s stupid.

    • chrisb

      911 calls don’t work either

    • Tom

      There’s a reason the phone says “emergency calls only” when you lose signal…

    • samwist23

      In this case you’re not losing signal. Your phone will still say Rogers, it just won’t allow calls to go through.

    • Billy

      I thought “emergency calls only” use other provider’s network tho

    • vvhg

      The only problem is that the overwhelming majority of people wouldn’t be thinking, nor should they have to think about why their phone isn’t doing what it should be doing while an emergency is occurring…… 911 needs to work 100% of the time when your phone is functional, anything less is weakness in design that can and should be fixed.

  • vbhatt08

    Wow… that sucks! Glad i’m with Telus 🙂

    • George Bucur

      Never be glad you’re with Telus.

    • vbhatt08

      To be honest… Iunno why people bash Telus. I have NEVER had a problem with Telus these past 6-8 years.

    • Mel Llanes

      About the second time this happen on rogers for the last two years.

    • FloridianCanuckian

      Yup. Telus has honestly given me the best service out of the big three. Best over all signal, CS and billing system.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Same here with Rogers. As much as they are very overpriced, I never have issues with them for the 7 years I’ve been with them except for tonight and I have a good plan with them too. I’ll probably get down voted like h3ll for this because I’m one of the few who’s had no issues with Rogers.

    • Dave

      I’m with Wind Mobile. No problems here (-:Also, no problems at all when I’m paying my monthly bill. LOL

    • RaienDrops

      Hi *5 Dave, I’m with Mobi and again why are people with Rogers again? LOL

    • Manuel Orellana

      I tried Mobilicity, dropped them since i was at the corner of Yonge & Bloor and my phone had no signal, amongst other places, connection was too spotty. I hope Wind can buy them out maybe together they can do something special.

    • ScouterDon

      Interesting. I am in Vancouver and it is the other way around. Family members and friend are happy with Mobilicity (except at UBC) but not with Wind. Generally in Vancouver Mobilicity seems to have better coverage. Our family of 6 all have cell phones 3 on mobilicity, 1 on Rogers, 1 on Bell and 1 on Fido.

    • PT

      Let me guess …You work Mobilicity …right? Right! LOL!

    • Matt

      Because Canada extends past Ontario and Quebec. Crazy, I know.

    • Manuel Orellana

      I’m really pulling for WInd but until their network is a little more robust I can’t see myself switching. Yeah I pay more with Rogers but I like my speed when I’m online and I like having coverage in elevators and odd ball places. This isn’t a knock on Wind, it’s a part of evolving, but hopefully with the spectrum auction coming up they can grow. I would switch to them in a heartbeat but the network quality has to be a little closer. Just my opinion

    • marorun1982

      Also no reception when you go camping lol

    • Manuel Orellana

      No issues here either, S_IT happens that’s all there’s to it but they’ll have to have a very good explanations to the millions of pissed of customers tomorrow.

    • Yulet

      I’m with TELUS and near public places like schools, malls it takes so much time to load websites whereas Rogers works without any slowing at those places. PS: both on LTE (TELUS drops to 3G sometimes). I guess this is what happens when you share towers. LOL

    • FloridianCanuckian

      My Telus line destroys my friends Rogers/Fido in data speed. I always have the best signal as well (Toronto/Mississauga).

    • Yulet

      Well, on TELUS I have 5 signal bars while on Rogers it’s 2-3 but I can’t even load web pages on TELUS at my school even though it has better signal. I’m in Edmonton and TELUS has the most subscribers, + Bell, their network just can’t handle it at many public places.

    • FloridianCanuckian

      It’s pretty much the exact opposite in Ontario.

    • Teri Lyn

      I agree I love my plan the price, my data and speeds are perfect, just spent the weekend in the north and had no issues using my phone at all internet too. i am very happy

    • marorun1982

      Same in Quebec everywhere i go all my friend on rogers and fido have uber slow internet and crappy signal (choppy voice call) and i always have near full réception and lightning fast internet on my Telus line lol.

    • Harry

      I’m in Fort Mcmurray, AB and Rogers has the worst network. Bell and TELUS have the best ones. The LTE is soo fast in both TELUS and Bell, but really slow in Rogers (Slow means 3G speed).

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      Well my d**k is 18 inches long.

      Who the f**k cares? Arguing about signal is like arguing about your earlobes. Everywhere the signal is different, it fluctuates, it can be interfered by other signals or energy sources.

      Overall, go with the carrier that works where you need it.

    • marorun1982

      Thats not true some Carrier have better coverage Canada wide.
      Rogers and all is subbrand are good in some place and crappy in much more place , Telus on others hand do have some bad spot but they do cover much more of the canadian population and thats a fact!

    • Matt

      “Coverage” and “quality of signal” are two very, VERY different things.

    • marorun1982

      And after working for Rogers for nearly 6 years i can tell you they have very bad quality of signal unless you are in downtown area of a city!

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      How is that not true? You just said the same thing.
      It comes down to tower location, frequency, and interference.

      “Rogers and all is subbrand are good in some place and crappy in much more place , Telus on others hand do have some bad spot but they do cover much more of the canadian population and thats a fact!”

      I believe you misunderstand what a “fact” is.
      Yours is a speculative opinion based on advertising. There is no way to confirm 100% thus making it a true “fact.”

      “Telus on others hand do have some bad spot but they (MIGHT) cover much more of the canadian population and that’s (MY OPINION)!”

      Fixed it for you.

    • marorun1982

      Well sadly i am in a position to say this openly!

      Beside in city downtown area the internet speed and réception and call quality is superior on Telus network than on Rogers one.

      Dude i also worked 6 years at rogers and 3 years at Telus and sorry but you live in a dream if you think Rogers network is better overall.

      Much more complain from friend thats are with rogers also thats why they changing to Telus and strange beside 1 friend who had bad luck with an HTC one S and have problems all of them are very satisfied even more the one who go outside of town like in gaspesie or the north of Quebec.

      I also have friend in Vancouver thats say the same thing. So sorry but Telus network is much more *Reliable* and stable than rogers is end of the story.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      Not once have I said Rogers was better.
      Also, you are talking to an RF tech who has worked for all the incumbents over the past 15 years.

      I’m fairly certain I know what the signal is and where there is service.

      As I’ve said all along. Carrier service is dependent on a lot of items, as well as where you use it. I can personally attest to rural areas where Telus/Rogers worked where the other didn’t. Let it go, you are out of your league.

    • marorun1982

      The same Tech thats Give crappy excuse at every provider meeting? Sure I will beleive you sure..

    • Theo

      The number of bars is relative. Some companieshave more bars for a weaker signal and some have less bars for signal signal. I think Telus is one of the ones that shows more bars for lower signal

    • marorun1982

      Theo having a strong signal and choppy voicecall or slow internet mean a network is less reliable. Signal strenght is only 1 part of the equation!

    • jonnny

      my fido data is crazy slow. usually under 2mbps. thats less than half the speed of wind.

    • SirSabre

      I have Rogers LTE and it sucks, always dropping to 3G and dropping calls. I am in Calgary, should not be an issue.

    • Canucks

      It is funny whenever a big corp service goes down, people can’t wait to step on them. Telus and Bell will be next.

    • marorun1982

      3 years i work at Telus and never i saw the network down canada wide like this NEVER. Worked 6 years before at rogers and saw this at least 2 times. Also i was getting much more complain for overbilling at rogers than i get at Telus.

  • Mohammad Pourghadiri

    both fido and rogers are down in BC

    • Dave

      I’m with Wind Mobile. No problems here (-:Also, no problems at all when I’m paying my monthly bill. LOL

    • marorun1982

      And no network when you go out of town lol

    • Canucks

      I am with Fido. Mine is working now.

  • Guest

    both fido and rogers are down

  • Brad Jones

    My Rogers lines in Alberta are down as well.

  • JB


  • legaleagle

    No network on Fido. Cannot get through their live chat or 1888 number either from other service provider. Its all out service interruption.

    • Ren596

      The Fido website is accessable BUT SLOW

  • Thethinker

    no network with chatr too

  • Francois Roy

    Rogers central computer saw the Z30, became self-aware and is prepping to launch an attack and wipe out the ennemy. That why they shut down communications.

    • JB

      Oh man z30 ads would be sick with integrated T2 hints…..

      They need crazy ads like that!!!

  • Max Fireman

    This explains the $100 a month for 3gb of data…

    • Tom

      Are you on the parent Rogers-brand network? I am on Fido and I don’t pay anywhere near $100/month. Ok, my $56 is actually for 2 GB, but the overage is $10/GB so that’d be $66 for 3 GB…

      Plus, even if you are on a contract, you can change your monthly plan any time you want without penalty as long as it’s in the same category as your original plan (i.e. Max plan, Smartphone plan, whatever they call it). So if your provider suddenly comes up with a 6 GB promotional plan, you can switch to it right away.

    • marorun1982

      Yep and if you need to use a high end phone you will have to change your plan lol

    • Manuel Orellana

      Yeah not sure where that came from. I have unlimited everything nation wide 3gb of data and I’m paying 60 bucks. Retentions mind you, but still, 100 sounds like a lot.

  • PistolPetestar

    If you want to see people completely lose their minds check out the mentions for @rogershelp. Some people need professional counselling…

  • How Emo

    Lol awww poor Rogers

  • Martin Dichupa

    Rogers in Vancity down. Calls going straight to VM. Data is spotty.

  • Azreik

    My Girlfriend is having issues with her Rogers IPhone here in Halifax, N.S.

    • Wizzy

      You don’t say?

    • FTR_Part_deux

      maybe your gf is busy with me

  • Evan

    Seems even their websites are down. Wanted to try calling to yell at them and can’t get a number.

    • Evan

      Found a number of 1800Rogers1 but when I tried calling I get various messages such as, “The number has been disconnected” or “Sorry but your call did not go through, can you please try your call again”

    • glassd

      The number is 1-888-ROGERS-1 but there is no answer there, not even an automated response… :/

      edit: There is also 1-855-381-7835 but I can’t get an answer from that one either.

    • Yulet

      It’s 1 888 ROGERS 1. How can you not know this number if you’re a Rogers customer LOL

    • OldEnough to know better

      You mean you call it at least twice a week?

    • Yulet

      I’m not a Rogers customer 😉 but I never forget that kind of numbers where they have the company’s name. I’m on TELUS but I don’t know their number because it doesn’t have TELUS in it lol

    • ns.dev

      Probably so you can’t see the all pages that say “reliable”/

    • Yulet

      Rogers uses “Canada’s fastest LTE network” for advertising, TELUS uses “reliable”.

    • ns.dev

      Wasn’t all those annoying elevator ads about how reliable the network is/was?

    • marorun1982

      Fastest to crash yeah

  • Richard

    Wonder if Videotron in QC is down as well. I know that they just recently worked out a deal with Rogers for their network usage (I believe)….

    • Vanessa Landry Dupuis

      Not down o:

    • marorun1982

      Only down when you get out of videotron tiny network.

  • OldEnough to know better

    I guess the secret will come out soon:
    ROGERS is going out of business – wireless, CATV, sports, everything..
    Any funds remaining after the Rogers liquidation will be turned over to the federal government, who will use it to provide interest-free loans to WIND Mobile and other small wireless companies.
    Remember: You heard it here first!!!!

    • HelloCDN

      Lol, can you get me some of that weed you’re smokin’? 🙂

    • Ren596


  • Kevin Goyer

    Text messaging working but not voice in Saskatoon.

  • zyfler

    Thank God for WhatsApp!
    It’s saving my social life right about now! 🙂

  • Mel Llanes

    update!!!bb z30 activation causing rogers network problem.

    • skullan

      Someone must have been using an older OS version…

  • HoodedDemon

    Rogers sucks!!!!! Anybody but Rogers!!!!

    • jonnny

      they are all bad, but seriously, bell is the worst.

    • HoodedDemon

      I’ve heard that. Switched from Rogers to Telus, I’ve had no problems with Telus.

  • OldEnough to know better

    No, but if you go to your nearest ROGERS location, they will – free of charge, believe it or not – give you a supply of wet firewood so that you can generate your own smoke signals.

    • Beckie Hubley

      oh my……first laugh i’ve had since service went out…thank you.

    • OldEnough to know better

      Hey, a laugh is good for the soul.
      You’re welcome
      (BTW: I’m glad I’m on WIND Mobile!)

  • ns.dev

    Hopefully you don’t need to roam.

    • Al_Anon_12345

      99.9% of the time, no one does

    • marorun1982

      You right but at least 50% of ppl go outside of city for camping trip or road trip and with wind you will only badtrip lol.

    • Dave


  • Frankie

    Nothing new here folks. Typical Rogers overpriced and underperforming. Just look at thier Baseball and Hockey team same applies.

  • Mel Llanes

    Voice and text aint working only data is working @ the momment

  • Richard

    Videotron seems to be working fine. Thank god I switched!

  • cdnfreak

    Down in Winnipeg, MB. Calls and texting. Internet still works

  • Noah SONG

    its donw here in MB.

  • Anell

    i hope they are down for weeks and lose tons of customers lol

  • jonnny

    In on fido in Edmonton and so far no issues that i have noticed…

  • Sohail

    Thank you Rogers! Another FIRST for your company.

  • PlayerX

    I demand a proper compensation by Rogers/Fido ! such as waiving of early cancellation phone subsidy fees, free 3 months, free iPhone, etc..

    • HelloCDN

      And a massage by a sexy Asian…oops…

    • PlayerX

      Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a gift card for one of Montreal’s erotic massage places

    • Yulet

      Do you want them to give you 50% of the company as well?

  • Taylor!

    I love KOOODO! 🙂

  • Traww

    Nothing wokring in Vancouver B.C

  • Americanadian

    Too bad Canada scared away Verizon. Better service, better coverage and cheaper. My old Verizon phone is still working here in North Van – So much for Rogers reliability. LOL !

    • Tom

      Verizon’s better service/coverage is due to their use of proprietary CDMA technology. Not ideal at all for those who travel abroad, especially when half their phones don’t even have removable SIM cards. Only recently did they start stocking dual-GSM/CDMA phones and even those don’t have “full” GSM operation, i.e. no LTE or pentaband.

      If Verizon had come into Canada, they’d take a while to provide “better service and coverage”, especially since they’d be acquiring a GSM network to start off.

  • Phil the Trainer

    Not working in Kelowna BC either

  • Carol Ann Bennett

    This is not just in Ontario and Quebec… This is all across Canada, I am in BC, My husband is in Alberta and i have many friends in Halifax…. all having problems… I hope rogers expects to repay us some of our money since most people relay on their cell phone as the primary phone and pay ALOT of money to this company… So to leave people without a source of calling in case of an emergency is not acceptable!!!

    • Drew

      You should never rely on a wireless connection for 911 or any emergency call. All of the providers state this in the terms and conditions of service.

    • Carol Ann Bennett

      That does not make sense at all.. it gives you the option to make calls for emergencies without having to swipe or unlock your phone… My point is ALOT of people use their cell phones for emergencies EVERYDAY!!! whether you or them like to admit it or not it is the number one source for calling for help in most situations!!!! LOL … in my mind that is a big reason why 90% of the country has a cell phone so they can reach help when they need it!! I have never seen this in any contract I have signed but then again I haven’t read it word for word, regardless if I or any other person is driving and comes along an accident on an off road without any houses or buildings around what do you do?? you call 911!!!!! therefor you rely on your cell phone for that since obviously you don’t have a house phone while driving!! Happens everyday!!

  • WagwanRazwan

    If you’re going to control the market, at least provide us with some reliable service!!!

  • mrideas

    Nothing in Guelph, Ontario. Can still iMessage and text and data works presently but no calls in or out.

  • Guest

    What a piece of crap service this is, time to switch all my lines to Telus.

  • tabitha

    nothing in onslow mtn ,ns and stupid thing is just got a text today saying they put up a new tower in our area and we would have better service lmfao and then 5 hours later have absolutely no service

  • MarkPaula One

    I’m in Waterloo, ON and my Rogers mobile isn’t working. I can receive texts, but that’s it. No calls in or out.

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    Here’s where the oligopoly rears it’s ugly head. Lots of competition eh? So when Rogers goes down so do 2-3 other carriers! Lots of competition indeed!

    • Comrade Yeti

      What other carriers are down? Bell and TELUS are up, as are the new entrants?

    • Andrew Goldenberg

      It was sarcasm referring to chatr and fido being other carriers who are also down. According to Rogers, Bell and Telus their MVNOs count as competition.

  • PlayerX

    Rogers is pulling a Blackberry ..

  • Jamie Chang

    Ahhahahaaha this giant phone company fucks you all up the a*s with their outrageous phone bills and now this? Time to pray for Verizon to come over the border.

    • Bhudda Rayes

      we’re all having a good LOL over this but really, how outdated is your information?

  • JCVS101

    Wind rules!

  • FatSheep

    First time I want to show mercy to Rogers. RGS is basically FKEDUP

  • Jonnyd

    I’m having connectivity issues also. I’m in Regina.

  • Nosorry

    Text works,that strange!

  • jcox20

    If you have an iPhone you can download the magic jack app to make calls over the data network for free.

  • HelloCDN

    Perhaps someone should have told the folks at BlackBerry that Rogers changed their mind about Z30. They probably hacked the Rogers network as revenge lol

    • Ren596

      I wondered When Someone Was GOING TO GO THERE

  • Your Mom

    it’s fix now!

    • Jodie Hooper

      where do u live

    • Jodie Hooper

      hope the phone works soon

  • Anell

    still down here in bc

  • Scott Harkness

    Wow! Lots of people in Washington State without service, I see!

  • Alex McIlwaine

    Interesting network resiliency they clearly don’t have…

  • Jodie Hooper

    where do u live?

  • Sohail

    We had same issue Thursday of last week from 12:30 to 15:30 in Ottawa for Fido phones.

  • jbnovascotia

    Love the fact that no one here in nova Scotia has service yet were not even shown on there as being affected.. Man I was in the middle of a call and the service cut out..

  • jbnovascotia

    I’m a Fido customer in Halifax my family has rogers phones and most of the ppl on my fb have Rogers or Fido and all we can do is internet no phone calls or texts

  • Günter Schwarz

    My data in Sudbury, Ontario seems to work but that’s about it.

  • Steve Barker

    Phone out in Victoria. Texting OK. Fido.

  • ADCS

    Canadian outages website has crashed, how ironic.

  • Maggie

    My phone is on call forward which l cant undo..I hope they get it fixed by the morning..I rang one of the rogers shops and they said it will probably be back on in 3 – 4 hrs…..Heres hoping….

  • Tyrone_83

    I wonder what Rogers is going to give to compensate for this. I’m not with them but i’m just curious.

    • Anell


    • Dano B.

      Customers will get a copy of the ToS that state they do not guarantee 100% uptime

  • FatSheep

    My phone is alive now, in Ottawa

  • Cate

    meanwhile, starving children don’t create an outrage ….hmm.. priorities

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    9:10 and still nothing. Maybe we will be credited the outage time. — sorry that was some wishful thinking. LOL

    Or maybe Verizon is behind all of this — Sorry could not help myself.

  • HelloCDN

    Upcoming updates on Rogers website: “Due to our network instability, we will have to raise our prices by 10%. We believe it will bring a higher value to people as we will be able to improve our network.”

    • Tim3Tripp3r

      Don’t be putting ideas in their head now.

  • Moose

    its 10:10 and rogers is still down in Nova Scotia

  • Francois Roy

    Verizon, help us!!

  • Jizz Beard thePirate

    I guess Vancouver has been up and down… LTE hasn’t been affected yet so I can still access the internet, Texting has been good but calls are iffy

  • Martin Chan

    It’s incidents like these I realize that if mobile communications and Internet go down in this day and age, some people may not survive.

  • Batouta

    WAW Finally life without mobile..I have no friends no wife Its a good thing that other people seems to me

  • jrmtl

    Rogers will be giving out free blackberries tomorrow

  • Günter Schwarz

    Didn’t they give out free HTC Magics when the 911 issue happened lol

  • jrmtl

    I want a refund of the network improvement fees that they charge

  • HelloCDN

    Lol, I really like to see Twitter humour 🙂
    My favourite so far: “Hey Rogers! We can help you fix your network! Just be home from 7am to 11pm”

  • themminger

    No phone service in Edmonton alberta…but can still text and still have internet

  • FatSheep

    Down again in Ottawa, was able to get through one voice call

  • Jodie Hooper

    some times I can make a call and then other times it goes down

  • Günter Schwarz

    Sudbury seems to be back up, I’ve been able to get/send text messages.

  • wes

    I want some kind of compensation! Just saying! I’m paying for a service that I’m not getting and it’s my only form of telephone communication!

    • thedosbox

      “it’s my only form of telephone communication”

      That’s the price you pay for relying on one provider.

    • wes

      Well, on a student budget how many providers and services am I suppose to subscribe to?

    • thedosbox

      Um, if 100% uptime is THAT important, then you should budget accordingly – even if it means sacrificing something else. Like a large data allowance, LOL.

    • wes

      What do you mean by that?

    • realitycheck

      paying for a cheaper plan and the money saved go towards another provider

    • wes

      So get two cellphones?

    • thedosbox

      Unlock your existing phone, have a backup SIM from another provider. Incovenient? Sure, but you’re the one who seems to want 100% uptime.

    • wes

      Yes it’s incovenient. Gotta switch numbers? or port numbers and close/open accounts….. That’s a huge hassle.

      We live in Canada, not some 3rd world country. It’s expected to have service 100% uptime. The unexpected would be to have no access to a service that you pay top dollar for.

    • wes

      As close to 100‰ as posible should be expected. We arent living in Burma or north Korea where certain parts of the cities get hydro depending on the day.

    • wes

      Nadir Mohamed, President and CEO of Rogers: “I recognize this service interruption was unacceptable for our customers. We worked as quickly as possible to restore service and it was gradually restored over the course of the evening. I sincerely apologize to all of our customers for this significant inconvenience and appreciate their understanding and patience.”

      From the CEO, who also recognises that is unacceptable… Enough said.

    • wes

      Yesterday was a freak accident and Rogers responded to it well. Within the limits of my expectations.

    • thedosbox

      You are deluding yourself if you think any provider can provide 100% uptime.

    • realitycheck

      one cellphone but two sims. the 2nd sim is for when you NEEDed the uptime.

    • deltatux

      use Skype or get a VOIP line. Things like Fongo do wonders for students.

    • Alex McIlwaine

      could buy 2 wind phones for the cost you’re likely getting raped by Rogers

    • wes

      I’m with Fido. We don’t have Wind in my province.

    • Dano B.

      Compensation for an outage that has so far only lasted 4 hours? let us know how that works out for you.

    • wes

      well obviously if it lasts more than 24 hrs 🙂

    • wes

      Acutally, you don’t wanna know how many 20$ credits I’ve gotten on my account. To a point where they said that I received too many credits, so they gave me 3 months of unlimited internet.

    • wes

      Oh look. We got compensated. 🙂 luck is on my side

  • Anell

    i wonder if anyone has died from not being able to contact 911.

    • deltatux

      iirc, if a network doesn’t work, your phone will go into Emergency Calls Only which will route to whichever network that can route the call regardless of network since 911 calls are free on any network regardless of who you’re with.

    • Anell

      ya thats true i remember prank calling 911 on my old deactivated nokia when i was a kid.

    • Alex McIlwaine


  • Hardtarget24

    blargh, started working for about 10 minutes in Vancouver but now it’s down again 🙁

  • jane

    9:30pm , oNtario NOT RESOLVED and fido cant call or use their internet site, that’s easy for the, dont call us,write us or talk to us, sorry …..exacept we are really not, I’d apprecaite a credit, why should stay when miss cal for work on “great network” fido is good but i can tell you on chatr service was SO BAD on rogers way configured, this is not a HUGE suprise. rogers .ugh.. they all suck.

  • Liza Mattimore

    Phone service went down around 6 p.m. had sporadic text outages as well. Service appears to be restored now at 9:45.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    6:42 Pac Time Port Alberni BC data working okay 4 me, I lost a voice call earlier today that was kind of odd in nature – maybe that was the start of Rogers problems.

  • Rusty Halo

    I have been playing with my S4… it seems that if you enter your cellphone network settings and change the “network Mode” from GSM/HSPA/LTE (auto) to HSPA only then at least incoming and outgoing text as well as incoming calls (only) from landlines and other mobile carriers will work… I have tested this successfully in the Calgary area…
    Outgoing calls seem to be still sent directly to the Rogers bit-bucket-of-oblivion

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    rogers where don’t get what you pay for so Glad I am with Wind

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Don’t worry folks it’s only a temporary outage as CSEC re-routes the Rogers network thru it’s state of the art $1.3B data “acquisition” center. As soon as they have a few more patch cords plugged in the system should come back up.

    • Guest

      Where did you get this? so from now on we are officially plugged into the Canadian copy of NSA/GCHQ?

  • Guillaume Tremblay

    Fido is back for me on north shore of Mtl !

  • Chris Zhu

    No problems here – Vancouver Rogers user :

  • Keith Puzuma Lavallee

    Did someone hack their system? DNS attack of some sort?

  • Andrew Lanns

    Listen to me I’m just speaking the truth a billion dollar company which doesn’t have proper network redundancy is retarded what am I paying them for lol. I have one month left on my contract then I am leaving bun rogers I hope dem rot.

  • JerryBolton

    Wind Mobile – making billions less but keeping its network up more.

  • Poobah

    Mike Lazaridis to issue an apology to the nation

  • Jon P

    I hear Roger’s network is the worst in Canada for traffic management, and lacks capable backup system. I guess this is what happens when crap hits the fan.

  • MrEeeaddict

    Canada’s “Most Reliable” network

  • Stuntman06

    Looks like it’s back up now. Just tried calling my wife’s phone and it’s working now.

  • ApplicationError

    Hopefully we will have some new wireless carriers in Canada
    soon. We really need some competition. For the past 8 years I have been a Rogers
    customer – it is a necessary evil.

    This weekend I tried to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    from a few Rogers stores. Each store told me that they couldn’t sell me the
    device as they are reserved for new customers and contract renewals. I still
    have 19 months left on my existing Rogers contract. It seems wrong that a
    long-time customer can’t purchase a device. My current Nokia Lumia 900 is
    horrible. Worst device ever.

    Now I am on the Rogers waiting list. Since Sunday I have
    moved from #93 to #90 on the waiting list.

    • HelloCDN

      Why do you blame them? Samsung is responsible for supplying. It’s like blaming Rogers or Telus that gold iPhone isn’t available. The phone is new and fairly popular, you should educate yourself first.
      I hate Rogers, but seriously, people like you are annoying.

    • ApplicationError

      HelloCDN, thanks for your reply. I understand that Samsung is responsible for the supply. But I think that if Rogers has the device in stock, which they did, they should sell it to an existing customer, which they refused to do.

  • Dragonballzpokemon

    9 million people calling for a compensation lol. I bet the wait times are going to last longer than the outage itself. take a break from your cell phone for once rofl.

  • Carl Hall

    one day!….thats it?

    • Cam C

      outage was for less than half a day. double the credit than what was unavailable – Double the credit of the downtime seems fair. Its been the first outage I’ve been hit with in years. /shrug

    • Alex McIlwaine

      bare minimum offer….shows what Rogers thinks.

    • Cam C

      bare minimum would have been prorating someone’s cost to the one day and then halving that. Outage was for less than half a day and they doubled the compensation for a full day. Double is double whether large or small. It’s still over and above bare minimum of what happened.

  • Xristos Dimitriou

    Rogers Sucks….. So NO Big Loss…. Hope They Stay Down!!!

  • todd

    It had to have been the rush to preorder the z30 that crashed the network.

    • Stuntman06

      I was thinking the outage was karma for not initially offering the Z30.

  • Ram N

    Down Again?? I am trying to contact my daughter who is with Rogers and no response.

  • Mark Lewis

    Us prepaid customers paying for a monthly plan will not be credited anything as were not important to the company and our business really does not matter

  • marorun1982

    Rogers have the most old server structure of the 3 big carriers.. no wonder its crash. Worked at rogers 6 years and they had so much réception and facturation problems i left to work at Telus lol

  • beyond

    i bet it was an experimental terrorist attack….Rogers has been infiltrated !

  • Guest

    I main only use data, so didn’t notice any outrage until a friend of mine try to txt and call me.

  • Disappointed Customer

    Poor service AGAIN!! this long weekend with poor customer service. I am signed up with Rogers, but can only connect to Telus or Bell?? contacted Rodgers twice within 10 mins a part and no solution, but trying to deflect the blame to the sim card or cell phone…give me a break.