Bell and Rogers HTC 8X and 8S receive GDR2 OS update

Ian Hardy

August 30, 2013 8:03am

Rogers Windows Phone HTC 8X and Bell (probably Virgin) HTC 8X and 8S users can go forth and download the latest OS and firmware update. This brings OS 8.0.10327.77 (GDR2) to both devices and a better battery life, improvements to the camera and photo viewer, plus various text and multimedia messaging enhancements. Probably the most notable update for WP8 users is the Data Sense app as this helps you track your data usage.

Check you 8X or 8S by hitting Settings >> check for updates.

Source Bell , Rogers
  • hunkyleepickle

    Anybody know if Canada gets access to podcasts from within the marketplace and Xbox music app? I got it on my 920 by flashing my device, just curious if the general release included it.

  • Martini

    I had an issue with getting Data Sense on my ATIV S, and I’m curious if the same problem applies to 8X/8S owners. After installing GDR2, Data Sense wasn’t present. Only after doing a reset in the “About” section of the phone was it enabled. Hopefully 8X/8S owners won’t have this problem.

    • morter

      Data Sense appeared fine for me on my HTC 8X after the regular update reboot.

  • Hamid

    damn, come to the telus lumia 620 already!

  • ifactcheckchainemails

    I downloaded it to a Bell HTC 8X yesterday. I got Datasense, FM Radio, and a little bit of my other storage (around 280 Mb) spontaneously cleared after the reboot. The sound quality of Bluetooth music playback on both a Logitech boombox and Ford Sync is noticeably improved. The annoying connection issues I was having with Sync seem to have dissappeared although I have only tried it once. I am pretty happy with it up to this point.