Rogers Moto X priced $20 cheaper at Best Buy for $169.99

Ian Hardy

August 17, 2013 3:35pm

The Moto X news just keeps on coming…

We reported yesterday that Rogers has already started shipping Moto X units to various stores across Canada this weekend. If you’re interested you should call your local store to see if stock has arrived. The price on a 2-year for this Jelly Bean powered Android is set at $189.99, or $550 outright. However, it’s always good to showroom what other retailers are selling the same products for. Over at Best Buy Mobile it looks like they have price dropped the Moto X before its official launch date by $20, now immediately on sale for $169.99 on a 2-year contract to those who pre-order.

The Moto X, in Canada, is available in both white and black. To get a good insight into this device, have a gander at our hands-on here.

Source Best Buy

(Thanks Todd!)

  • Rich

    I’m curious how this will sell, although if I was in the market for an Android device this wouldn’t even be on my radar.

  • hunkyleepickle

    My device deserve should be here on Wednesday, not sure if I’ll pick one up outright or not. Certainly not a device I would sign onto one of those delightful 2 year contracts for however!

  • Sukdis Knaatz

    I can see myself picking this up about a year from now, when it’s nice and cheap. It’s a solid phone all around. It might not be a spec giant, and that’s fine by me, but it seems to be running smoothly, built well, and comes with a few nice additions thrown in.

    I am also waiting to see what Nexus 5 brings to the table.

    Buying outright is the way to go.

    Like the rest of us, I was very disappointed by the initial price of Moto X.

  • Brett Emslie

    Anyone locate one in stock Edmonton yet?

  • Jonathan G.

    Rogers price matches deals right? Perhaps I will ask them about it when I go to pick up mine.

  • Jonathan G.

    Rogers price matches deals right? Perhaps I will ask them about it when I go to pick up mine.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Still too high, needs to be $399 off contract before I would give up my N4

    • Me Ted

      This to the nth degree. I’m not sure what they’re thinking over at Motorola. For $50 more I can get a relatively superior HTC One.

  • sanchela

    I’d rateher chop my hand off than signing up with Rogers. They steal all good phones and make them unusable. Just remeber Nokia N8, a wonderful penta-bend device that Robbers snitched and totally killed it for Canadian consumers, although it could have been used on any network and was light years ahead of any competition.

  • James Marshall

    Best Buy often sell phones much cheaper than the carriers. I got a Nexus 4 on Fido for free instead of $50 plus tax.