Facebook’s ‘Reader’ initiative rumoured to take on Flipboard, no launch date set

Ian Hardy

June 24, 2013 7:11am

Facebook, the massive social networking site that 1.1 billion people behind it, is reportedly working on project named ‘Reader.’ This will only be a mobile play – tablets and smartphones – and aims elegantly present news content from Facebook users and its approved publishers – just like how Flipboard operates.

Similar to their competitors, Facebook recently rolled out hashtags so users can quickly search for hot topics. Reader will feature “public posts that are trending on the site” and “create an experience that encourages users to dive deeper into content and spend more time with Facebook.” The lead on the Reader project, apart from a watchful eye from Mark Zuckerberg, is former Apple and Nest designer Michael Matas. According the the Wall Street Journal, Facebook has been developing Reader for the last year, but “it’s unclear when Facebook will be ready to unveil the product, if it ever is.”

Google is unfortunately shutting down their Google Reader service on July 1st, but other RSS readers have stepped up to become the go-to source for latest news – most notedly Feedly, Newsblur and Reeder. In addition, Digg and AOL will be launching new reader services in the coming hours.

Source: WSJ

  • WhoCares1000

    So, Facebook copied Twitter’s Vine video sharing idea, and now they are trying to copy Flipboards idea. Not seeing how this is new.

    • Jem

      Concept is not new, but Facebook having this service is new. And since it’s a new product (from Facebook), that’s why it’s being covered here.