Twitter retires API v1, TweetDeck for iOS and Android are officially done

Ian Hardy

June 12, 2013 2:06pm

In a move that shouldn’t shock anyone, Twitter has finally confirmed that API v1, the same one that powers a number of popular apps including TweetDeck for iOS and Android, has been “retired”.

Twitter has already removed TweetDeck for Android and iPhone from Google Play and the App Store on May 7th , but declared that they’ll be transitioning to its new API version 1.1. Don’t fret though, most of your favourite Twitter-based apps have already transitioned over to the new API and will remain unaffected by this retirement. Twitter has been locking down on their API’s since announcing stricter rules earlier this year.

If you’re someone who wants to migrate your app over to the new API, there’s still time to do so. Hit the source below to read Twitter’s developer blog post for more info.

Source: Twitter
Via: TNW