Update: Rogers proposing to build a cellphone tower in West Vancouver with different colours and “lights to create a kind of public art”

Ian Hardy

June 12, 2013 6:52pm

Carriers invest millions of dollars every year to improve cellphone coverage by installing antennas and towers. You’ve probably seen these massive eyesores staring back at you while driving, but recently there’s been desire from the general public to come up a less obtrusive tower designs. We’ve seen towers pop up in the form of a cross on Church land, plus ones that look like trees in the Muskoka area.

A new cell tower is potentially being dreamed up in Vancouver’s North Shore. The region currently has spotty coverage due to the high elevation and mountains. According to a report in The North Shore Outlook, Rogers is planning an ‘innovative’ idea that could bring a whole new level of tower design.

Apparently Rogers hired Vancouver-based architect firm Dialog to design towers that “won’t have any visible antenna.” The proposed towers are 36-metres high and allow for “graphics and different colours” to be embedded into the design, plus have “the possibility of lights to create a kind of public art.” Sounds like a big ad, or possibly the same experience of the CN Tower in Toronto. The pictures gives a good indication of what residents will possibly see, but the government might have an issue with distracted driving if there’s a light show happening.

Update: Apparently the tower will may not look this pretty. We’ve received this statement from Rogers:

“Rogers has no intention of adding any embellishments to the new tower design, nor does West Vancouver and there are no plans to do so. That would require local community support, which is not what is being pursued here. The illustration was just a means of visualizing what it *could* look like *if* a local government wanted to mark highway exits, traffic alerts or any other public purpose include art. Any embellishments would be those requested by the local community”

Source: North Shore Outlook

  • Accophox

    Well, they’ve gotta find some way to spend all that money they make from their insane ARPU. 🙂

  • Ken

    This tower must be the reason why Rogers will be increasing the cost to upgrade your phone early. The customers have to cover the cost of this new tower.

  • hunkyleepickle

    reception is pretty spotty in west van, it really saps the battery on my already poor battery nexus 4. I’m all for it, should cause a stir with all the well-to-do seniors in the area, which should be fun!

    • Jason

      Doesn’t West Van also have a lot of obstructions that would be the reason why coverage is spotty?

    • CADDMan71

      Yes, the obstructions are wealthy land owners who don’t want cell towers in their neighbourhoods but insist on better coverage.

  • Anthony W

    As long as they are expanding coverage and building towers, I am all for it.

  • ConsciousConsumer

    This will be on the news with all the Luddites complaining feverishly.

  • Jason Lui

    Another group of morons commenting who just want “free service” “free phone”. Most people on here most likely don’t have jobs. Start complaining about the price of gas… Oh wait, you can’t afford to own a car.

    • FuzeCok

      You’re right, I don’t have a job. I retired when I was 33, are you still working? 😉

    • Rhett H

      Wow, stay in your cave and don’t ever come out.

    • Henry

      It’s a shame you wasted your first comment to say a bunch a nonsense. Not even sure you read the article. Btw, I’m currently typing from work, I’m a business owner and your likely a gas pumper based on your intelligence.

  • ns.dev

    or they could just let the NIMBYers not have cell service.

  • Marcus

    I find the fake tree towers look stupid when around real trees and kind of cheapen everything.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Looks like a giant vertical cigarette. They will put ugly advertising on it.

  • hoo dat

    Reverse engineered from alien hardware.

  • gua_ca_mo_le

    Could distract drivers? I’m sorry, but if electronic billboards can exist, I see no problem with this.

  • HatInTheRing

    Love it. Why do towers have to be eye sores? They need to start disguising things like this that ruin skylines.

  • Tom Morris

    Nice Idea 🙂 It could catch on .

  • Henry

    It’s a great idea if it’s art and not one big flashy ad. It should pass local public approval.