Update: Rogers offering a $35 Google Play Gift Card with Galaxy S4 purchases

Ian Hardy

April 22, 2013 11:11am


The big push is on for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4. This 5-inch Android is currently available for pre-order from many Canadian carriers and will officially be available on April 27th, but will arrive in-stores a week later on May 3rd. Rogers is upping the ante and enticing those customers to purchase one through them ($199.99 on a 3-year) by giving a bonus of a $35 Google Play Gift Card.

The legal fine print says that this promo is “available to new and existing customers with purchase of eligible device (Samsung Galaxy S4) and new activation on any Rogers post-paid plan between April 26 June 30, 2013 with 3- yr FLEXtab agreement. Subject to change without notice.”

Update: Rogers stores are getting stocked with the Samsung Galaxy S4. The flagship Android will officially go on sale tomorrow, but there’s incredibly limited inventory. Rogers has started to fully advertise the $35 Google Play credit offer – this was originally only for those who pre-ordered, but now it’s available to all who purchase.

Source: Rogers
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  • Dylan D’Croix

    Hold the phone. Since when did Canada have Google Play gift cards?

    • Stephen

      You can’t buy em, just redeem them. ‘Tis unfortunate.

    • Dylan D’Croix

      Majorly. I don’t feel comfortable putting my credit card info into my phone. Pre-paid is the way to go.

    • Stephen

      Putting your credit card on your phone is no less risky than using your ATM at a store

    • jaffna_guy

      that’s why i luv my Z10 🙂

  • FukRogers

    I honestly feel bad for anyone that uses Rogers. They have the most unreliable network in the Country. Even Wind is better for the love of tits.

    • Stephen

      Rogers is the absolute worst

    • Brian

      Why does everybody hate Rogers? I pay a reasonable amount per month, and I’m satisfied with their coverage. Aren’t all the ‘Big Three’ similar in terms of network coverage?

    • realdeal

      @ fukrogers

      Because there are a lot of
      people who want to have the Rogers network with the wind, mobility price. It
      is impossible that wind has a better network then Rogers. You are f—-k retarded and
      you need help.

    • BetelgeuseOrion

      i used to have rogers, now im with wind, rogers coverage downtown has gone down 4 times last year where i am, wind has still not had a network issue. also i maintain wind calls while going through ctrain tunnels, rogers does not, rogers has wider coverage, but not “better” however i would agree rogers does have lots of areas with better and higher quality coverage, just not where i am .

    • hunkyleepickle

      while i agree with you, i wish there was a website where quantifiable evidence was listed as to who’s network is superior and where. I’d love to leave rogers, but hearing people moan about all the big 3 does nothing to make me leave rogers for another carrier that is bad instead of worse….

    • Rizwan Sayani

      Where do you live? I live in toronto and am always losing coverage when I’m in downtown. Usually due to high rise buildings.

    • Liberal Phone Person

      I’d say that they are the second worst of the big three. Bell is the worst.

  • Simon Gendreau

    Can we get those Google Play card somewhere else ? Can Rogers sell them individually ? … .. it is now a year it is available in US…. !!!!!!!!! Come on Google !!!

    • Josh Brown

      Just go into Play store and Hit menu and then redeem. It has been there for a while. I bought my gift card at Target in Buffalo Worked no problem

    • Simon Gendreau

      I got one too several months ago but it is a pain in the a$$ to get one in canada …. I would like to buy them in Canada !

  • Stephen

    This would have been a great deal, and then I saw it was Rogers.

  • larokus

    You couldn’t be more false.

  • yomama

    im pretty sure it has nothing to do with the phone itself, more so for competitive reason, so that people get the phone from them…