Twitter #Music app for iPhone now available, will come to Android soon

Ian Hardy

April 18, 2013 9:33am

Twitter officially announced that Twitter #Music will be going live today. So far Twitter users will be able to access the new music discovery app via the web ( or through an iPhone app.

What is Twitter Music? Twitter notes that it’ll “change the way people find music” and is all based on activity through the people and bands you follow. The app is categorized into 4 areas: Popular, Emerging, Suggested, and Now Playing. You have the option to listen to a song within the app, purchase, learn more about specific artists, or retweet songs or albums to your followers.

Twitter will access the millions of users, plus iTunes, Spotify and Rdio to find out what people are talking about and what’s popular. “By default, you will hear previews from iTunes when exploring music in the app. Subscribers to Rdio and Spotify can log in to their accounts to enjoy full tracks that are available in those respective catalogs.”

The good news for Canadian is that Twitter Music will be available to us today, along with those in the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. As for other platforms, “over time, we will bring the service to Android.” No word on Windows Phone or BlackBerry apps.

Source: Apple iTunes
Via: ABC, Twitter Blog

  • Dimitri

    It does not matter who has the biggest user base. The developers wanted it on iPhone so they made it for iPhone. I guess they use iPhone’s? I would like this to come to Blackberry 10 as well if possible.

  • Don Martins

    In time their vine app is coming to Android also. I call B. S

  • DB

    cant find the app ??

  • Darryl Friesen

    Who has music deals (especially in Canada), Apple or Google? Honestly, where would Twitter Music send Canadian consumers on an Android device? There are only a handful of small players with limited catalogues. I’m ashamed to admit it, but music that I do find worth paying for I buy from iTunes then sync to my Android phone. Unless Google strikes some huge deals in Canada, there’s no point in Twitter releasing this for Android