Rogers and Fido customers can now reserve the Galaxy S 4

Ian Hardy

April 12, 2013 4:11pm

Most of the carriers started Galaxy S 4 ‘pre-registration’ this week. Eager Canadians could drop down their contact info and be updated on the latest info about its pending release. However, if you’re wanting to secure your GS4 on launch day – which is coming up at the end of this month – then Rogers and Fido have both gone live with pre-orders via their “online reservation systems.” So far this is only available for existing customers and you’ll have to put a deposit of $40 down. In addition, it looks like the 16GB version in “Black Mist” and “White Frost” are currently, but no word on the 32GB version.

Update: We’ve heard back from Rogers and they stated that “It’s only the 16GB version that’s available at this time.”

Go forth here at Rogers and Fido.

  • Stupid

    Just wish is was available sooner.

    Pre-ordered. Number 7. But I won’t even be around to pick it up.

  • Mlads

    #5 Weoooo

  • steve

    how do we get to that registration page for Rogers, link doesn’t work

    • Stupid

      Got to and then My Rogers. Then look for “device reservation” by your mobile stuff.

  • revelation68

    # 20 & 21 sweet!!

  • Stupid

    If it’s available in store sooner you can cancel the pre-order.

    This one could actually have genuine supply issues at launch so it might be the safer bet.

    But, yes. I think they should include some other incentives to pre-order like free stuff or a slight discount.

  • KrispyInTO

    Similar thing happened when i bought the s3 from telus. they were saying new customers or people renewing contract would get them first so pre order if you want one other wise. I just ordered it on their site when it was released and they shipped it 2 days later. If i was on the pre order i probably would have had to wait longer to get mine.

  • Patrick Serrano

    Finally!! What I’ve been waiting for!

  • John

    What’s the upgrade requirement for rogers? Last time I did a HUP was in September 2010 (iphone 4) its been almost 3 years and they want to me pay me an early upgrade fee of $78 dollars (im 4 months away from my 3 year contract ending). Does this seem right?

  • Stephen

    Good to know. Just returned my Z10 [just plain garbage] and I need a new phone.

  • Alexander Do Rio

    I am number 79. Still rocking a 3gs from 2009. Awesome upgrade 🙂 Ill keep it if Nexus 5 doesn’t impress, and if the nexus 5 is awesome, ill sell this for it 🙂

  • dave

    What’s the word on the 32gb version of the s4 in canada?

  • Monji

    Waiting for the 32Gb version…. 16Gb+32Gb wasn’t enough in my S2

  • dick

    ching a ling