Rogers, Fido, TELUS and WIND Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean upgrade now available

Ian Hardy

March 16, 2013 8:29am

The long-awaited upgrade to Jelly Bean has finally arrived for Rogers Galaxy Nexus customers today. A notification for OS 4.2.1 should have popped up for you, but if not make sure you hit Menu >> Settings >> About device >> Software update >> Update.

Update: TELUS and WIND Mobile Galaxy Nexus users are now reporting the Jelly Bean is available to download on their devices.

(Thanks Matt, Patrick & to everyone who sent this in!)

  • robinottawa

    My wife has a Samsung Galaxy Note that she says is not working well either. But she also said she has figured out that some problems are because she has to get used to the different ways of doing things. How’s it going for you?