RIM contest offers up 30 new BlackBerry 10 devices (#BlackBerry10TO)

Ian Hardy

January 14, 2013 7:04am

RIM is showing Canadians the love and opened up a Twitter contest that could win you a new BB10 device, case and a trip to the big BlackBerry fan party. Piggybacking on a recent NYC Twitter contest, RIM will start promoting the Toronto event and interested Canadians (excluding Quebec) who want to participate should tweet “what you are most excited about for BlackBerry 10, and include the hashtag #BlackBerry10TO.”

Pretty simple. RIM notes that the contest begins today January 15th and ends at 11:59:59 pm ET on January 17th, 2013. According to the terms and conditions, there’s 30 prizes up for grabs:

“There are thirty (30) prizes available to be won (each a “Prize”). Each Prize consists of one (1) BlackBerry 10 smartphone, one (1) smartphone case and an invitation for the winner and one (1) guest to the #BlackBerry10TO Fan Event which will take place in Toronto, Ontario Canada on or around January 30, 2013 (“Event”). Actual date will be confirmed by Sponsor prior to the event. Approximate retail value of prize pack is up to $1000 USD.”

Update: RIM reached out to us and stated the contest will actually start on January 15th. “We actually updated the T&Cs this morn to launch the contest tomorrow.”

Update #2: I’ve updated the terms and conditions paragraph above to reflect the new changes.

Check it out here at RIM


    If I get one of these I will sell it and buy Galaxy s4, this is IF some one will buy it on kijiji.!

    • Paying for crowds

      First they give $10,000 to any developer that takes the risk on developing RIM apps.

      Now they are giving phones away for free so that they can have some youngsters at the launche of BB10.
      You have to bring your two friends and you have to show up at the event if you want to collect your prize.

      No show, and no 2 friends= NO PRIZE.
      This shows how much interest is out there for BB10.

    • huh?

      @Paying for crowds: they didn’t give $10,000 to developers.. it’s a guarantee developers will MAKE $10,000. Not the same thing.

  • Jimmy

    Lol must be in attendance to pick it up. I live across the country..

    • F-offRIM

      And I live a few hours away in Qc and can’t enter the contest.

    • Paying for crowds

      The know that not a lot of people cares about BB10. So these will be in effect “Paid Crowds!”

    • jeremiah

      F-offRIM actually you can blame Quebec for that fool

  • Raid

    This is great. Hopefully I can win this one.

  • Sébastien Dicaire

    “You must be Canadian or American but not from Québec” Wtf. Screw BB and their sh***** phones

    • John Smith

      Ferme your bouche Frenchie

    • Ron

      That’s only because Quebec’s Lotteries Act has rules around such contests. Stop whining.

    • Bill

      BB doesn’t want to sell phones in Quebec? C’est bon, je vais acheter un Samsung Galaxy S3

    • caribouroader

      Blame the Quebec provincial lottery and game laws….not Blackberry.

    • Johentie

      its like that with every contest in Canada! QC is NEVER included cause you guys have some messed up laws over there!

    • Plazmic Flame

      You should be saying, “Screw Quebec and their stupid rules”

  • Alex

    So NO BB in Quebec???
    You’d think that they could figure something out for us here.
    We do get contests in Quebec, just not many…

    • Nolove

      Then complain to the Quebec government. Not RIM’s fault that you live in a province that is SO different from the rest of Canada…

  • Comrade Yeti

    Unless that is one very expensive case and two tickets, I think the dream of a $400 BB10 is dead.

    • Sgt.Romanov

      I think there is still a chance of a reasonable BB10 price even Apple is looking at a lower priced iPhone because they are losing in sales and their stock is way down , so we can only hope RIM goes the same direction as the 16gb nexus 4 , it seems to be the trend to get away from the crazy high prices of phones because people will just stop buying or upgrading because of high prices

  • Sean


    Why didn’t they just say “Contest open to Ontario residents only”? I thought about getting one of these devices when they’re released but RIM can suck it now. They’ve lost another customer forever.

    • Bill Murray

      Don’t be mad because your to broke to fly to toronto

  • Art Vandelay

    I’ll have to pass….really can’t think of anything to tweet, not excited at all.

  • Mike Neufeld

    The only reason I would want it would be to make a couple hundred bucks @ launch! Yeah, a couple hundred @ best.

  • Matty Black

    I have to have twitter to enter?!……BS!

  • Pat

    WELL, colour me disappointed. I live in Ontario but sadly 7+hr away from “the centre of the universe” and a trip there at the end of January on a “maybe I’ll win” isn’t in the cards. That said, I can appreciate why RIM has made the contest like this.They want pics and cheering and clapping and enthusiasm at the launch. That being said I wish that they had done this a little differently so that so many of us would feel “screwed by geography”.
    ps this won’t stop me from getting a BB10 at the earliest opportunity.

  • Miknitro

    Mandatory attendance?

    Wtf RIM?

  • Johentie

    it’s really sad to see canadians bashing RIM… I SEE WAY MORE bashing on this blog then ANY OTHER blog these days!!

    alot of bloggers and commenters are changing their views for RIM.. but here on Mobile Syrup… we still see immature commenters and such naive and narrow minded people!

    do you see APPLE giving away anything?? the only time they give something away for free is to cover their BUTTS!! i.e. RUBBER BAND to prevent lost of reception!!

    stop your whinning and BB10 is gonna kick some a*s.. if you have never used it then BE QUIET!! u don’t know ANYTHING.. so until jan 30th you have no right to judge or say anything ..

    • Eduardo

      Agreed, I keep rooting for RIM and their return eventhough the last BB I had was a Flip.

      But you would think a Canadian company would take the time and consideration to make the contest available to ALL canadians (if you’re giving stuff away, do it right). Yes, rules are different in QC but that doesn’t mean the province has to be excluded; they just don’t care and never have, their contests are never available in QC.
      Plus, attendance to claim is a bit too much as well (again, IMO).

  • Kid.Canada

    Mandatory attendance and flight, hotel, transportation, ect. are not paid for? This may end up costing more than the worth of the prize so I’m gonna have to pass RIM. Too much obligations for a contest.

  • Ric

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  • Samuel

    Man this contests are always bias, Never a chance for us Quebequers to get in the action

  • Rainman

    Not even for free. No BB for me!

    • Sveeny

      “Uhhhmmm, guys… I am, like, soooo mad, like, really mad, guys! So much mad that I WILL turn down a free phone! That’s how mad I am!”

      You are an id1ot.

  • MrJB76

    I hope everyone realizes that the contest only begins tomorrow…

    The Contest begins at 12:00:01 am Eastern Time (“ET”) on January 15, 2013 and ends at 11:59:59 pm ET on January 17, 2013 (“Contest Period”).

    Save your Tweets for tomorrow!!! Good luck everyone!

  • jc

    Régie des jeux screws us again. So much bureaucratic red tape that even the large corporations don’t want to deal with it, even though they have legal resources to do so.

  • G -man

    The problem of Quebec are created by Quebec…

  • Sweet

    It’s definitely an issue with the Quebec laws, but I thought it was the language law. By that I mean, the contest organizers had to make everything available in French as well.

    It’s not too bad this time, since the contest is a rather lame, since you have to be there in person to get your phone. Very lame, RIM. But some of the other contests that exclude Quebecers are pretty sweet. That’s one thing I haven’t missed since leaving Quebec.

    So now I’m stuck bitching about contests by American companies who sell & market their products and services in Canada, but exclude Canadians from their contests. Laaaaaaame.

  • Aryana

    people are commenting about Quebec more than they are talking about BB10!
    Just because of these comments I had to read a whole wiki link about why Quebec is not part of this contest… French ha!

  • barry rueger

    You gotta be kidding me: