SaskTel to start unlocking cellphones for $50

Ian Hardy

December 4, 2012 9:20am

Saskatchewan Regional carrier SaskTel has quietly transformed themselves over the past couple years. They used to release devices well after the Big 3, plus still sell them for a premium. Now, mainly because of their HSPA+ build-out and pending LTE network, SaskTel is right up there competing for market share.

Customers want freedom and that means the ability to unlock their device from their carrier. Of course, there’s several ways to do this without the carriers consent, but most now offer an unlocking fee. We’ve seen Rogers, TELUS, Fido, Koodo, MTS and recently Bell and Virgin offer their customers the option to unlock their device – the fee ranges from $50 to $75 and has some very fine print attached to it.

We’ve been informed that SaskTel will be putting in place a policy to start unlocking phones. The price, as expected, is $50 to unlock any of their devices on their HSPA+ 4G network. Unfortunately this will not be available for the iPhone until sometime in Q1 2013. In addition, in order to have SaskTel unlock your device your wireless contract must be fulfilled.

Update: SaskTel sent us a note that stated the following: “Customers will be able to unlock their device at any point in their contract. They are not required to fulfill their contract before unlocking. Their account must be in good standing.”

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    Should be $5!!!!!!! THIEVES!!!!!!!!!

    • EvanKr

      What it “should be” will always be different than what it is. It’s called corporate greed, and taking advantage of people who don’t know any better. Just buy a $5 or $10 code from eBay and you’re set.

  • vn33

    Agree with all the comments above …

    These days, the people who pays $50 to unlock phones are those not aware of the outside options, or brainwashed in thinking carrier unlocking is the only “legitimate” way.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    $50 !! pfffff just go online , buy one much cheaper

  • Dave

    Wow, $50 to literally press a button… That’s when you know a company’s got your balls in a death grip.

  • pwbk

    Telus is $35 and they’ll do it after just 3 months on postpaid, even for iPhone.

    • Jeremy

      Source? They were $50 when I did it a couple months ago (for an iPhone).

    • Word

      He’s right, it was reduced from 50 to 35 a month ago or so. I’d try the website, I can’t pull it up right now.

  • Joe

    Wind Mobile charging “only” 10 bucks

  • Matt Pop

    MTS is doing the same

  • PrivateBlinky

    Well, this is all due to finger-wagging by the CRTC; they asked for carriers to provide consumers the OPTION to unlock, but never asked for them to offer ir at a fixed price…

    But I had initally assumed along with Ian; that the phone-must be off-contract first before any carrier will offer the option to unlock. If SaskTel is offering it to unlock while still on a contract, and Telus is offering cheaper rates (which will drive down the other carrier’s unlock fees), then we’re making progress, my friends.

    slow….slow…. so very slow…. but still progress…..