Koodo launching LTE service September 21st

Ian Hardy

September 20, 2012 8:43am

Koodo Mobile has been rumoured to launch LTE service for a few months now. We’ve seen various speed tests – all in Ontario – show up, plus when Apple announced the iPhone 5 was LTE-enabled they listed Koodo Mobile as one of the carriers that would be in the initial release. Koodo has yet to take any pre-orders for the iPhone 5, but the did note on Twitter that “We’re launching LTE on Sept 21st” in the Toronto area. Unfortunately, no other regions are listed or a LTE coverage map.

Source: Twitter
(Thanks Jerry!)

  • Kid.Canada

    Yet still nothing from Rogers in Winnipeg :'(

  • ns.dev

    I think the coverage would be the same as Telus/Bell.

    • COB

      Same as Telus..not Bell

    • ns.dev

      Telus and Bell network share.

  • Brayden

    They don’t share LTE

  • Insider

    Bell/Telus don’t share LTE frequencies but neither operate networks that overlap each other.

    They don’t call it “Sharing” they call it “Roaming” but either way ns.dev is right Telus/Koodo are operating on the Bell LTE network

  • Jerry

    Telus/Koodo’s 3G coverage maps line up perfectly. Their LTE maps are very different in South-Western Ontario. It was my understanding they were not sharing/roaming LTE the way they did 3G, and so far their maps online show that to be true.

    • Insider

      If by Telus/Koodo you mean Telus/Bell maps differ slightly you are corrent since Telus doesn’t offer a 2600Mhz LTE device for markets like KW and especially London since Bell doesn’t have the 10Mhz LTE block in that market and had to augment speeds with 2600Mhz spectrum.

      Whatever way Bellus wants to spin it they are in a long term sharing infrastructure agreement currently and for the future, they are saving way too much money on deployment costs by not duplicating coverage and are keeping the prices up like they are actually competing

  • Shawn

    Have an iPhone 5 in Halifax and I’m getting LTE in the city someplace and just HSPA+ (3G) elsewhere.