Instagram hits 80 million registered users on iOS and Android

Ian Hardy

July 26, 2012 2:41pm

Instagram, the popular photo sharing app that Facebook snatched up for $1 billion, is currently available on both iOS and Android reached a milestone today: 80 million registered users who’ve shared 4 billion photos. There’s no word on the split, but majority of the users are on iOS as that app was out first.

On the company blog they noted that “We’re excited to announce that the Instagram community has grown to over 80 million registered users who have shared nearly 4 billion photos! Since we launched Instagram in October 2010, we’ve expanded from one platform to two, bringing Instagram to Android users as well as iOS users. As the community has grown, we’ve seen people sharing photos from all around the world, from South Korea to Bolivia, and even underwater!”

There’s no indication on Instagram coming to BlackBerry or Windows Phone, but would be a great app on either platform.

Source: Instagram
Via: Twitter

  • OgtheDim

    And still not making a profit….

    • Yukalitis

      What about blackberry?

  • John

    What happened to the Futurama app story? lol. Its still up in your RSS feed btw…

  • zstraw

    That’s a lot of hipsters.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    The magic all began on ios and alone on ios
    The power of Apple and iOS, helping start up companies turn into 1 billion dollar acquisitions



  • Randy – 1

    I’ve never quite gotten the appeal of Instagram. Everyone makes such a fuss over getting the absolute best camera they can on a phone, then use an app like this to apply a filter and make the picture look like crap.

    • jack

      i agree all instagram pics look like they’re taken on a 3MP camera

  • Nathen

    This is the future.
    Mindless kids using worthless APPS like Instagram and Facebook.
    They then claim its Revelation.

    There is nothing about these social Apps that make them worth spending TIME let alone money on them.

    They are a waste of time.

  • jack

    i bet they could have bought this company for 500 million. they’re just too stupid and offered 1 billion.

  • sickpuppy

    My Polaroid weeps