Zinio for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

Ian Hardy

March 20, 2012 7:44am

Zinio has been let loose in the BlackBerry App World. This is a free app and is now available to download on your PlayBook and gives you the ability to read various magazines. There are some free magazine titles and also subscription-based magazines (GQ, Bike, Living Etc, Wires, Wallpaper). Zinio states they have over 5,000 magazines in 33 different languages. Here are the listed features:

– Thousands of top magazines from the world’s largest newsstand.
– Full-color pages.
– Full subscriptions or single issues available so you can choose what you want.
– Sync your library instantly to your other mobile devices or your home computer.

Download the app here via the BlackBerry App World

  • Robert Cu

    Is it a native Playbook app or an Android app? Just wondering.

    • greenlink

      native. doesn’t even look like the android app

  • Max

    This is a native PlayBook application great

  • kevin

    Long overdue – glad to see it!

    My iPad Zinio magazines loaded up perfectly, loving the Playbook!

  • Will Robertson

    Finally can ditch my iPad completely – this is the last crucial app I was waiting to get on PlayBook.

    • Platinum

      I’m curious to know what the other crucial apps were… I’m considering getting the PB and your list would help.

  • craig

    is this even worth reporting?

  • Dave

    The sample mag Esquire did not load up without an error … why would I trust Zinio … maybe a PB issue.

  • Cd

    Tunein is the app I am waiting for.

  • dave cunningham

    great display of picture for magazine content, but not much fun reading. Your Zinio reader defaults to a 2 page view, and you cannot adjust the font, in order to adjust the font you have to pinch and zoom and then do a lot of panning with the screen to read content,,,, very stressful. I think this reader would be great if you had larger screen size , such as an Ipad. With kindle you can adjust the font size while reading a single page,,,,, works great. I did get Kindle to work on my playbook, and its fantastic. I am deleting my Zinio and staying with my kindle software that I have installed on my playbook. I cant believe that rim offered up a free app such as Zinio ……………….. its such a disappointing app ! If your going to give a free app, be sure that it works really well with the playbook otherwise don’t offer.