Xperia SmartTags app now available to download from the Android Market

Ian Hardy

February 18, 2012 2:45pm

Even more Sony new today as their SmarTags app is now available to download from the Android Market. Right now it’s not terribly useful as you need the actual SmarTag tags and an NFC enabled device, such as the upcoming Xperia S or the Galaxy Nexus. Sony said they’ll be selling the Smartags separately for about $30 for pack of 4 tags (will come in red, blue, black and white). The SmarTag description says it’ll “make living easy” as it gives you the ability to perform various pre-programmed actions a bit faster, such as turning on the lights, turning on Wi-Fi, accessing a specific website etc. We had a hands-on from CES here.

In the meantime of the actual SmarTags becoming available you can download the app via the Android Market – you’ll need and Android with NFC and that has OS 2.3.7 or higher.

Source: Android Market
Via: Xperia Blog

  • Sean

    A a quick “NFC tag” search brought me to 15 tags for $15…

  • anonymous

    Yeah not advertising, but I’ve seen tags for a lot cheaper. And there’s already an NFC tag writing app.

    Sony is pulling an apple, simply redoing something that’s new’ish so the masses can use it, for a premium of course.

    • Hardened

      Sony is not re-inventing nor doing anything that was already done. Their app is not an NFC writing app its something to enable NFC in the real world use; plain & simple. Think of Motorola’s Smart Actions on the Droid RAZR being done with hardware with a simple & quick contact. This works well when still out of cellphone/wlan range when entering a building (say like the office elevator ) when your Motorola Smart Actions will NOT work until you’re in range and by then it maybe too late when you walk into a board meeting just as it begins and BOOM you get that call with that LOUD ringtone of Ludicris pumping “it’s Saturday … sticky icky icky, Hooo Ooooooh!” . yeah not something you want your manager, CEO, CFO, and VP of HR hearing.

  • OhSnap!

    I put one on my genitals. It switches my phone to vibrate.

    Awwwwww Yeeeaaaahhhh!