Fido releasing the Motorola RAZR January 10th

Ian Hardy

January 3, 2012 2:59pm

It was evident that Fido was going to officially announce that the Motorola RAZR would be added to their lineup soon. Employees started training on this thin Android before the holidays. We’ve just been given word from Moto’s press team that the RAZR will officially hit Fido’s shelves on January 10th for $100 on a 3-year term. No word on the no-term pricing but Rogers is currently selling the RAZR for $649.99 outright.

So there you have it… Fido’s new flagship device. In the meantime of it launching, read our full review here.

Update: The no contract term of the Fido RAZR will apparently be $525

  • Anonymous

    The galaxy nexus will be released too on the 10th of January ! On Fido.

    • Yup

      How do you know this?

    • Anonymous

      I work at Fido, you can get it now in stores, but there is not any publicity until the 10th of January.
      Honestly between the Galaxy Nexus and Moto droid razr, i’ll take the Nexus anyday, even thought it is 60$ more expensive on contract (160$).

  • Sean

    Eevven though Fido isn’t as compeditive as Koodo or Virgin it’s good that they are getting some higher end devices

  • David Allan

    Fido is the biggest joke in the world!

  • Doglover

    Fido gets the best of breed only. Sorry, Blackberry..

  • skware89


  • JanuarysVeryOwn

    It is in the system and confirmed that the Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Nexus will both be released on the 10th. Some stores may carry the demo’s and devices in store already.

  • Dleeeeeeee

    Sweet, this is in our inventory systems as well as the gnex.

  • JB

    Speaking as a (Happy) RAZR owner, I can’t understand why someone would buy the RAZR over the Galaxy Nexus (at the same price point) if they are both available.

    • BR_Impulse

      I dont really understand it either with reaon that are not limited to the Galaxy having stock vanilla ICS from day one, a larger and higher resolution screen with 720p, a replaceable battery, and other reasons. Guess if you want the thinnest it might be a reason?

    • Lazed

      They’ll buy the RAZR over the Nexus for the same reason they buy a BB Curve 9300 over the Nexus S or iPhone 4…they don’t know how to make logical decisions.

  • dman

    Razr has some advantages:
    SD card support (big one for me)
    Better cameras
    Way better build quality.
    And more….

    Not saying the nexus isn’t awesome. Just saying I as an avid mobile user/addict still am enjoying the hell out of my razr and see no particular reason for the price difference. Especially for the vanilla experience. Must be built in unlock premium.

  • Juishy_Pakwan

    Wow i renewed my contract last month for an iphone 4s. Had no idea fido would get these awesome android phones. i wish i could trade in my phone for these! Anyone know if Fido would be willing to do this?