LG Optimus 2X and Huawei U6150 now available at WIND

The Huawei U6150 and the LG Optimus 2X are now available at WIND Mobile. Both drastically different devices as one is ultra low end, and the other high-end. The Huawei U6150 is available for $98 and has a full QWERTY keyboard, 2.4-inch display and a 2-megapixel camera. The Optimus 2X is up there are one of their best phones as it comes with Android OS 2.2 (upgradable to 2.3), dual-core processor, 4-inch display, a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera along with an 8 megapixel camera that shoots/plays back 1080p HD videos. The 2X has a wicked price of $445 no-term or $295 on the Windtab.

More here at WIND: Huawei U6150 & LG Optimus 2X

  • Bob

    That Optimus 2x looks like a sweet phone!

  • Luke

    I’d grab that Optimus 2x immediately, if it would work on Koodo, or if WIND was available here. :(

  • David Harding

    Any idea when the expansion will migrate to the rest of Ontario?

    • Jonesy1966

      K/W-Guelph will be up and running by mid August. Niagara sometime this year.

  • kerrigwen

    *YAWN* i’ll stick with my iPhone

    • Jonesy1966

      Just wondering why you think the iPhone is a better phone than this?

      Don’t take this as criticism, I’d genuinely like to know.

    • Adam

      because it’s an iphone. it has the three gee and the wi fi.

  • bob

    Got mine yesturday sickest phone EVER best duadual core phone in Canada baby f$%@#ing luv you wind

  • djino

    I wish WIND would allow WINDTAB on existing accounts :(

    • Big 3

      You can get a WindTab only if you currently don’t have one. Just get a credit check and you’ll become a Pay After customer.

  • Sub-Joker

    who cares about the optimus 2X, just give me that Huawei!!!

    • Sub-Joker

      that’s sarcasm in case you didn’t notice..

  • Luqman

    So bob, how’s the battery life? Does its last more than 2 hours? Lol

  • Bob

    Yes just install juice defender and I get the whole day.

  • strikerx

    wind finaly has something that holds up to the big3

    • strikerx

      *at a cheaper price

  • Douglas

    The Optimus 2X is definitely one of the most powerful phones out there. Even better specs than the Atrix. It’s a good move that shows to me that they are broadening their base not just to serve the low-end. But make no mistake, the low-end sells WAY more phones for any carrier than the big ones. Not everyone can afford them. My Nexus works great in midtown T.O.. No probs lately.

  • Matthew

    Just brought a Nexus S (great phone) and now wife needs a smartphone. Hello LG Optimus 2X.

  • CaptainZangetsu

    Nexus S is More Future Proof with updates and better screen

  • Ash

    Looking forward to Mobile Syrups review if they do one.

  • Jason

    The only thing that the Optimus 2x is missing is NFC, that will beome important in a year or two as it gains acceptance, or else I would get one today.

  • stgh

    i wish WIND had contracts… i need a cheap good phone and would gladly go with them for 3 yrs.

  • chri$s

    That blackberry lookalike for $100 looks pretty good.

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