TELUS HTC Desire HD dummy devices start arriving

TELUS will be releasing the HTC Desire HD soon – there is still no confirmed launch date or price points. Cases have started to arrive at retail locations and how the dummy devices have made their way to TELUS stores across Canada.

As for specs, the HTC Desire HD comes with Android 2.2 with HTC Sense, 4.3-inch touchscreen display (480×800 resolution), can hold up to 32GB with a microSD card, 1GHz Qualcomm processor, 1230 mAh battery and an 8 megapixel camera that can record 720p videos.

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  • Jonny Trevol

    Feb 12th, is the date.

  • rulerxy

    You should have looked at a calendar before you made up a date. I can guarantee that Saturday February 12th will not be the release date. Now Friday February 11th I can see.

  • Hooty

    Bigger screen than the Desire and a smaller battery. This phone won’t even last you half a day.

    • rulerxy

      oh wow I didn’t even notice that. That’s a tad bit scary..

    • Ivan

      I have this phones Rom on my HD 2 and it lasts a day with lots of use. I can imagine the actual device will last even longer

  • Eldon

    Tired of people complaining about the battery…. The HD has an LCD screen and is rated for more talk time and more standby time than the Desire…… Seriously people….

  • Bryan

    Maaaaaaaaan, I cannot wait!!!!!!

  • Chris

    So pumped! stop complaining about the battery!! people in europe seem to get through a day…just. If you don’t want it, stop clogging up the forums with your nagging battery comments, buy a razr, hook it up to a car battery and piss off!

  • Mel

    Seriously, I dont get some of these fan boys.

    This phone will have a crap-tastic battery, hands donw, one of the worst. I had a Vibrant, had awful battery, ended up buying batteries from ebay, which were also crap.

    This phone is no different, but only worse. The battery will probably last 4-6 hours of random usage.

    Awful crap.

    No thanks.

    Waiting for the Atrix with a 1900+mah battery.

    • tyrone

      Go get the Atrix then good luck getting updates for it since Motorola track record is utter garbage for rolling out updates. For example it took a year for them to roll out 2?1 for the Cliq and they tanged 2?1 in Cliq XT users about getting an update to only find out to tell owners your not getting an update.Also you would have to wait for Android 2.4 to come out so it puts use to the dual core processors. If you got it right now on 2.2 its basically a 1ghz phone since 2.2 wasn’t made for it.

      And to the people complaining about the battery you can easily get a bigger battery for the phone.

    • KingK

      Yup, Droid, Droid X sure took a long time to get updates.

      Face it, no one gives a s**t about Canada.

      I bet you Attrix will get speedy updates on At&t.

      if you know the how to, you can get them yourself.

      Cliq lol, you need to updated your brain if you bought one.

    • b0rk

      Agree with KingK. Cliq updates? Seriously? If you bought a half-assed smartphone with s**t h/w specs, don’t be surprised if it’s not capable of an update. Next time get a real smartphone.

  • Marc

    Mel is right, the battery is not the best out there, read multiple reviews online and they all say that the battery does go out quick. But none the less a very nice phone with some nice specs =)

  • kevin

    I’ve read in a lot of different places that the desire hd won’t work in Canada? People listed a million technical reasons why, about Canada’s carriers and their inferior networks that I didn’t fully understand, but I’m assuming that if this news is true its obviously going to work right? Is this a slightly different version or something? I’m just wondering why everyone was saying this phone wouldn’t work here.

    • Bryan

      Kev, the Desire HD were getting has a different radio inside, one that receives our frequencies.

      This phone will work :)

  • Tom Brady

    Htc’s Mytouch 4g has the same specs as the desire hd but with a 1400mAh battery and a 3.8 inch screen. Seems retarded that htc would put such a small battery to complement this jumbo 4.3 inch screen.

    If you like to play angry birds a lot, don’t get this phone.

  • TheCyberKnight

    This phone has nothing interesting to offer except a wider than usual screen and I really wonder why anybody could get excited about it.

    It’s an HD7, 4 months later, with its low-capacity battery and below average LCD screen.

  • Jonny

    This phone is awesome. I got to play with it a couple of weeks ago and the industrial design is really, really nice. It is a pleasure to use and the size is perfect. It makes iPhones look like cheap toys.

    2000 point on the Quadrant score with stock rom. Fast.

  • PJ

    @TheCyberKnight This phone is not “4 months later” than the HD7… This phone was released in europe in september. So ya the tech is slightly dated but it’s still a sick phone. With HTC Sense and Androids app count getting pretty up there, I think it’s an awesome choice.
    HD7, as nice as it is, there are hardly any apps for WP7 right now and it’ll take a while for that to change so I would pick up the Desire over the HD7 with the way things are now.
    Both really nice phones tho.

    • TheCyberKnight

      Thanks for the release date info. Then, it explains why it is so close to an HD7. The screen quality remains below average though.

    • KingK

      This phone has been out since June, I don’t know why people are so excited about it, oh yeah , forgot we are in Canada.

      Its just an htc evo.

  • William

    The battery is going to suck, but I am going to love it.

  • Mel


    Yes you are very much right about that. I would love to get this phone but the battery is a major deal breaker.

    ANY phone that has bad battery life, as in not able to even last me 20-24 hours is BAD in my book.

    HTC HD7 and the HTC Desire HD are nice phones, but too bad I know the battery life will be gawd awful.

  • Phil

    Well the battery is almost the same as my desire z which i get 30+ hours of battery, the desire hd will be the same.

    You can’t trust the review because there running stock Rom and not a custom one they ring much more efficiently.

  • jmmm

    HTC Desire HD vs Motorola Atrix

    Hummmm i think Bell will sell more.

    The Desire HD would have have been selling more had it came 6-7 weeks sooner

  • tyrone

    @KingK. I know the specs werent great but in 2009 when the phone was released if you said that to people they would tell you what are you talking about. Also people who bought the Cliq then were promised by Sanjay Jha.

    And everybody knows and you can go look it up at the proof on the Motorola Support forums that Verizon phones are the only Motorola phones that get constant updates. All of their deadline were met or rolled out way before their time.

    Dont be surprised if Motorola waits on the very last time to tell them updates for your phone are doing to be delayed cause we need to do more “testing”

    Its sad that other rom devs can put motorola dev team to shame way before they roll it out.

  • J

    Will be here this Thursday. Source from Telus friend

  • Jasman

    How can you get the bigger batteries new? Is there a site to source it through?

    • tyrone


      There bigger batteries on ebay. Also to add to your comment bork the phone was released two years ago.

  • cody

    I would never buy another motorola product. The DHD will hold me a nice long time seems it is plenty fast :)

  • VAK

    Motorola Atrix … Motorola ? No thanks

    HTC is known for being the first to update their ROMs. I love HTC, but I admit that when HTC will get 2ghz dual core smartphones, I might be the first to buy one.

  • tyrone

    The phone and prices are out. I got mines this morning.

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