HP webOS tablet leaks out… Rogers and Bell launching “Opal” September 2011

Ian Hardy

January 18, 2011 2:25pm

Looks like the details of the highly secretive and exciting HP/Palm event on February 9th are starting to leak. Thanks to Engadget for posting the pics of their upcoming tablet. The picture below is one version of their webOS tablet called “Topaz”. There is another model currently being tested that’s called “Opal”. Specs have the Topaz coming with a 9-inch display and the Opal with a 7-inch display. Both run webOS and have a front-facing camera, micro USB port and possibly a set of 3 speakers. As for us Canadians, it looks like we’ll be graced with the 7-inch HP Opal in the September 2011 time frame. According to the internal doc it states that Bell and Rogers will be releasing a 3G version and a Wi-Fi only model will be available at Best Buy Canada.

No word on if TELUS will be joining in on the HP/Palm tablet market. They will probably stick with the BlackBerry PlayBook and possibly the Motorola Xoom. This news does coincide with what Rogers VP John Boynton said about their tablets direction in 2011. He stated at the TabLife event “we’ve seen strong tablet sales this year. Stronger than expected and we expected it to explode in the next 12 months. In fact, we expect tablets to lead our mobile internet category mix in 2011″.

Source: Engadget

  • Miknitro

    The LTE variant, is surprising, 2011 for Verizon an 2012 for AT&T and?

    So our Bellus is going LTE by 2012?

  • Dan

    Sept 2011? In todays tablet market, that thing will be obsolete before it hits the stores!

  • JAWG

    Apple wins no matter whats released. Yawwwn

  • TheTigerTek

    I’m got my money on the PlayBook. I liked WebOS when I had the Pre in for review but the hardware wasn’t on par with other devices. This tablet design looks like a page from Apple’s iPhone 3G/3GS.

  • Al

    Good looking devices, they look like a stretched and flattened Palm Pre. I too think September is far too long to wait. Hopefully they announce some new phones on Feb 9th to gain some momentum/ market share by the time the tablets arrive. I still have my Pre, I love the software but not the hardware. I hope HP churns out some good quality kit to go along with the best mobile OS.

  • JAWG

    Fake JAWG:

    You’re a CRETIN!


    No one cares about HP.

  • slype

    way too far away… this will be dead upon arrival…