Bell updates future Manitoba HSPA+ coverage map

Ian Hardy

November 18, 2010 9:02am

As residents of Manitoba patiently wait for MTS to turn on their HSPA network, “detailed testing” is currently going on and it’s now scheduled to launch “the first quarter of 2011″. However, there seems to be a glimmer of light from Bell they have taken the time to update their Manitoba coverage map (nothing from TELUS yet). As you can tell it now shows the show the future HSPA+ expansion in Manitoba that extends through the Brandon-Winnipeg corridor to Hanover in the south east, and all the way up the east side of Lake Winnipeg past the Pine Falls area.

You can check out the coverage map here at Bell and see if you’ll be covered.
Source: HowardForums
(Thanks Cody!)

  • Bryan

    Does that help us get Froyo soon? 😛

  • Sid

    So are they going to start selling service here now?

  • aviking

    So since Bell is sharing a network with Telus and Telus has been saying that they are going to have data outside Winnipeg for the past three years and still nothing I guess that means we should see this go live in like 2020 or so? Just in time to coincide with MTS going live with HSPA – lol

  • Matt

    so it doesnt look like bell will be sharing the mts/rogers on their new hspa network like they do with their cdma network… I Want hspa IN MANITOBA ALREADY..

  • Vikz99

    well look at the map now on IT is gone!

  • Vikz99

    bell already sells their line of service, like pay as you go in manitoba.