Windows Live Messenger iPhone app now available

John Connors

June 22, 2010 7:35am

Microsoft has releases the Windows Live Messenger app for the iPhone. We are one of 4 lucky countries (US, Canada, UK, France) to receive this and it can be downloaded via the App Store. Some features of this free app are that you can update your status, a “Social tab” that brings “together all of your friends’ activities” and photo sharing. Microsoft says that future features will be able to integrate Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin.

Check it out here at Microsoft

Via: IntoMobile

  • mkm

    I’m surprised that Apple didn’t reject this application as Microsoft is one of their major competitors.

  • jeff donnelly

    true but if u think about it…now more people will probably buy the iphone simply for this reason because of having MSN on it. i got rid of my phone because my other BlackBerry already had msn. so now that apple has it as well i can see a lot more people buying an iphone now.

  • carlos

    i’m surprised that microsoft even made an app for the iphone…

  • brenda dee

    get this off my facebook or i will delete my accoiuntn for good