WIND Nokia N900: “we hope to have the phone in early 2010”

Ian Hardy

January 5, 2010 3:20pm

There has been much talk about the Nokia N900 these days, specifically those who want to jump ship over to new entrant WIND Mobile. Yesterday we had a conversation with Chairman Tony Lacavera and asked him about Android devices and the N900… he stated they are “working on it”. Today is a new day and Graham Kingma, Head of Call Centre Operations wrote a post on their site that says the N900 will be available “early 2010”.

It reads: “When will you offer more phones, such as the Nokia N900 or Apple iPhone?
The N900 and iPhone are hot topics within the community and other forums…and at WIND as well: I’m excited about these too! We obviously want to provide you with the phones that you want. The only challenge right now is having manufacturers build their phones so that they work on our GSM Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) network. As we expand, and as more and more operators evolve, too, more handsets will become available and we’ll carry them. Specifically for the N900 – which does work on our network – we hope to have the phone in early 2010“.

At CTIA we got a brief look at the N900. Check it out here

  • Nadeem Khan


  • TrickyD

    Hellooo new phone and carrier.

  • Adam F

    unlocked i hope 🙂

  • Nadim

    I rather see WIND make a comment on the Nexus one

  • ainyul

    no one has made a comment on the N1 yet; give it time…

  • Kristie

    Hmmm -why would I buy this $$$ phone and then run it on a 5th rate network? Already returned my Bold 9700 cuz I couldn’t get enough signal in my house, office or even on the street outside … Finally got signal when i roamed over to the Wind “away” zone, aka their roaming partner — but since they charge $4,000 a gb for their away zone, I didn’t use it too much …