Samsung to release Galaxy, Omnia 2, Impact within 45 days

Ian Hardy

September 17, 2009 1:50pm

samsunggalaxyDuring the Samsung Reclaim launch this afternoon we got word that within the next 30-45 days we will have 3 stellar devices: Impact, Omnia 2 that will be the first Windows 6.5 device, and the first Samsung Android device called Galaxy.

Check out the video below… and the image of all of them grouped up together.

Paul Brannen, General Manager of the Wireless Terminals Division, stated “We are going to continue to develop products down this vein from a messaging standpoint. So we have 3 more products that are going to be launched this year… we will have a follow on product (to the Instinct) that will launch probably within the next 30 days called Impact… The other 2 pieces of technology that we have coming out, and we are very happy to say that we have a follow on to the Omnia product which was launched in February/March of this year. This is our version Omnia 2…this will be the first Windows 6.5 in the Canadian marketplace… In addition to that we are very happy to say that we will be bringing our first Android device to Canada later this year, Galaxy is the name…and it’s’ the thinnest Android device… you’ll see both of these products 30-45 days in the Canadian marketplace.”

  • theninjasquad

    wow, thats exciting… I wonder which carrier is going to get all these?

    • Eric G

      That’ll be the real news. I’d hand over my nephews for it to be anyone but rogers 🙂

  • neptune229

    Sweet! I hope this is a clue that Bell and/or Telus will be launching HSPA for when these phones come out!

  • Jon

    Actually, my mom was really wanting the Omnia II… I just hope that, much like Eric stated, either it is available as an unlocked device for all the networks, or goes to Bell / Telus / anyone but Rogers.

    Telus and Bell will have their HSPA networks in full swing when all but possibly the impact go to launch.

  • criminalogic

    Didnt expect any of these being releaced in canada.. but with samsung being #1 in canada its kind of a slap in tha face were allways left out on there top phones!! i dont think i want tha Galaxy But tha Omnia2 is one to consiter… AMOLED Diplay! mmmm cant wait to see that in hand & wouldnt that be tha first for canada…? ? Not to mention tha 800MegaHertz processor..that would be tha fastest in canada! (unless im missing something)


  • Mack

    Come on Rogers reel in the galaxy or omnia 2, im counting on you