Review Methodology

Here’s what the number attached to each of our review scores actually means, whether it’s a smartphone, accessory or other tech device:

10/10 — Perfection: This a great product that is essentially perfect. Few devices hit this bar and the device in question could not be imagined, designed or executed better.

9/10 — Brilliant: This device offers a tremendous experience with minor issues. It’s excellent and highly recommended but still, has minor shortcomings.

8/10 — Great: This is an exemplary product, but there is still a fair amount of room for improvement.

7/10 — Decent: We’d recommend this to our family, but the product could have a few issues that would convince some users not to purchase it at all. Mid-range devices that feature hardware compromises are often included in this ranking.

6/10 — Average: These devices are fine. There’s nothing wrong with them that completely ruins the experience, but they also aren’t notable in a significant way.

5/10 — Uninspired: This device has moments where it’s awesomeness shines through, but overall it offers a relatively lackluster experience.

4/10 — Bad: We’re approaching territory where this product is no longer worth buying, even when it’s on sale.

3/10 — Horrible: Avoid this device at all costs. Seriously, spend your money elsewhere.

2/10 — Embarrassing: At this point, we question why the manufacturer even released the device. Essentially, it’s completely broken.

1/10 — Dumpster fire: This device is the worst of the worst. Don’t buy it, don’t recommend it and at all costs, completely avoid it.

(Updated October 10th, 2017)