Leaked video details One UI 3.1 features launching on upcoming Galaxy S21

Features include Continuity-like app sharing, new camera capabilities and more

As we draw near to Samsung’s January 14th Unpacked event, where the company is widely expected to launch the Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Buds Pro and more, a new leak revealed some of the software capabilities that will accompany the new phones.

A new video from leaker Jimmy is Promo (via Android Police) detailed several software features coming as part of Samsung’s One UI 3.1. What makes these special is that One UI 3.1 will debut on the Galaxy S21 flagship phones, which gives us a look at some upcoming S21 features.

First up, Jimmy is Promo revealed that the Galaxy S21 phones will support a ‘Continue apps on other devices’ feature. It requires users to be signed in on multiple devices with their Samsung account and the feature will appear as an icon on the ‘Recents’ screen. It sounds like tapping that icon will let you access recent apps from another device. Unfortunately, all we get in the leaked video is a screenshot of the settings page, so it’s not clear how exactly it will work.

The settings page indicates the feature will only work on Samsung Internet and Samsung Notes (with an update) at launch. It’s not clear if Samsung will open the feature to developers or if it will be exclusive to Samsung apps. It’s worth noting that the feature sounds a lot like Apple’s Continuity.

On top of that, Jimmy is Promo unveiled new ‘call video backgrounds’ coming with One UI 3.1 It looks like these backgrounds will play on your phone screen when receiving a call. While some of them look really cool, they don’t appear to serve any practical purpose.

New home screen settings, camera features and more

One UI 3.1 will let users swap between Google Discover and something called ‘Samsung Free,’ which will replace Samsung Daily (formerly Bixby Home) on the left-most page of the home screen. Starting with the S21 phones, Samsung will let users pick between the two services, or disable them entirely.

Jimmy is Promo detailed several changes to Samsung’s camera app in One UI 3.1. One of the more exciting additions is ‘Director’s View,’ which will allow users to seamlessly swap between cameras while recording video. It could also enable recording from multiple cameras at once. Interestingly, Director’s View was previously rumoured to launch with One UI 2.0.

Finally, the video showed some smaller new features and items we already knew were coming. That includes S Pen support and confirmation that many classic S Pen features, like ‘Screen off memo,’ ‘Air Command’ and ‘Air View’ will make their way to the S21 series. It also includes some specs, many of which already leaked.

Source: Jimmy is Promo Via: Android Police