Rogers offers up $50 10GB LTE data plan promo

When Rogers launched their LTE in Ottawa they also came out with their data pricing – which immediately received some backlash. The prices were high and ranged from $45 for 1.5GB to $90 for 9GB, each additional GB after 9 was $10. Today, coming off the news of their LTE network being turned on in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, Rogers has come out with a very respectable promo offer. If you are interested in grabbing hold of the Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U or the upcoming HTC Jetstream tablet on a 3-year you can get an “introductory price” of $52.93 for 10 GB data. In addition, when the LTE Samsung Galaxy S II Rogers will extend the promo price and offer up a $50 plan for 10 GB. No word on when the promo ends.

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