Humble Mobile Bundle 3 brings Ridiculous Fishing to Android, adds Kingdom Rush, Rymdkapsel and SpellTower for good measure

Humble Bundle has been known to debut excellent games on Android, including Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, Bit.Trip Beat and Snuggle Truck, but the organization has outdone itself with the introduction of Humble Mobile Bundle 3.

Vlambeer’s excellent Ridiculous Fishing comes to Android for the first time since debuting on iOS earlier this year, along with the wonderful Rymdkapsel and SpellTower. The rest of the lineup includes Swordigo, another Android debut, Kingdom Rush and EPOCH, which makes for an expansive and diverse lineup of premium titles.

The average is under $4 now, but it should increase quickly as more people purchase the charity-infused selection. Users also get four soundtracks with their purchase, and it’s likely that new games will be added next week, too.

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