Spotify partners with OpenAI to launch voice translation for podcasts in Spanish

French and German podcast translations are coming soon to the platform


Spotify is using OpenAI’s voice transcription tool Whisper for a new voice translation feature that would essentially let podcasters translate their podcasts in different languages, all in their own voice.

Spotify has already partnered with a handful of podcast hosts on the platform to translate their content to Spanish, with French and German translations to coming soon.

Some of the podcasts that are part of the initial test include Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, The Lex Fridman Podcast, and The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett. Spotify also announced that it will add Voice Translation to some of its own shows, such as The Rewatchables from The Ringer and a new show from Trevor Noah.

Check out an example of the translated show below:

Spotify uses OpenAI’s Whisper tool, which can transcribe and translate speech across languages. But goes a step further by using another OpenAI tool that can generate realistic audio from text and a voice sample, essentially preserving the personality and tone of the podcaster in the translated version.

“By matching the creator’s own voice, Voice Translation gives listeners around the world the power to discover and be inspired by new podcasters in a more authentic way than ever before,” said Ziad Sultan, VP of personalization at Spotify, in a recent statement.

Spotify says that it plans to expand the feature to more podcasters across its platform, and the first batch of translated podcasts will serve as feedback for the pilot program. The company did not share a timeline.

Check out all the currently available translated podcasts here.

Source: Spotify Via: The Verge