Here’s where to go in Starfield to buy a bunch of Canadian food items

Starfield tried to include a classic Nova Scotian dish, but messed it up

Starfield Can-uck! food

A few hours into my experience with Starfield, I stumbled across a strange-looking vending machine tucked away in the corner of a “Spacer” base on a derelict moon with the words ‘CAN-uck!’ plastered across it.

Did I stumble across a group of Canadian space pirates, I wondered?  Perplexed, I put credits inside the vending machine, only to be rewarded with a can of CAN-uck Poutine (get it?).

Beyond this experience, it seems there’s even more Canadian-ness in Bethesda’s space epic, including what seems to be a Nova Scotia donair wrap with incorrect ingredients, according to CBC senior writer @Jon_Ore.

There’s also an entire store on one of the game’s largest cities, New Atlantis, called CJ’s (run by a character named Curtis Julien) that sells a wide variety of Canadian merch, including the CAN-uck Poutine I uncovered on a random moon, alongside Can-uck Pancakes & MapleSyrup in a can that’s described as “Fantastically Fluffy.”

Sure, I bet it definitely is 🤮. You can find CJ’s in New Atlantis’ Residential District.

Check out @Dapper_Tux’s tweet regarding the rather interesting selection of Canadian foods.

Why are these amusing Canadian canned delicacies in Starfield? My best guess is that someone on Bethesda’s development team is either Canadian or a big fan of our stereotypical delicacies. Bethesda Game Studios does have a Montreal office, so it’s possible someone from that studio included these Canadian easter eggs. MobileSyrup has reached out to Bethesda for comment regarding these rather inventive items.

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