Samsung officially launches Galaxy Enhance-X, an AI-powered photo editing app for Galaxy S23 series

The application will be available for the S22 series and the A-series devices soon

Samsung has officially launched its photo editing app, Galaxy Enhance-X, on the Galaxy App Store for Galaxy S23 series users.

Galaxy Enhance-X was first released as an experimental app in July 2022. It uses AI to remove blur and reflections from your photos while providing options to upscale images and improve the HDR effect. Roughly ten months in, the app has received an official release for S23 devices.

According to the blog post, the app has been improved with a more powerful AI engine to refine key aspects of photos, such as noise, blur, and loss of detail. The app’s interface largely remains the same as it was when it was first launched, with even the editing tools remaining the same.

The app listing on the Galaxy Store describes Galaxy Enhance-X as “a one stop AI solution for all media enhancements.” It adds, “With a single tap, your image is analyzed for imperfections, enhanced and refined to a higher quality.”

One significant advantage of the app is that it can enhance and work on any photo and is not limited to images shot from your Galaxy phone. Further, once you’ve tweaked an image, you can compare the before and after using the on-screen slider. Unlike Samsung Gallery, the app doesn’t have full access to your photo library; instead, you must manually select the photo you want to enhance.

Samsung’s blog post indicates that the application will be available for the S22 series and the A-series devices soon, but it didn’t mention any timeframe. If you have an S23 series device, you can download the Galaxy Enhance-X app here.

Image credit: Samsung 

Source: Samsung Via: AndroidPolice