Reddit to possibly pull the plug on free third party apps

The company has announced plans to make changes to its terms and API, which will affect developers

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Reddit has a long tradition of providing support for third-party apps, allowing users to engage with the platform using alternate clients such as Apollo, Infinity, and Relay.

The social media platform also provides a Reddit Premium subscription, which removes ads on its first-party client, among other perks.

Many third parties have circumvented the subscription model by providing a one-time payment to remove ads in their apps. Now, however, it looks like Reddit will begin charging developers for access to its API.

In a post on r/reddit, the company outlines a number of updates to its terms. It appears these changes are an effort to reduce lost revenue that third-party apps result in.

An Update Regarding Reddit’s API
by u/KeyserSosa in reddit

Though the details are not yet finalized, developers may be required to shift to a paid subscription model of their own in the near future.

Apollo app developer Christian Selig took to r/apolloapp to describe some of the clarifications he has since received from officials.

📣 Had a few calls with Reddit today about the announced Reddit API changes that they’re putting into place, and inside is a breakdown of the changes and how they’ll affect Apollo and third party apps going forward. Please give it a read and share your thoughts!
by u/iamthatis in apolloapp

Discussions with other app developers are currently ongoing.

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Source: Reddit via 9to5Google