Netflix’s Basic with Ads tier now works on Apple TV

Update 2.3.0 for the Netflix tvOS app enabled support

Netflix launched its new cheaper ‘Basic with Ads’ subscription tier back in November 2022 and the streamer is finally bringing it to the tvOS app.

TechCrunch spotted a post from Redditor u/websgeisti, who noted that Basic with Ads was now working on their Apple TV. Specifically, it started working following an update to version 2.3.0 of the Netflix tvOS app. Moreover, Netflix confirmed to TechCrunch that the tvOS app now supports Basic with Ads.

Before the update, subscribers on the Basic with Ads tier would be asked to try a different device or upgrade their subscription when trying to use the service on Apple TV.

While it’s good to see Basic with Ads available on Apple TV, there are still platforms that don’t have support. Notably, some of Google’s Chromecast devices, as well as the Netflix app on PS3 and Windows.

Netflix had a rocky few months. After launching the ad tier, the company beat new subscriber expectations in its Q4 2022 report, though it’s not clear how much the Basic with Ads tier impacted that. The company went on to launch new paid password-sharing rules in Canada, sparking backlash and calls from Canadians to cancel.

However, 46 percent of respondents to a MobileSyrup survey about the new rules said they were still sharing passwords. Seven percent reported they had been kicked off someone else’s account and 43 percent said they switched to another service.

Earlier this month, Netflix started emailing former customers trying to lure them back. Instead of offering a deal or discount, though, the streamer tried to use nostalgia and its new Basic with Ads plan.

And if you did cancel Netflix, well, here are some alternate streaming platforms to check out — most of them support Apple TV too.

Source: Reddit Via: TechCrunch