Bell, Virgin Plus offering free Galaxy Buds 2 with select Samsung phones

Telus and Koodo have a similar deal but only for the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra

In the market for a new Samsung smartphone? You might want to get one from Bell or its flanker brand Virgin Plus since right now, the providers will give you a free pair of Galaxy Buds 2 with the purchase of select Samsung devices.

If you’d rather not go with Bell or Virgin, it’s worth noting that Telus and Koodo have a similar offer but only on the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra.

Bell’s Galaxy Buds 2 offer as of March 17th, 2023

Currently, Bell is offering free Galaxy Buds 2 with the purchase and activation of the:

Bell notes that customers need to activate the phones with Bell SmartPay (the name Bell uses for financing) on a two-year plan and that the Buds 2 will ship separately from the device itself. The offer is only available online.

Oddly, Bell’s website includes two sets of fine print (above) for the deal that list availability with alternate Samsung phones, like the Z Flip/Fold or the S22 series. However, when viewing those devices on Bell’s website, the free Buds 2 offer isn’t shown. One of the two sets of fine print also notes the offer is valid from December 6th, 2022, which seems extra odd.

Virgin Plus

As for Virgin Plus, it’s a little more straightforward. You can head to the provider’s devices page, filter by Samsung, and see which devices include the Buds 2 at a glance because Virgin actually put a label on each eligible device. Hurray for basic, clear communication with customers! Devices include:

Considering Virgin Plus currently offers double the data on its $60/10GB and $65/15GB plans, bringing them up to 20GB and 30GB, respectively, I’d argue Virgin is the way to go unless you desperately want 5G and to overpay for it. Unfortunately, if you’re getting a phone, you can’t get the $10/mo bill credit for 24 months.

Virgin’s offer also appears to be online only.

Telus and Koodo

Finally, as mentioned up top, Telus and Koodo have free Buds 2 available with the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra. As with Bell and Virgin, my recommendation would be to get the deal with Koodo and take advantage of the promotional $60/20GB or $65/30GB plans. You’ll save a bit of money compared to Telus and get more data.