How to keep your smartphone healthy during frigid Canadian winters

Keeping your smartphone close to your body helps it maintain a warm temperature

Canadian winters can be extreme. It might not seem to be the case, but just like us, your smartphone needs a little extra care during frigid temperatures.

Extreme cold weather can cause your device to rapidly drain battery, suffer screen damage and even freeze. Here are some tips to extend your device’s life if you live in areas with subzero temperatures:

Keeping your smartphone dry

Snow, rain and moisture in the air can damage your smartphone’s internal components over time and cause it to malfunction. To prevent water damage, keep your device in a waterproof case or a waterproof phone pouch when you know the weather conditions outside aren’t pretty. You can also wipe your smartphone with a dry cloth before and after you use it outdoors to remove any moisture.

It’s worth noting that most, if not all, current-gen smartphones already offer water resistance that helps deter moisture, but you might want to keep your phone dry anyway. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping your smartphone warm

Cold temperatures can cause your phone’s battery to drain faster. In general, when the temperature drops below 0, it lowers the amount of power your phone’s battery can hold, and causes it to drain more quickly. Lithium-ion batteries produce power by means of an internal chemical reaction. Cold temperatures make it more difficult for the reaction to occur, and hence, your device discharges more quickly. Additionally, the battery has to work harder to provide your phone with power during subzero temperatures, which in turn results in a lot of power being wasted.

To keep your smartphone warm during the cold months, avoid leaving it in your car or outside in the cold for long periods. Keep your smartphone in your jacket’s pocket or in a pocket close to your body to maintain its temperature.

Keeping your smartphone away from extreme temperatures

It’s advisable to prevent your smartphone from being exposed to extremely hot or cold conditions. For instance, avoid leaving your device on your car’s dashboard during hot summer days and don’t bring it outside with you if you plan to build a snowman on a snowy day.

What to do if your phone shuts down due to cold temperatures?

If you’re out and about and your phone suddenly shuts down, don’t immediately turn it back on. You should warm up your phone gradually to room temperature, without applying any external heat directly. It is advisable to go indoors, or in a heated car if possible and wait for the phone to warm up. Once the phone has warmed up to room temperature, turn it back on and check if it’s functioning properly.

To prevent your phone from shutting down in extremely cold temperatures, you can invest in an insulated phone case like this one.

Image credit: Shutterstock