Valve doesn’t want you to mod your Steam Deck’s internal storage

Modding can 'significantly shorten the life of your Deck'

Valve designer Lawrence Yang says Steam Deck owners shouldn’t mod their handheld to feature a 2242 M.2 NVMe SSD instead of the 2230 SSD it comes with.

According to Yang, this causes the handheld to get “very hot” and creates power consumption issues for the handheld. He goes so far as to say that this mod will “significantly shorten the life of your Deck.”

In other Steam Deck-related news, Valve recently confirmed that it will ship more than double the number of handheld consoles it planned to in Q3. It’s still unclear when the Steam Deck’s docking station will release.

In theory, this means that Valve should be able to move through its Steam Deck order backlog far more quickly than expected.

Since its release, Valve has dropped several notable updates to the handheld, including game compatibility and performance fixes and a lock screen.

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Source: @lawrenceyang, @OnDeck Via: Eurogamer, IGN