Turning Red’s red panda has made her way to Google’s 3D animals

Enjoy as red panda Mei dances in your living room

Turning Red Pixar

Google’s collection of 3D animals is getting the Toronto treatment.

The Android maker has added a new animal to its collection, Mei’s red panda from Pixar’s Toronto set movie, Turning Red.

Now, with Google Search on both Android and iOS, you can view a 3D model of the giant red panda (yeah, red pandas are typically pretty small) on your phone and in the world around you in augmented reality (AR).

This feature is pretty easy to access. First, navigate to Google Search on your phone and search for Turning Red. The red panda will appear in the search results. Then you can then press in ‘View in 3D’ and the panda will start dancing around with the style and grace of Mei’s character in the film.

Turning Red is available on Disney+ and included as part of the streaming app’s membership.

A Disney+ subscription costs $11.99/month or $119.99/year. See what else is coming to Disney+ in March, here.