Nintendo Wii and DSi stores have been quietly offline for days

This is in addition to the planned shutdowns of the Wii U and 3DS digital shops next March

Over the weekend, gamers started to notice that the Wii and DSi digital storefronts were inoperational.

Then, Eurogamer spotted that they’d been down since March 16th. Oddly, there hasn’t been any comment from Nintendo about this so far.

For context, purchases haven’t been enabled on the Wii shop since 2019, and the DSi store since 2017. That said, the stores’ complete shutdown means any previously purchased content can’t be downloaded. Not officially, at least; those with third-party software like NUSDownloader can still download content.

It’s unclear why Nintendo has made such a move, especially as Nintendo hasn’t updated its support pages for the Wii or DSi shops. No warning was given, either, which would make more sense.

What the company has commented on, though, is the closure of the Wii U and 3DS digital storefronts, which will happen in March 2023. Therefore, you have one year to download any titles from those systems’ surprisingly comprehensive retro catalogues.

Via: IGN