Virgin Plus offering $50/25GB winback plan to some current and former customers

It appears as though the winback promotion email has been sent to former, as well as current Virgin Plus customers

Virgin Plus logo on a phone with SIM card

Virgin Plus is emailing some of its past (and current) customers a code for a $50/25GB plan, as part of its winback promotion.

As shared by RedFlagDeals user ‘Drew81,’ the winback promotion is applicable to multiple lines. ‘Drew81’ had an active Virgin connection when they received the promo email, which could mean that Virgin sent them the email by mistake.

Image credit: ‘Drew81’

Regardless, ‘Drew81’ was able to call Virgin and share the promo code from the email to claim a $50/25GB plan for all their active Virgin lines.

As expected, this plan doesn’t exist on Rogers’ website — the closest one I can find is a $58/15GB plan.

If you’re a former or current Virgin Plus user, check your email. You too might be able to claim the carrier’s $50/25GB winback plan.

Source: RedFlagDeals ‘Drew81’