Android 13 Developer Preview 1 auto clears your clipboard after one hour

This works if you don't copy or cut anything new within 60 minutes

Google recently launched the Android 13 Developer Preview 1, showing off several new features for developers to try out in the updated operating system.

Android 13 introduces a function that can automatically clear your clipboard if you haven’t copied anything recently. This was spotted in Esper’s Android 13 deep-dive, which indicates that the feature is disabled by default. The feature will remove your Android clipboard after 60 minutes if you don’t copy or cut anything new.

Technical editor Mishaal Rahman posted a clip of how this feature works on YouTube:

Rahman reduced the timeout to five seconds for the purposes of the video.

Alongside this feature, Android 13 DP1 silences keyboard haptics and other vibrations when you disable the keyboard, and ‘Material You’ adds dynamic colours to all app icons.

You can learn more about what’s new on the Android 13 DP1, here.