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Do you buy your smartphones outright?

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Smartphones are expensive. That’s why carriers like Bell, Telus and Rogers offer subsidized pricing, breaking down the cost of a phone to a more manageable amount.

However, carriers often — especially if it’s a new phone — add a premium to the monthly cost. Plus you need to purchase a phone plan, making your monthly payments more than you expected and in some cases, more expensive than the outright cost of the phone itself.

If you’re someone like me who likes to update your smartphone often, the Big Three carriers also often offer loaner options. You purchase the smartphone for a lower cost, and then after two years, you have to return the devices. This option is similar to loaning a car, which means you have to keep your phone in pristine condition for two years.

There’s another option that many people don’t seem to consider, however. If you’re purchasing a Samsung or Apple flagship directly from the company itself, you can subsidize the cost of the phone, and you won’t be charged a premium or required to buy a phone plan.

With all of this in mind, our question this week is, do you purchase your phone outright, or do you subsidize it? And if you do subsidize your device, do you buy it from the manufacturer directly or from a carrier. Let us know in the comments below.