TikTokers share winter Tesla woes like frozen door handles and more

These door handles look cool though

Tesla Model 3

Without an engine, it’s harder for electric vehicles to generate heat; a vital component of any vehicle in a Canadian winter.

There’s no denying that most EVs, Teslas included, have already proven they can handle most of what winter has to throw at them. Still, sadly some of the coolest Tesla quirks appear to become pretty annoying in sub-zero temperatures.

@carconfections It’s safe to say that the Tesla Model 3 is not ideal for an ICE STORM! Frozen door handles and more! 😱🥶 #tesla #model3 #winter #ice #frozen ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Since the door handles are flush with the car, it can become a mission to chip them out of the ice if there is freezing rain. On top of that, the missing engine means it’s harder to chip the ice and clear snow off the car’s hood since the front of the vehicle doesn’t get warm.

TikTok influencer Jay Fay even claims that the lack of heat causes more ice in the wheel wells and on the headlights.

@jf.okay this happens with every car though… #tesla ♬ original sound – J Fay

Other issues that also affect fancier gasoline cars also impact Tesla when there’s snow and freezing rain. For instance, if your side mirrors automatically fold in when you park, they could get stuck this way because of ice. You can disable the auto fold mechanic in the settings.

Source: The Verge