Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra will likely feature less RAM than its predecessor

The high-end smartphone is expected to cost the same as last year's S21 despite offering less RAM

Leaked European pricing for Samsung’s still-unannounced Galaxy S22 series courtesy of Roland Quandt (via Android Police), indicates that the S22 Ultra will cost as much as its predecessor despite featuring less RAM.

Quandt says that the S22 will start at 849€ (about $1,219.53), the S22+ will cost 1,049€ (approximately $1,506 CAD) and the S22 ultra will cost 1,249€ (roughly $1,794 CAD). For context, at launch in Canada, the S21 started at $1,129 CAD, the s21+ cost $1,469 CAD and the S21 Ultra cost $1,649 CAD.

Though the S21’s launch pricing is slightly less expensive than the converted Canadian pricing for the rumoured S22 series, the cost will likely be in this range (or at least, within $100 or so).

The interesting thing here is that Quandt’s leaked pricing mentions that the S22 Ultra will feature 8GB RAM instead of 12GB RAM like with the base-level S21 Ultra, but at a very similar price point.

Quandt’s tweet indicates that Samsung will still sell a 12GB RAM variant of the S22 Ultra with 256GB and 512GB of storage at 1,349€ (about $1,936 CAD) and 1,449€ (roughly $2,080 CAD), respectively. Last year, Samsung offered 16GB RAM in its 512GB version of the S21 Ultra, which started at $1,889 CAD.

Rumours indicate Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, up to 12GB of RAM, 512GB of storage and compatibility with its S Pen stylus. The other S22 models reportedly lack the S Pen support, sport an S21-like design with three cameras and feature the same Snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset as the S22 Ultra.

Samsung is expected to reveal its Galaxy S22 series officially during an upcoming February’ Unpacked’ event.

Source: @rquandt Via: Android Police, The Verge