Apple says you can clean its $25 Polishing Cloth with dish soap and water

It's unclear what specific brand or scent the Polishing Cloth prefers

Apple Polishing Cloth

It might sound difficult to believe, but Apple’s pricey $25 Polishing Cloth is actually pretty great.

Unlike other display cleaning cloths I’ve used in the past, it hasn’t fallen apart and doesn’t leave a substantial amount of dust on my devices — stay tuned for my full review in a few weeks.

As first reported by 9to5Mac, the tech giant recently updated the Polishing Cloth’s support page to detail the official way to clean it.

As expected, the steps are pretty straightforward and can be found below:

Hand wash the polishing cloth with dish soap and water.
Rinse thoroughly.
Allow the polishing cloth to air dry for at least 24 hours.

Thankfully, I’ve already taken this approach with my Polishing Cloth, given I use it to clean various devices and my glasses almost daily. I ran the pricey fabric under warm tap water while adding a small amount of Apple-scented Dawn dish soap. I then let it sit over my banister overnight, and the following day, it was dry and as good as new.

It’s unclear what dish soap Apple suggests, but a simple bottle of Dawn would likely get the job done.

Source: Apple Via: 9to5Mac