PlayStation patent points to coaching system for gamers who need to ‘git gud’

The game would monitor your progress and step in to help if you've “fallen below a skill threshold"

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PlayStation may be working on a system that helps coach players to step up their game.

In a U.S. patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in June 2021 and published six months later, the tech giant outlines “systems and methods for coaching a user for game play.”

Specifically, Sony proposes a way to gauge when the player has “fallen below a skill threshold,” at which time assistive gameplay recordings and images will be played. According to Sony, this could “reduce frustration of players of various game genres in learning a new game.”

It’s worth noting that the PlayStation 5 already offers a similar feature called ‘Game Help,’ through which players can access hints and videos as they play. However, this is only available in supported games and is exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Game Help is also a bit more limited in that it features pre-prepared tips for specific sections the developer. By contrast, the new Sony patent proposes a system that studies a player’s moment-to-moment gameplay and provides personalized assistance accordingly.

It’s important to stress that, as with any patent, this coaching system may very well not see the light of day. That said, it points to a larger trend of PlayStation filing patents for various tools that can help the player. Over the past couple of years alone, the company has patented everything from a Siri-esque ‘PlayStation Assistant’ to an Uber-like real-time game help service.

Image credit: PlayStation

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office Via: VideoGamesChronicle